• Published 26th Apr 2014
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Me and Mr. B - Onomonopia

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Little Sister

The Big Daddy looked at the creature in front of it through his ports, a bit confused by what he was looking at as he watched the creature in front of him try repeatedly to get up a tree. The creature was a greyish color and had a head of yellow hair, just like his little sister had. And when he saw her eyes, he also noticed that they were a golden color like his little sister. But what confused him was how she looked. Little sisters did not walk on all fours, nor did they have the needle that gathered the Adam coming out of their heads. He was almost certain that he had made a mistake when the creature talked.

"Come on, you stupid ball, get down from there!" That was it. Her voice sounded perfectly like his little sister. Angelic, caring, and one that he would know anywhere. He could see now that she was a little sister. It had to be. But he could also see that something was causing her distress. He looked up at the tree under which she stood to see a ball resting in the branches, well out of her reach. And from the sound of her voice, she couldn't get to it. Time for daddy to step in.

"Stupid ball! How am I supposed...suppose..." Dinky's words, along with any thinking she was doing, died on the spot when she saw the behemoth that was walking towards her. Her eyes did notice the drill on one arm and the hand glowing blue on the other, but what gained her full attention was the eight green glowing eyes the beast had. The ground shook under her while she stared dumbfounded as the creature approached her. Her flight or fight response was completely shut down and all she could do was simply stare as the giant walked up to her, coming to a stop right in front of her with a thud. The beast then tilted its body so it could look down at her, and she slowly lifted her head to look into its eight eyes. She sat there waiting for it to kill her, knowing that no amount of running or screaming would help her.

The Big Daddy was having different thoughts. He wasn't used to the little sisters going all quiet on him like this, and normally they would have taken him by the hand and led him off to where they smelled the Adam. He tilted his helmet slightly as he waited for her to move, but all the little sister did was sit there and stare up at him with terrified eyes. Daddy then began to look around, figuring that the little sister wasn't moving because there was something she wanted in the area, and he naturally looked up at the ball stuck in the tree. The reason now exposed, Daddy walked under the tree and reached up to pick the ball out of it, before he turned back to the sister and got down on one knee to present the beach ball to her. Still, it took her a few minutes before she looked down at the ball, then back up to the behemoth in front of her, and only after a few minutes more did she finally reach out and take the ball from him.

"Um, thanks?" she whispered as she took the ball and slowly backed away a bit, her eyes on the behemoth the entire time. She stopped dead when the Big Daddy got up and began to follow her, but he came to a stop again when he was only a few feet from her. "Um, is there...something you want?" she asked before looking down at the ball. "Do you want to play ball?" She shrieked as the creature let out a low moan, and she threw the ball at it as she covered her head with her hooves, expecting the thing to kill her. She kept her eyes closed until she felt something soft hit her in the head. She opened her eye again to see the ball at her hooves, and she looked at the creature, figuring that it had knocked the ball back to her.

"Do you want to play?" she asked in a scared voice as she picked up the ball again. The creature let out the same moan, and while she did cower at first, after a moment she realized that it wasn't attacking her. So, with slightly less fear-filled eyes she looked back to the behemoth. "O-okay, I'm going to hit the ball to you now." She gently lobbed the ball into the air towards the beast and watched as it caught it with its non-drill hand and pushed it back to her just as gently. She repeated the throw and to her amazement, watched as the creature knocked the ball back just as gently.

'I don't get it,' she thought to herself as she hit the ball back. 'If it's a monster, shouldn't it have attacked me by now? Maybe it's not a monster? Heck, I've never even heard of anything like it.' Her eyes moved to the eight eye holes as she thought this, thinking of how a spider was the only thing she could think of that also had eight eyes, but it obviously wasn't that. it was as big as a manticore, but it had no fur. While she was thinking, she didn't notice that the creature had hit the ball back with a bit more force this time and the ball landed right on her horn, popping the moment it impacted.

"No...that was my only ball," she sniveled as she looked down at it, but backed away with a scream as the creature began moving towards her. She continued to back away as it knelt down next to the ball and watched as it began picking up the pieces with its hand, trying to put the ball back together with no success. Dinky watched as the creature failed repeatedly to fix the ball, beginning to realize that whatever this thing was, it wasn't going to hurt her. She continued to watch as it apparently got more frustrated with each failure and then, to her amazement, noticed that its eyes went from green to yellow.

"It's okay, you don't have to do that," Dinky said as she walked forward with all of her courage. And much to her relief, the creature backed away a bit as she picked up the pieces of the ball. "It's only a toy; you don't need to get mad." And just like before, she watched as the eyes went from yellow to green. 'So when it's happy they're green, and when it's not they're yellow.' "Um, if you want to play more, I have more toys over here." Dinky began to walk towards where she had placed her other toys, feeling the vibrations as the creature began to follow her. She knew that she should tell somepony about the creature, but at the moment she didn't know if running to town would anger the creature. And with that giant drill on its right arm, she was too afraid to try.

"Um, here are all my other toys," she said as she came to a stop, Daddy stopping as well as he looked around. They were now in a small clearing where he could see a little red building in the distance, with what looked like a playground behind it. As for the toys, he noticed that she had a jump rope (which he couldn't use), a toy needle (something he was very familiar with) and a bottle of bubbles that sat on a rock. "Uh, you can play with whatever you want," she said as she sat down, waiting for him to move. But he just stood there and watched her, waiting for her to move.

"Oh wait, I didn't introduce myself, did I?" she said with trepidation. "I'm...Dinky. Dinky Doo...what's your name?" The creature moaned again, but this time she noticed that the tone was different from the previous one. "Um, I didn't quite catch that." This time the Big Daddy looked to the bottle of bubbles and pointed his drill at it. Dinky turned to look at it once she stopped cowering. "You're name is Bubbles?" The Big Daddy let out a moan that Dinky recognized as the one he had used earlier.

'Does that mean, yes?' she thought to herself. "Okay then Bubbles, it's, uh, nice to meet you." The creature said nothing and Dinky sat there for a moment just looking at him before a realization came to her. "You can't talk, can you?" He let out the same moan as earlier and Dinky frowned at his 'yes.' How was she supposed to ask him what he was, then? "That's too bad. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't talk. How would my Mom or my friends understand me?...Not that I have any friends; only other ponies that like to pick on me," she said sadly, looking up to see the creature tilt his body to incline his head. "It's not that I'm weird or anything, it's just that they like to tease me because of my Mom. She's a bit...derpy." The creature let out an odd sounding moan and Dinky had no idea what he was saying, but as she looked up at the sky she realized that it would soon be time for class.

"Um, I'm going to play a bit more if you don't mind," she said as she slowly stood up. "Would you like to play with the bubbles?" The titan moaned what she thought was 'yes' and followed her over to the bubbles, where she opened them and pulled out the wand, blowing a few bubbles to the titan. With all the bubbles floating around him, The Big Daddy began to poke them with his drill, popping them with ease. Dinky watched the scene with a hint of a smile, trying not to laugh at the giant, scary monster popping bubbles with his drill. "Okay, here come some more." This time she blew as many as she could out of the wand, watching with a slightly bigger smile as the creature became covered in bubbles, but he still tried to pop them all.

"Hey, that looks kinda fun," she said as she began to move closer, wondering if he would attack her. "Can I play too?" He moaned yes and so she jumped into the swarm of bubbles, popping them with her horn while the Big Daddy popped them with his drill, careful to keep it away from her. When they were finished, Dinky let out a small giggle as she moved onto her jump rope. "Okay, do you want to play with this next?" she asked before realizing that Bubbles was way too big for her jump rope. And he couldn't turn it for her by himself unless...

"Hold onto this end," she said as she hoofed one of the ends to him, and he grabbed onto the tiny handle as best he could while Dinky placed the other end on the ground, concentrating with all her might. "If I can just use my magic," she growled as the rope began to turn a yellowish color, before it shot out of the Big Daddy's hand and up into the tree above them, with both her and Bubbles looking up at it.

"Think you can get that?" she asked him as he stood up to his full height, reaching up for the rope but finding it out of his reach. He moaned in frustration and Dinky was immediately worried, not wanting Bubbles to get angry. "Hold on, maybe if you lift me up I can get it," she suggested, steeling her nerves as Bubbles bent down to allow her into his hand, which was nearly as big as she was. She stepped onto the leather hand the smelled slightly like the sea and tensed as it lifted her up to the point where she could grab the jump rope with her teeth. The moment she had it though, her hoof slipped and she fell out of Bubbles' hand, heading for the ground. But faster than she thought he could move, he had moved his hand and body underneath of her and caught her before she had hit the ground. He then placed his hand on the ground so that she could get out, which she did while dropping the rope.

"Thanks," she said with a bigger smile as she sat back down, watching as Bubbles simply continued to look at her. "Um, I don't want to be rude, but are you a monster?" Bubbles never answered and she wondered if he had actually been saying yes, or if he that was the sound he responded with the most. "I'm sorry if I've been acting all scared around you, it's just that you look...terrifying." Bubbles continue to say nothing, although Dinky noticed that he had tilted his body again. "But even though you're terrifying, you look nice enough and you did save me there. I guess I was...wrong about you." She closed her eyes and mustered up as much courage as she could before opening them with a smile.

"I guess that I should start over then. I'm Dinky. Nice to meet you Mr. Bubbles," she said with a smile as she offered him her hoof. Mr. Bubbles looked at the hoof for a minute before he extended his hand and gently grabbed her hand with his, letting her shake his hand. "So...thanks for spending some time with me. Like I said earlier, I don't have many...any friends, and Mommy's too busy to play with me...and I don't have a daddy. So it's just nice having somepony to play with me, even if they are a giant. I'm...not very good at these kinds of things but...would you be my friend?" Mr. Bubbles let out the moan that she now believed meant 'yes,' and she let out a little squeal of happiness as she began to bounce up and down.

"Oh thank you so much! I can't wait 'til I introduce you to...everypony," she said as she looked him over, wondering how she would explain him to everypony in town. With the town's history of giant monsters attacking it, she wondered if he would be classified as one and attacked on sight. And she also worried about what he would do if attacked. But her thoughts were quickly sidetracked as she heard the ringing of a school bell in the distance, causing her to shriek as she hurriedly ran around and picked up her stuff as fast as she could.

"'Bye, Mr. Bubbles, I got to go!" she yelled as she took off for the school, leaving the Big Daddy there. "I'll see you later." She had turned around to focus on the road to the school, but if she had looked behind her she would have seen Mr. Bubbles chasing after her...right towards the school house.