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I love when a cute colt knows what he wants.

what the fuck did i just read

Comment posted by JSAR1562 deleted May 17th, 2023

Do not, for any reason for as long as you live, comment something like this on my story ever again.

“Why would I be angry about a teacher molesting my child in a closet during school hours?” asked Sol.


Why did you keep using the group pronouns instead of the male pronouns for Patch?

Patch is nonbinary

I reread this story and I have no idea how I missed that they were a cute nb lol.

It's easy to miss

Jesus Christ, what did they say to merit that kind of response?


Sausage rolls? Shouldn't they be herbivores?

Isn't this kid the incestuous product of the last couple stories?

That's correct. I forgot to label this as a sequel at first, but it should be all good now

I kinda want to see more of Aurora and Sol. Would Sol do the same thing with his daughters as he did with his sister? Would he drug a different mare? The possibilities are endless

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