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There's something odd about Dr Whooves - and something odd about the local statues. Twist thinks she wants to know why.

The answers will cost more than she knows.

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Don't Blink.
Blink and you're dead.
Edit: Wait, wtf? Was that Twists reaction to a human, or was it a monster? Weird...

1862305 But if you don't blink, it gets into your eyeballs.

Basically, you're just bucked. :fluttercry:

1862319 Just don't look them in the eye, and you're fine.

Not Bad, not bad indeed. :trixieshiftright:
I am thinking of a story simallar like this. but I am not inspired.
But I am still making a story simallar to this story.
I didn't really understand MUCH of it I understanded a lot of it but a little I had no clue of some sentces said:pinkiesmile:
Your story was worth a like and a comment but not a fav.
But anyway your story was great!:pinkiehappy: It was really good same with the ending!
But I enjoyed it and I kinda hope there will be a sequal to your story.
It was really nice to read.
I am thinking this story is a bit of a horror story:derpyderp1:
But good work making it!:rainbowkiss:

an utterly bizarre ending.

well done.

Well, that wasn't the ending that I thought was being set up. Interesting subversion there.


Yeah, I got the feeling that's why a third of the Like/Dislikes are Dislikes* (and there aren't much of either) - people came in expecting a Who-style story and then got... something else, that they definitely weren't after. Which is good, that's what I wanted! :pinkiehappy:

* Or it could just not be that good really but LET ME HAVE MY PRIDE.

This as just confusing as I was sort of given the impression the Doctor did something to her which made little sense as she was fairly harmless and even was hurt by the angels. Not thumbing t down but not thumbing up either, just kinda confused.

3614031 Fic may not have been that clear in retrospect then - my idea was to set up everyone to think this was Doctor-versus-Weeping-Angels-in-Equestria and then, whoops, no, Whooves is actually a Lovecraft thing (and is responsible for the attacks on Twist to try and avoid being uncovered); the statues are looking for him.

3614161 ...I'm so sorry I *totally* didn't get that. Twist was never directly attacked til the end and the thing with her mother very much felt like a weeping angel thing. :twilightsheepish:

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