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Odd writer pone that came into this fandom kinda sideways.

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It's really cool feeling to see new FoE fics being written, even a decade later. The concept of a prewar black ops soldier is one I'm excited to see explored.

A really enjoyable first couple of chapters. The minimal dialogue and somber descriptions really set the tone.

Some particular bits I really enjoyed:

Some, however, pushed into the darkness for their own gain, their own vanity. The fog of war hides many sins, and even great injustices can be rendered invisible. (Chapter 1)

Such a great line. Really clinches that prologue.


Yes, better. Wait. What? Never mind, get out of the base.

Really enjoying Razor Wind's internal dialogue. The discussion. The confusion. The occasional snarkiness. (Very nice.)

Half the floor consisted of blocks of cubicles, all fairly identical with desks and chairs and terminals broken up only with scatterings of personality now faded and peeling. A poster here, a figurine there, one had a stapler attached to the desk with heavy duty bolts and the word ‘MINE’ engraved on the top.

The little details you slip in there really make the scene. (The bit in the hanger as well.) Reminds me a lot of the storytelling Bethesda tries to do in the mainline Fallout games.

Thanks for the comments, it is greatly appreciated.

'Really enjoying Razor Wind's internal dialogue. The discussion. The confusion. The occasional snarkiness. (Very nice.)'

Heh, there is a reason he has such an argumentitive internal dialogue...

Should have some more going up soon.

Liked the portrayal of S.A.T.S in this chapter. The advantage a Pipbuck can grant a character in a setting like this isn't to be underestimated. It's a powerful prewar tool, and it really leaves an impression when that power is acknowledged.

"You’re on watch"

Really liked this scene. Atmospheric.

This was a fun chapter through and through. Really enjoying the back and forth between these three. (Roulette's ridiculous in all the right ways.) Looking forward to seeing how their relationship evolves.

The Selenite discussion was fun blend of laughs and lore. And the whole warehouse scene *really* nailed that Fallout feel and imagery.

The combat bit was well written and well paced, too—you could really feel the intensity as the scene played out.

Thank you for the kind comments,

Roulette is... Yeah, she's just kinda acting out on her own with minimal directing from me I think.

Great chapter again. Still loving the party dynamic.

Both the dialogue and exposition (in snappiness, creativity, & comedic timing) are a joy to read. Razor in a group setting makes for some good entertainment. The casual tie-ins with the original work fit in nicely as well.

‘I understand. I’m sorry. Please take a muffin.'

My heart ached a little at this part. Definitely got my "d'aww" in for the day.

Roulette continues to pull a dorky smile out of me every time she's on screen. Her "ahyup," "torture scene," and "landmine incident" in particular.

The "subtlest magic," indeed.

Watching Razor slowly shed some his rigidity has been fun as well. Traveling with other ponies really does make a difference, it seems. (Friendship is magic & the like.)

Finding myself looking forward to seeing where these three end up next. Wherever it is, though, I'm sure it'll be quite the ride.

Sounds like a cross over of the Fallout series and a Japanese anime called Pumpkin Scissors in a pony format. Is that where you got the invisible nine?

Aha, you got me!

Yeah, the idea of the Invisible 9 comes from Pumpkin Scissors. Given the backstory in Fallout Equestria, and the side stories (check some out) I thought the Invisible 9 project would fit in.

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