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This story is a sequel to The Perfect Night Sky

(Chronologically, it is a prequel, but this is meant to be read after)

A socially awkward bookworm devoted to math and science. A carefree jester determined to prove her leader capabilities. When they took the challenge of becoming Princesses of Equestria everything in their lives changed forever. Did they changed in the inside too? What happened when the pressure of being rulers became too much? What went through their minds as they went through the hardest part of their lives?

An experimental writing that tries to look only inside the minds and through the eyes of the most powerful beings of Equestria as I guessed them from season 1 and 2. My imagining of the events that lead to Nightmare Moon's banishment, and a big sister's struggle to get her sibling back.

Thanks to my great friend PhilomenaSage for her edition skills.

This is a work in progress, therefore any comments, corrections and critiques are more than welcomed. =)

Art by Limrei. http://limreiart.deviantart.com/

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 10 )

I notice that as of my writing this, the story has received one rating, from me; this will also be the first comment, AFAIK. I have to assume that means your story is not widely followed. But you know what? I'm following the hell out of this. Moar.

101603 You are right, not many followers. I'm new around, and this is my first story here. Thanks a lot for the rating and comment. Even if only a few like my story, I'll gladly finish it. :twilightsmile:

So from the look of it, the sisters wielded more than one Element of Harmony each, but I suppose they connect with one more than the others? And that makes Celestia's Laughter, and Luna's... Loyalty maybe?

These are some well written stories that I enjoy a lot (despite a few distracting grammatical flubs). However… I guess the biggest irony from my viewpoint is that I imagine Celestia's and Luna's personalities almost opposite from what you've portrayed.

To me, Celestia is all about: duty and responsibility, planning and organization, control (including self-control), knowledge, logic, math and science, supreme self-confidence (to a fault), and the pursuit of perfection.

Luna is all about: instincts, myths, dreams, mischievousness and spontaneity, passion (love, anger, fear, laughter), art and music, imagination, inspiration, the mysterious and the unknown, and of course magic.

You are correct. I imagined that, since they are really powerful, they can bare more than one Element. But yeah they must have a stronger bond with one. In this story of mine, Celestia's is Laughter and Luna's would be Honesty imo. Is open to interpretation of course. :raritywink:

Glad you enjoyed it. :pinkiehappy: Sorry for the gammar, but we are working. :twilightsheepish:

The princesses personalities are hard to nail on, is good to hear different ideas, I've read stories with many convinations. Yours is not that diferent from mine.

To me, Celestia is all about control, but she also has mischievousness and spontaneity, you don't need to be serious to be a control freak. She has a big sence of duty and responsibility, and she was in persuit of perfection. However I learned from experience that when you are a perfectionist control freak, you can end up in a bad situation, I learned the lesson the hard way and I believe Celestia did too.

Maybe is because I love "Progress" but I can't avoid thinking of Luna as all about, knowledge, logic, math and science. But after Luna Eclipsed, I only could derscrive her as someone who's not scared of anything, trusts her instincts, and has far too much passion. She has a lot of imagination and she is definetely an artist, though she is not aware of it.

huh i always felt the opposite, i imagined Luna to be a huge nerdy antisocial as compared to her sisters barely contained trollness under a calm facade

ok so here we have depressed Luna and Depressed Celestia, albiet a lot less Luna since
a) she's on the moon reasoning it's better she's there
b) she didn't have to deal with her sending away her sister for a year

oh well, at least Celestia makes an effort and gave Luna some anonymous credit (better then no credit and if she did write her name who would use it? Althought in the future she probably could use the name Luna as she slowly becomes known only as Nightmare Moon, but then again people who are nerds like me know Luna is pretty much the root for anything denoting any reference to the moon at all and might realize this.) And at least somepony know it is Luna's journals, actually come to think of it i wonder what blueblood's feelings for luna are? I mean if he's her nephew that means Luna must be related to him somehow, probably not as a son thought since she WAS antisocial.

But past all that nerdy-speculative crap, will we see Luna on Equestria by the end of this fic, and if so wll this turn into a "she's back how do people take it" kind of fic?

either ways, tracking~

239663 Yes we had very depressed princesses at first, they'd gone through a lot.

There are a few other ponies that know those journals are Luna's, but in time her name fades away, and only Nightmare Moon is remembered. Trollestia helps with that. :twilightsheepish: Maybe is not a bad thing, the ponies in this time had a very bad impression of the night princess.

Duke Blooblood is both Luna and Celestia's far-too-many-greats grand nephew. He never really get to know Luna so, he had his doubts about her, but he decides to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Yes, Luna will be back in Equestria by the end of the fic. No, this is not a "how do ponies take it" fic. This is mostly about "how do Celestia and Luna take it" fic. What was in their minds when they finally talk after 1000 years? Will see.

Glad you found it interesting :pinkiehappy:. Thank you for your speculations and the track.

Wow, I really don't like Celestia in this story.
Great job on this story mate.

I really like this story I hope you will make a new chapter to this story some time soon:twilightsmile:

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