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This story is a sequel to The Unknown Daughter's Reunion:Part 2

More than a year has passed since that fateful night at the castle in Canterlot; The night the ruling party of nearly Eighty years Ended abruptly.

Scrambling to fill the void left behind, ponies did their best and worst in its place.

Times are harder than they used to be, corruption is reigning.
Tyranny isn't confined to one form like it used to; It's lesser, but seemingly everywhere now.
In the cities, ponies are afraid to speak too loudly, for fear of what those words usually draw.

Equestria needs the Stable rule of the princesses Back. But how can they turn this tide set in motion by the last ruler?

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eerr . . no . . not quite . .


no do not ask me who came up with some of the ways things are spelled in english and military jargong . .


ashamed in that context.


no switching between singular and plural like that please.

Taking the conversation, Moon continued

grammar broken.
also missing punctuation at the end.

Recounting the events to the sergeant, Moon finished, saying

punctuation missing again at the end.

several more instances of missing punctuation, usually before somebody says something.

As Agent 86 would say: "Missed it, by >that< much"

11234798 Thank you!
I apparently forgot what punctuation was for on nearly every fourth line today. While looking for lines without terminations; found about a quarter of them didn't have any.
And the Sergeant thing is just embarrassing, especially since I expected spell check to save my flank.

Those things happen.
I nitpick many stories like that.

I am willing to bet that she is Moon’s agent.

This whole scene kinda reminded me of “Hard To Be A God” novel, where the advanced Earth keeps tabs on the lost colony that is still in medieval era.

You know how to keep us on our toes.

just too good to let lie. "no do not ask me who came up with some of the ways things are spelled in english and military jargong" . . [jargon ]
And to answer the question. Most likely from Norman troops trying to put the make on Anglo-Saxon barmaids

Why are they so surprised? Canyerlot always had a dark undertone. And the mare that killed them displayed Celestia's head in the bucking throne room. If no fuss was given then. That they are beyond salvation.

They were doing to have to find out if this was a magical persuasion or not.

find the spelling error!

she had nagging thoughts leading here

not there?

Phffaha good catch. Though doing was spelled properly, lol.

'not there?'
I have to think no, as it's a present/imminent future context?

Big issue.

Canterlot is a city on the literal side of a mountain. It would have very little production capability. Cutting rail ways will hurt them far more then the cities of equestria

leading HER not leading HERE i guess :P

I have to agree. From what I recall of the Equis rail ways Canterlot only has one rail way in and out of the city. Should an attempt to resuply occur it might be done by air ship but that city will end up starving itself with their lavish life style I have a feeling that removing the entire city and relocating the thrones either to the Everfree Castle or Twilight’s Castle might be a better choice as a temporary measure. Even going as far as using the Crystal Empire as a refuge for those willing to see the truth.

Btw whatever happened to flurry heart?

Correction, it got four railways but all go through the same tunnel at the base from what I can decipher from the Equis map.

Indeed. Their relatively few pegasi contingent would only slow down the depletement of their warehouses. Causing them to travel down the mountain on hoof to the surrounding occupied no-go zone to sustain themselves on 'common grasses' and such. In turn, their anger further fueled by the proud ponies being 'reduced' to such means.

Eventually, they would spill forth from the depleted local lands, and into the surrounding lands. Coupled by need as well as ideology, the nation would be besieged on many fronts once they become desperate enough. Like hornets from a collapsing hive, they'd reek woe to all in their paths. All of this would happen, even before the winter months would come.

And of course, they'd believe all of it justified as they went. Even being mere 'victims' of the princess's destruction of the rail line.

Nasty, nasty business.


Btw whatever happened to flurry heart?

To be honest, I completely forgot about her. And in light of what happened to her mother, I think I'm gonna continue to not bring her up. That could go to a very sad place by this point, and she's too cute to go there. Same with prince Shining Armor and longevity, even by marriage to an alicorn, etc.

Ah things were so much simpler in the early days of there being only two goddesses of the world...

We’ll maybe she and Shining were sealed in crystal as an insult before Cadence was corralled to Canterlot?

Which means the restmofnthe country would be in dire straots thus no need for a transport armada

ahh the best revenge
Give them exactly what they want but not what they need.
As children throwing a tantrum we should allow it to teach them that it wouldn't change a thing.

It's a bit of tough love.
Since they don't want to listen to; Don't touch the hot stove, it'll hurt.
They get; Fine then, go ahead....told ya
We've all been there.
In this scope however;
There'll be nopony to kiss the boo-boo to make it better afterwards. < foreshadowing

We should not fear a man with a gun nor with a crowd.
We should fear a man invisible to us because it resides inside us.
His name can be greed or pride but in the end, it brings only death.

damn... that was dark, after the

Questions of the Fork

, id wish there was a chapter on orange once she found out how right moon was and realized that she was going to die

Part of me did too. Then I weighed my ability to portray the impact of the horror, misery, and regret in story form... and realized it was beyond my abilities.

In the end, I figured anyone invested in the story could imagine what that would be like in its darkness, better than I could express it with words.

It could be a story of its own; Of comeuppance, karma, a type of passive revenge by the princesses, or even a Garden of Eden - expulsion to Earth / real-world situation of struggle and fall. << My personal favorite that I tried to imply.
So many ways it could be done, most compelling and grim.

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