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Hey kill Daedalus first, then Fusilier and then finish Achilles, ez win


The Equestria has managed to conquer all the lands of the Baseplate; Nusia, Guesa and the Cascada were fallen under the hooves of the Equestrian but there's only one kind that is standing on the last foot, The Dominion of Pinzhao or also known as The Dummykind or simply, Dummies.

Eight Individuals were sent to defend the lands of the Pinzhao against the incoming pony hordes.

"Godspeed, Stronghold 5-5"

Dummies vs Noobs by Sensei_Developer

2nd Roblox x Mlp crossover

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Hold on a minute- GAIA HAD A REAL NAME? WHERE?

I just had to create this account just to see this story and its good!!1!1!1 I'm a very huge fan of yours after your story in The Right Girl in the Wrong Place! (I really meant it.)

This slaps ong

Epson #4 · 3 weeks ago · · ·

Lmao I think this guys below me came from your wattpad fanfic but your story is gud :)

Yeah they are, I did advertised my story in my fanfic in wattpad. Also thanks!

Hi, Felix Nguyen here, that is an AMAZING book and I am glad that you are expanding your little library to other fan fiction websites, if you don't remember who I am, I'm the fucker who used your last chapter as a parody and in the end failed miserably.

- Good luck! Felix (Phuc Lam) Nguyen

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