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Hi bronies, and pegasisters. Luna is best pony.

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What if Rainbow never went to make cupcakes with Pinkie? What if she just blew her off instead of facing the horrors of Pinkies basement? What happens is Pinkie goes on a wild manhunt after Dash through Ponyville. Before you read this read Cupcakes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qTTzMqlRTHeHIarZZhwQhADc-1aff9fkHKWx-kn0wMk/edit?hl=en&pli=1#

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Hmm.....On to read the story! :yay:

:pinkiecrazy:. Thats what you get Pinkie.

Going to escape. Kill ponies. Yadiyadayada.
Feel free to copy the 1st line for the next chapter. You have my permission. :rainbowwild:


well...this was dissapointing...nopony died...

96876 Do you like ponies dying? :fluttershyouch::fluttershbad:

This was cool. Rainbow, you're finally getting smarter. :rainbowkiss:


:scootangel:Well yeah, I mean only if it ain't one of the Mane 6 then hell yeah!!:rainbowlaugh:

96886 Yeah. The mane six are my favorite characters! :twilightblush:


Hell Yeah she is. That's why shes the best and my favorite:rainbowwild:!

Tons of grammar and spelling errors, multiple nonsenses (things falling on the floor MADE OUT OF CLOUD) and for Celestia's sake, you write CUPCAKES not CUP CAKES:facehoof:

Rainbow is allergic to bananas? Trollestia would NOT be pleased :trollestia: :rainbowderp:.

Aside from ALOT of spelling errors and mistakes, it was nice. I don't really care for Cupcake related stories, but this one was enjoyable. But umm... change your picture. Its terrible :facehoof:.


Yeah, like Barwit said, errors galore. Plus you kind of rushed it there at the end. Why not add some drama to it, and have Pinkie get into Twilight's basement and kidnap the two and do some stuff with Twilight's equipment. They wouldn't have to die, they would just be tortured and when Spike came around, he could send a letter- Celestia would come and *TOTHEMOON!* Pinkie Pie- and then you could have them go to Sugarcube Corner to discover the bodies because frankly with the way Cupcakes has it done, the bodies would smell bad enough to be smelled by everyone in the vicinity of the place.


96866 I was actually planning an epilogue, that a letter from the princess saying Pinkie escaped.

Erm..... :applejackunsure:

No. :ajsleepy:

97104 i wouldn't do that, this story is pretty bad, ite feel greatly rushed.

this stares is greatly good, i noteced error something but okay

5/5 your great writer

I liked it. I like it when justice prevails, and HATE it when the bad guy wins. The dialogue was kind of rushed, and it could have used a bit slower pace. But it was nice. 4/5

Well I hope it's good. I mean, in every alt. story about Cupcakes, you can't just have a happy ending and her being locked away. I just hope this story is the first to deliver this news uniquely. Good luck to you. :twilightsmile:

Please tell me there is gonna be MORE!:rainbowhuh:


thats better! i am pleased greatly

Deus ex machina


please have a ending to what happens to twilight !!!!!!:applecry:

:twilightoops: Nice knowing you, Twi

You're going to WRITE MORE!:flutterrage: I mean we all love:pinkiecrazy:...Well, some of us sorta...all I know is I liked cupcakes, read the entire thing in a day and had a good night's sleep that night.

I wasn't planning on writing more, but so many are tracking so I will add one more chapter.


...why did you have to ruin the fun?

Could be about 20% longer.:rainbowkiss: Am I the only one who thought serial killer Pinkie was a fun character?:pinkiecrazy: I rate it: 7.75/10:eeyup:s. Work on the grammar please.

Few!! I thought for sure Mrs. Cake would get it.. :'( YAY SHE DIDNT!!!!! Shows you, Pinkie! :ajsmug:

yes rainbow dash gets revenge on that sick bitch

Sick bitch pinkie pie:pinkiecrazy: go rainbow dash:rainbowlaugh:

It's an alright story. But I actully rather The actual cupcakes. I don't know why but I do. Gory stories really do nothing to me. :rainbowderp:
The only things that have ever game me nightmares is watching too much slender, but that only lasted a night, and child's play(about 3 years ago) so I guess you could say I kinda like those kind of stories.
If somepony died or was dissected I'd rather it more. I have no idea why though.:pinkiecrazy:
Cupcakes put me off cupcakes for a mear minute then it all stopped :derpytongue2:

great another stupid cupcakes alt ending story.:facehoof: also people commenting on this quit hating on pinkie thats not cool its not her fault this crap happened it was sgt sprinkles who made her like this. if anyone should be hated its that guy.

The fun was just getting started, really... :heart::pinkiecrazy:

No offense to the writer, but I think this story could have been a bit longer. :pinkiecrazy:

Nice, kinda made me laugh because I was expecting it to be like this :rainbowlaugh:

You might want to go over your story again because there were a few miss spelled words. Just telling you:rainbowhuh:

WHY DID YOU HAVE TO KILL PINKIE PIE!? :applecry::fluttercry::raritycry:

I had to resisting laughing when Cupcakes Pinkie was kicked down the stairs. Dashie snuck up on Pinkie. :rainbowlaugh:

And Twis taken down all ready. Darn it Twi you shoulda known not to eat cupcakes anmore. :twilightoops:

Hah Cupcakes Pinkie was killed. Though I think they shoulda tortured her like she did the victims. Still this was sa great ending. :yay:

Well rainbow didn't exactly know of she was going to kill her. The knives are just like pinkie is, random. The cupcake didn't have to have drugs, it could have been the cupcakes hit her head hard. Maybe? I don't know. But good job!:moustache:

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