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What were you expecting?

Who in the hell makes these stuff

If this story doesn't become a victim of its own ambition, I'll be very surrpised.

This should have the comedy tag, since it is more or less a running gag.

Will this fanfic have bladder bulge

I love how hilarious this is tbh

Gotta say I was laughing my ass off through the whole thing. :rainbowlaugh:
It did get old pretty fast, tho, since there was no reason for why all the characters needed to pee, it just felt happening because it was random. But at least you know your target group and they’ll know what they’re gonna get. Keep up the good work! :ajsmug:

This... is a thing, apparently.

Oh love it, keep it up

A thousand years without a Bathroom? I bet Luna's bladder is HUGE

Those ponies can’t catch a (bathroom) break! :rainbowlaugh:

Is nightmare moon bladder gonna stay full

* sings * I'm a mare in heeeat and I need to pee ! :trollestia:
I have to pee every few minutes soooo. ( Leaves and goes top the bathroom to pee ) :twilightblush:
* A French voice speaks * 5 minutes later . ( I actually did have to go pee irl . :twilightblush: )

"Just a moment, please," Said the White mare without turning around, "I've lost the key to the bathroom and I very much need to get in there with some urgency!"

sings* How- dry- I- am,
How- wet- I'll- be
if- I don't- find
that- bathroom- key
I- found- the- key
un-locked - the- door
but-now - not-dry
any-more . :twilightblush: :pinkiegasp: :raritycry: :yay: :trollestia:
Would you like to hear my rendition of Skakespear ? :pinkiecrazy:
( Yes It's about peeing :trollestia: :rainbowlaugh: )

Previously on My Little Pony "I have to pee!"

( Really I do :duck: )

Rarity crossed her hind legs tightly and gave a strained smile.

( Sometimes when I get home and I'm at my front door I cros my legs as I'm trying to open my front door so I could go to the bathroom . Luckily I haven't peed in my panty's yet * knock on wood * ) :twilightblush:

"Oooh, I hope we find a place to cross soon," said Pinkie, "All this water makes me want to tinkle!"

:eeyup: eeeyup Running water like a river will do that to ya .

The shock of Pinkie's public diaper check was too much for her bladder to bear. Her flood gates, after being denied for so long, burst open and she began to flood her formerly dry padding.

:facehoof: I am NOT changing that diaper !

"Some of us come prepared." Said Rarity. "At least I didn't go in the woods like some kind of animal."

:duck: ( I have had to go in the woods at times irl when I wasn't near a bathroom )

Nice chapter but I hope you write more bladder bulge stuff

Seeing the episodes in order would be fun.:raritystarry:

To be continued...

No it's To PEE continued.

I would say one pee err tv episode at a time in order.

Keep it up I am enjoying this fic. :raritywink:

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