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Twilight Sparkle is a 16-year-old girl who has just moved to Canterlot City with her family. She's first skeptical about meeting new people, but when she discovered the magic of friendship, her life becomes a little happier. With a new school, town, and friends, it's an adventure waiting to happen.

This is an alternate universe that doesn't involve Sunset Shimmer.

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Uhm, if the story does not involve Sunset, why is the a character tag?

With the exceptions of Rarity, Pinkie and Sci-Twi, I like their old Equestria Girls clothes better.

I agree with Sudrian Engineer. Why is there a Sunset Shimmer tag if she’s not going to appear in this story at all?

Cool premise

But really wished Spike was human instead as a dog though..

this is super good but there are quite a few simple errors with spacing and stuff, I'd recommend giving it a read-over and some minor edits, otherwise it's really good

Spike being stuck as a dog also really causes him to miss out on major stuff such as this..

In this moment, in Equestria:

And, in advance, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Honestly this is quite a good counterpart to Cranky Doodle's episode in the show.

Though seeing how Spike was completely missing in this and the other chapter really shows how he's badly restricted by being a dog instead of human..

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