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Rin's gone missing.
Guess this should've been to no surprise, her being an airhead and all, but it's been a while. And Emi's worried. Enlisting the help of Hisao, Emi sets out to find her lost friend... wherever she may be. After all, it's just a small town, so it shouldn't take long at all to find her.

But finding her might prove to be harder than it seems, especially when there's a world with talking ponies involved. And they seem to be missing a friend of their own.

(Yes, this is a Katawa Shoujo fanfic. It starts after the end of Emi's route, during the summer vacation the follows. Have fun, and enjoy!)

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i say. this may prove to be VERY interesting indeed. definitely something worth following.

Insta faved for katava shoju crossover

Loved for awesome chapter.

You, my good sir, are a genius.

This was fairly well written. I am curious to see how you write Rin, her being such a complex character. Pinkie and Emi are going to get along fine... other than the eating healthy part. :pinkiehappy:

Cool, I actually just started playing this. Liking the game so far, so have a like for the Crossover.

if you think it would make things easier for you then do it
if you think it would make things more fun and interesting then do it
if you think you want to do it then do it

simple as that

I'd like to see how this progresses but if you wanna throw more universes in there while keeping the story on track then by all means do so. It is your story. :twilightsmile:

Oh Rin... You and your delightful brain amuse me.

I'm guessing Lilly's going to be the least surprised at Pinkie because she's blind.

Nice job, Miki, bringing along a blind person and scarred (physically and emotionally) girl with you into a possibly dangerous forest to investigate an explosion. Good, logical thinking there.:ajbemused:

I can't wait to see how Shizune will react to all this.

It wasn't my thinking... It was Miki's.
Haha, I'm just making excuses, aren't I?
Anyway, that's what I was thinking when writing that chapter. What would Miki do? If Miki asked them along, I felt that Lilly wouldn't shy away from such a thing, and Hanako would follow Lilly anywhere if possible.
Anyway, this might've been a blunder on my part, but it might not be too. Let's just see how things go from here, shall we?

I'm sorry, guys, but for the next three days, I won't be posting any new chapters, even though it's the weekend...
I'll be going somewhere for a while, and the new chapter's already half-done, so I'll probably be able complete it the day I return, which is Sunday.
Thanks for understanding, and thanks for reading!

I'm not sure which is going to be harder, getting an unconcious Pinkie Pie into Yamaku unnoticed or getting a straight answer out of Rin.

...Wow. You wrote Rin perfectly.

...Poor, poor Hisao.

On a side note, why hasn't Pinkie's cutie mark been noticed yet? Having balloons stamped on your hindquarters isn't exactly something one would overlook.

O-ho, you'd love to know, wouldn't you?
I guess them not noticing it has got to say something about whether it is there in the first place, doesn't it?

KS was a great game , so I am glad to see a crossover. (Insta-Fav :moustache: )
I hope it's not going to be cancelled or forgotten (I blame the feminists if it happen.)
Anyway , Twillight is very unlucky to deal with Rin. I wanted to scream at my computer during her storyline.
Oh and I can't wait to see Pinkie Pie with Misha , as they are kind of similar. :pinkiehappy:

I have to thank you for posting a link to this story on the KS forums. Reading this story finally convinced me to watch MLP:FIM, which I've intended to for a while now. So, in a way, you pushed me to finally watch it and I have to thank you for it.:pinkiehappy: :heart:

Can't wait for the next chapter and for when Pinkie Pie wakes up.

It's been a while since I've posted a new chapter, but please bear with me for a while. I'm almost done with my term-end exams, and I'll be back to writing right after school is over for the year. It won't be long.

Thanks for reading!

Hey there! Just wanted to say thank you for the time you've put into this!
It's really good so far.
I'll be waiting here patiently for new chapters, :)

When I saw this, I was like WTFFFFF??? Thank God you came back to finish this.

Another comment story related this time: I think how Rin was able to accurately draw a pony who she did not even meet accurately is that every girl from KS has a shared personnality with a pony; let me put my theory to the test:

Pinkie Pie - Rin: Eccentric, Random, Blurt nonsense...

Rainbow Dash - Emi: Speed freaks.

Fluttershy - Hanako: Shyness and social problems.

Applejack - Lilly: Sense of Hospitality.

Twilight - Shizune: Perfectionists and common sensical

Rarity - Misha: Fashion sense (Misha had a brown straight hair before KS events) but other than that I have got nothing common with Rarity and her.

Again this is just a theory.

omg i just saw this, this will be a brewing pot of kluster fuck.

It's ALIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::rainbowkiss::raritywink::ajsmug::yay: Thank you for not abandoning this!

Pinkie's awake now, oh god(s)....
I personally can't see Hisao playing video games, or Emi for that matter. Hisao is to much of a bookworm to spend six hours on a computer, and Emi would be to busy exercising.
Y u no Shizune yet? :twilightangry2:

I'd have related Pinkie Pie to Misha, and Rarity to Lilly.
Anyway, the reason is a bit different to the one you spoke of, so look forward to it!


And another theory that goes into the sea.

Have you seen Touhou? Touhou is a game for geeks and speed freaks!
Anyway, Shizune's still back at her home, but she'll be back in a while. Seeing as though this is probably the only Katawa Shoujo/MLP crossover out there, there's no way I'm going to not include as many KS characters as possible (within a reasonable range. Sadly, Jigoro probably won't appear.).

That is a great story so far, it is well written and the characters act they way I would expect them to.
The Idea to let Rin meet Twilight is pure genius!
Looking foreward more.

Ah! I'm so glad you are continuing to work on this TheHouseholdWarrior! :pinkiehappy:

Though I wasn't around for the previous regular updates, I've waited quite a while for this one.
I'll be here waiting for the next as well. Keep up the good work, it is much appreciated!

I said, trying not to sound too disheartened about the fact that she found out about my meds.

"Oh, and Hisao?"
"Take your damn medicine!"
Do you remember that happening?

2344420 I'm imagining what would happen if Misha, Jigoro, and Pinkie all ended up in the same room.

Three chapters in and I already noticed a huge problem with this story: Monster, monster, monster. They keep calling Rin that, despite the fact that Rin's clearly not a threat to anyone. Did they just FORGET what they learned in Bridle Gossip? Or is there some MLP fanfic law I didn't know about that states the ponies MUST be hostile toward any and all humans that appear in Equestria? *SIGH* This is getting old... Also, this is the Mane Six we're talking here, they face monsters on a weekly basis! Seriously!

It's sad to see this story has pretty much been canceled due to author not being here. This was the fanfic that finally convinced me to try MLP. Oh well, hope you are well.

Hisao might be murdered by pony hugs? Sad and funny. Sunny? Fad? Sanny.

Taking a blanket from her bed, Twilight immediately performed some magic on it, and gave it to Rin. Rin looked up at Twilight quizzically.

"Wear it over your head, and make sure to cover everything." said Twilight.

Woooooooooo Ghostly Rin!

Over 38 weeks later and still nothing....crap.

It's a mix of nostalgia and sadness coming back to my start with MLP and not seeing an update. Hopefully, you are ok author. I do owe you for accidentally introducing me to this great show.

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