• Published 27th Mar 2022
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Midnight Comfort - Erynaster

The mare you love keeps you company during another restless night. Who knows, maybe there's something more to her gesture of affection than meets the eye...

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Bonus: Epilogue

Pale morning light filters through the blinds, scarcely illuminating the confines of the room. It's quiet, the steady drip-drip of rain having ceased, reduced to nothing but occasional beads of water falling from the roof tiles onto the ground below.

The world outside is grey, the morning sun barely shining through the mist that had accumulated overnight. At the very least, the storm had passed.

All is well.

Inside the room, all is quiet. The unicorn barely stirs as birds chirp directly overhead, flittering from branch to branch and conversing with one another at the first sign of daybreak. The unicorn begins to wake, one eye cracking sleepily open. She stretches once, feeling each joint pop as she returns to the realm of wakefulness once more.

She motions to sit up, but is stopped in her tracks as her memory catches up with her.

The human.

Heart beginning to race, she eagerly lifts the covers. True enough, there lay the human, deep in his slumber. His eyes were closed, chest rising and falling with every intake of breath. The sight endears her to smile, realizing that all the events of last night were not some hazily conjured dream nor fantasy, but real. Real as the human resting so peacefully next to her, arms wrapped around her waist even in dreams.

Izzy smiles, running a hoof across his cheek. He doesn't stir, tiredness still etched upon his features. Come to think of it, Izzy is tired too. The unicorn yawns, blearily turning to gaze out the foggy window. Light had not quite yet touched the corners of Equestria, merely a ghost of morning light peeking out from the horizon's edge. The unicorn settles back into the warm embrace, nuzzling the human's forehead. A bird lands by the window, it's chirping magnified over ten times in volume due to the silence of dawn. Izzy glares almost annoyedly, using her magic to rap at the window pane, shooing away the rather rude robin that had dared disturb the tranquil silence.

Izzy wills her magic to pull the blinds closed, leaving the room cloaked in the shroud of darkness. The human doesn't stir, oblivious to the sounds of the forest beginning to wake. Izzy sighs softly, gently caressing the human's head in her forehooves.

The birds would have to wait. Her precious human needed his rest.

Author's Note:

Wrote this bonus chapter on a whim exactly an hour before submission, it just had to be done.

I'll go sleep now.

Comments ( 29 )

Normally I don't read Anon stories, but this wasn't half bad.

Glad you liked it. :D


You bloody, disgusting degenerate! I can't believe you've writting something as vile as hoofholding!

For real though, I enjoy these cuddly types of fics immensly, but can't actually write them.

Thank you for your work, it was a most wonderful read!

P.S. I'd love to see a sequel, but don't feel pressured into writing one if you don't want to.

This was one of the most amazing x reader romance stories I've read in any fictional story. Thank you so much for this piece of art. Reading it really does give me warmth. Bless you and this story. I would love to read more of them in the future

Yes, that was very convincing. XD
Glad you liked it though!

I'm happy you enjoyed it! Honestly, I already had a plot for a sequel planned in mind when I started writing this one, but it'll have to wait for a bit. Self-care comes first. :3

Thank you so much!! It's the first one I've written after my 3-month hiatus, so I'm glad people still enjoy what I do. :twilightsmile:
Glad it made you warm:twilightsmile: Have a great day/night!

This story is the greatest amount of wholesome fluff that I can bear. Although I'm not a fan of Anon stories, this was a good one. +1

Happy to have entertained! Reader-inserts are my bread and butter

I absolutely loved this. Hope you do stories like this with the other girls from Gen 5, I’d love that! Welcome back Erynaster!

I might drift over to the rest of the G5 mares, yeah.:twilightsmile:
Glad you enjoyed the cuddles!

Loved this. Even decided to write a quick review.

Oh my---
I'm speechless...tysm!!!:raritydespair::twilightsmile:

It got featured, does that mean we get a sequel?

Yes, in fact, it was so well and heartly written, it was easy to picture the entire story, it even got me thinking until the next day because it's so lovely. Could really feel into the world you built with this story and feel being there, almost realistic. Hope to see more of your writing in the future but don't forget to take care of yourself and take a break when in need.

Thankies. Again, happy to have entertained. :D

Awwwwww! Why does Izzy make me feel so... so fuzzy inside?

As a sucker for mushy romance, I enjoyed this immensely. Literally all I want in this world is a pony to snuggle. Failing that, reading about pony snuggling will have to do. Very nice!

Izzy makes us feel all sorts of things. :)
Glad you enjoyed it!!

Dude, this is probably the cutest, most wholesome and descriptive fic I've ever read. Most the other fic I see are edgy OP Self Inserts. But this is just a simple, cutesy lil lovey-dovey fic that I'm fawning over. I've read it like 3 times in 2 days, I can't get enough. I love your descriptors and the way you build the land around Anon / Y/n clearly shows you actually care about what you wright! A sequel or continuation would be really nice, But I don't wanna apply pressure. <3

Can't wait to read your other fics <3

Awww, I'm glad you enjoyed it!:twilightsmile: And fear not, I've already started on a draft sequel about two days after I submitted this one. Might take a while tho, school is hectic atm.:twilightsheepish:

Word of caution, my former writing style with my older stories...needs some work. I'll probably take em down for editing in terms of tense shifts and the like, but I'll make no changes to the story flow whatsoever.

Have a lovely day/night!

I would say that I'm not one for mushy romance fics, but I don't think I can say that anymore after reading this haha. What an adorable story, I loved every word! The rain ambiance honestly did wonders for immersion and now I wish more authors did that lol. Great stuff here, I'll be sure to check out some of your other works ^^

Glad you liked it! :D

It's so great. I adore this story. Such an atmospheric lovely romance^^ This cute heartwarming story has everything that anyone who genuinely loves Izzy needs. I needed it as much as I need to breathe. Now the only thing I want to do is buy a plush Izzy and somehow make her heart and make it beat, so I can cuddling her with my face against the soft fur of her chest and listen to her heart beat until I fall asleep. This is the most romantic scene ever. Thank you so much for this marvelous work of your talent, I am really greatful <3

I'm so happy you enjoyed it! And yes, in times like these we all need a little slice of wholesome romance to keep us going, and I try to provide just that.

Have a nice day!

This fic is perfection and Izzy is so adorable 💜💜.
My heart was melting with such warmth for every adorable moment with Izzy, I loved her so much 💜

Loved this story. It was well written, sweet, and very reminiscent for me personally (had a relationship that started kinda like this, unfortunately though when it became long distance it didn't last). Still miss her and honestly still love her. But nothing I can do now except cherish the memories.

Awww, sweet and cuddly and cute and adorable and everything else, I can’t get enough of it. Honestly, I think this might be my favorite one you’ve written so far, seeing how it’s very well written and it makes me feel safe and loved and warm inside. Absolutely a 100/10!:twilightsmile::rainbowkiss::raritydespair:

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