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After a changeling crashes into her castle with summons from King Thorax of the Changelings,
Princess Twilight Sparkle is intrigued to learn of a new species having been discovered deep underground. The species, however, is quite unlike any she's ever met before.

When she goes to investigate them, Twilight finds herself the recipient of initially unwanted snuggling. But perhaps she needs them more than she thinks at first.

Cover art was drawn by JazzWolfBlaze.

Edits were suggested by NavelColt, TheMajorTechie, Supermarine Spitfire, and Wolfsbane.

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ANW #2 · 1 week ago · · ·


I think most of us can agree.
We need something like these glowbugs in our lives.

Please make more of these.


I thought you were setting it up as a prank, with Thorax having a "Mischievous smile." I thought the "glowbug" being a changeling in disguise. Apparently not.

Haha, yeah! I thought Thorax would find the idea of Twilight being snuggled funny.

Thanks, I appreciate it! I'll do my best, ehehe!


This is a great story, and an interesting parallel to changelings: a species that utilizes affection rather than love. Honestly, I love the premise, and considering that I have my own fics that contain characters who are stressed or tense, this makes me want to write in an interaction with a glowbug as well.

That'd be a huge honor, haha - ! If you'd like the glowbug info I've written out, just lmk and I'll shoot you my Discord!

This is... aggressively wholesome and I love it.

Encountering a glowbug means you're likely screwed and resigned to a fate of being forcefully snuggled like a teddy bear.

You're going to feel wonderful, and you're going to LIKE IT! <3

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