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This story is a sequel to Pottyshy

CONTENT WARNING: This story contains diaper changing scenes, which is why I rated this story Teen.
No longer afraid to give up her diaper, Fluttershy goes to the potty every day. Now, her only obstacle is her shyness; she must try and try again to speak up in order to be excused to go to the potty.

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Sorry I like fluttershy, along with scootaloo and others, heh

Don’t be sorry; I’m glad that you like Fluttershy!

Comment posted by BushyTwee3 deleted June 4th

Truly A well done fic, wish it was longer, it's just a suggestion, but maybe a turn of events would be nice?

OK. Any suggestions as to what should happen next?

Well, My first question is, are the mane 6 fillies?, the reason I ask this is if we can turn this into NSFW, I would like a little kinky action
Other then that, I quite enjoyed it

Yes. The Mane Six are all fillies.

I see, I was hoping for something Kinky, or we'll, any plan for a part 3?

No. This is the end. Would you like to make a rewrite of my story?

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