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Creating the Eastern World name Seresia~


After a long career of study, Twilight could finally stand on her own, but the gears of fate didn't stop turning. a few weeks later,(the end of s9e26), a fleet of ships from the East arrived in Equestria, accompanied by a long-planned conspiracy in front of Twilight. Will she be able to go through the trials and tribulations of traveling to the mysterious land of Seresia, experiencing a whole new culture, and making new friends while defeating an unprecedented evil force?

I wrote originally in Chinese, so if you are willing to help with English translation~ please contact me on Discord: dreamingheart

Translated by: Dark straw, Blockclear, wd357dui, Luther

Illustration Artist:RRDartist

Chapters (26)
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Curious, do you write in Chinese because you are from China? I am not an English speaker so I understand the translation problems to a certain extent.

It seems like an interesting story, I'll check it out.

yush,i write whole chinese version, and love to share this story to the world!

Wow, I have read this chapter, the story is moving forward calmly. I like it.

thank you~ the chapter two are on the way sooon!

I reached the end of the chapter! this curious, foreigners who bring an exotic fair for the ponies. What can go wrong...

So the fact that they tried to get Luna to marry a nobleman and then steal her immortality sounds like a good plan. The bad thing is that she was very young... ha ha

Good detail with the additional drawings of the characters. By the way... do you know any good translator from Spanish to Chinese?

sadly i don't know anyone who know Spanish well, you wanna translate some Spainish story to chinese ?

I know two sis have problems as younger,They just needed a reason to ignite a long-simmering conflict. that's why i made this,hope people don't mind it haha.

Loving this so far

thank you every much~. i hope you all have best Reading Experience!!I'll do my best to keep the story moving in a way that doesn't make people feel uncomfortable while reading it.

Translator here~ I am responsible for translating Chapter 2 and beyond. I am a native Chinese speaker, but studying in the US now. Both the author and I read every single comment on here, so please, we would really appreciate any feedback. Love? Hate? Meh? Just wanna say hi? All is fine! Leave your thoughts here and maybe check out this cool story!

"What? How is this possible!!! Wasn't Chrysalis sealed up by you guys with magic?!"

Correction, by Discord, Celestia and Luna

oh buck, thanks for telling me that! our translater has busy for his school stuff, every chapter tag as"Early translate" was using AI.:fluttercry:

I know what it's about, basically all my fanfics have been AI translated.

My little pony:Adventure of Seresia

Takes after the captivating travel of Seresia, a vivacious horse, and her companions as they set out on exciting undertakings in the charming arrive of Equestria. With their special identities and enchanted capacities, Seresia and her companions explore challenges, overcome impediments, and learn profitable lessons almost companionship, boldness, and collaboration along the way. From epic journeys to endearing minutes, "Enterprise of Seresia" captures the substance of companionship and enchantment, captivating groups of onlookers of all ages with its charming narrating and dynamic movement.

i had translater but he busy for study and can only avaible to do in May, don't worry~ you see, every chapter without "Early translate" was already translate. right now i writed 9 Chapter (chinese version), just don't want make people feel like im lazy haha

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