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Just some random fella who's got a couple of ideas. (I have no idea what I'm doing)


All I did was wish for my life to be more interesting. And now I'm in a magical land where it's inhabitants think I'm probably evil. Plus, I'm getting armor of my favorite superhero, and am looking for the princess's protege, why? To convince everyone I'm her cousin of course! ... I think I bit off more than I could chew.

(First fic. Let's see how it goes! Criticism is welcome.)
This story was inspired by I Am Not a Charlatan! I Am Mysterio, Master of the Arcane Arts!

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Congrats on making your first fanfic!

I can't wait for this for you to continue the story because The Stark has build himself into a giant problem by saying he's related to Twilight sparkle. Especially if he ever reaches Equestria and meets the other elements especially Applejack who is a built-in lie detector.

Tony Starkle

I'm pretty sure all David told him about was Twilight's name. Not Equestria's name or anything else about the show for that matter

Wondering about Stark's mind at this point. Knows 'Equestria' and 'Sparkle' but not where he needs to go.

Once in Baltimare, he still hasn't thought of where he needs to go, considering Sparkle has two main locations before narrowing the search to a pony ...

He needs to find a way to get a job just to get money now. The only way that I could actually see Stark meeting with the mane six and everybody else would be during the wedding when the changelings attack or he meets them in another way.

"Yes, we are going to Dodge City" Said Amira.

Pretty sure its name is Dodge Junction

I love it that he just spent his cousin but since he doesn't really know about the show Lore he didn't realize he's met her. And also he only heard about the name back in chapter 1 he never actually watched a single episode.

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