• Published 27th Mar 2022
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Midnight Comfort - Erynaster

The mare you love keeps you company during another restless night. Who knows, maybe there's something more to her gesture of affection than meets the eye...

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Can't Sleep?


You jump a mile as a loud thunderclap jolts you out of your reverie. Your disorientation lasts for a quarter of a second before you regain your composure, cursing yourself as you realize that you had been standing by the couchside for a full 10 minutes, lost in the happy memory of the evening.

You have more important matters at hand now.

The rain isn't letting up, which is a welcome sign. Suddenly you wish that you were back in bed, bundled up all cozy under the covers despite knowing full well that if you decided to head back now, your tiredness would fade away as quickly as it had come.

Rubbing your eyes and stifling a yawn, you waltz into the darkened kitchen and feel your way around the counter, making your way towards the refrigerator standing by the grandfather clock. Hesitation grips you for a fraction of a second before you relax your grip on the handle, remembering that Izzy had assured you that you were more than welcome to peruse her storage of food for anything that caught your fancy, should you need to, at least.

Not that you hadn't in the past, you think as you grab a jug of milk by the door. You were still getting used to the fact that the two of you were living together, with Izzy's constant reassurances that you were more than welcome to whatever she had to offer.

Before closing the door, you perk up in concentration as you listen to your surroundings. The rainfall is reaching its summit, a clamor of thunder and lightning mingled with the howling wind.


You can see the kitchen window from where you stand, the streaks of raindrops beating upon it were getting more haphazard in movement by the second, slanting in the direction of the raging tempest and disappearing from view.

Now was a good time to go back to bed.

You motion to close the door, but just before it clicks shut, the second shock of the evening nearly scares you out of your wits as a gentle voice speaks from behind you.

"Up a bit later than usual tonight, are we?"

You turn in place, looking for the source of what had startled you. Your heart races as you wait for your eyes to adjust as the fleeting light from the fridge leaves the room. The kitchen is still pitch-dark, and you can barely make out the silhouette of the lovely unicorn standing directly in front of you. Nevertheless, you knew in your heart that it was her. And though she was but a faint outline, you could tell from her tone that she was smiling.

You relax slightly.
"Oh... Good evening, Izzy."

"I think you mean good morning. It's really late. Or rather, early." She tilts her head in bemusement. Or was it concern? Either way, she was gazing at you with something akin to wonder, not a single trace of reproach written on her features.

"...Can't sleep?" She takes one step closer, and you can see that she looks slightly worried.

"Y-yeah." You sigh. "It's nothing to worry about though, I'm fine."

"Did you take your pills like I asked you to?" Her tail gives an anxious flick.

"Yeah... I did, but they don't seem to help much." You chuckle in spite of yourself. Equestrian medicine was clearly weaker than its Earth counterparts, as a single sleeping pill could do no more than elicit a single half-hearted yawn from you.
"Still, I don't think it's the pill's fault. I guess... I guess I'm just really tense tonight, that's all."

She's silent. You wonder briefly if you should've just kept quiet about it, but your doubt is quickly replaced with surprise as Izzy suddenly throws herself upon you, pulling you into a rather awkward, one-sided hug. Thoroughly flustered, you stoop down to be on level with her, and you throw your arms around her in an attempt to return the favor.

Her coat is soft, with an almost plush-like feel to it. It's almost velvety to the touch, yet downy enough to maintain its status as fur, though you'd rather not call it that. You swallow once to calm your nerves, yet you find that you have no need to as all that had replaced your incessant worries from the moment she had made contact with you was pure bliss. Bliss with the fact that this was her in your arms, the very mare you so longingly wanted to hold for the longest time.

You don't know how long the embrace lasts, but eventually you give her a gentle tap on the shoulder, signifying that you were ready to pull away. She does so with the slightest of hesitation, which makes your insides squirm with guilt. You wish you had held her longer than that.

"H-hey. Um... thanks. I needed this." You chuckle nervously, shifting your gaze to the floor.

"Mmhmm..." She gives you another mysterious smile, making you wonder.

You shiver slightly as another thunderclap echoes through the din. With a wave of your hand, you gesture towards the kitchen window, indicating the turbulent weather. "It's still a cozy night, though. Why are you still awake?"

She giggles softly.
"I suppose the same reason as you. I'm a little tense." Her horn glows, and two empty glasses fill themselves in the sink and levitate over to the two of you. You take yours with enthusiasm, lifting the glass to your lips just as she does the same.

After one long draft of water, Izzy sighs, placing her glass facedown upon the counter. She turns to gaze at the midnight sky through the window, which was by now an incomprehensible blur of rain and lightning. She sighs, the sorrow in her tone unmistakable, causing you to look at her in surprised concern.

"Are you okay?"

You wonder if she heard you. She must have, because she begins to speak in the voice of one recounting a sad memory.
"... Before unicorns lost their magic, nights like this wouldn't be much of a bother." She pauses. "We wouldn't even have nights like this. The chief unicorns would just have to cast a wind-dissipation spell on the forest, and any storm passing through would be reduced to gentle rainfall and calming wind." She chuckles, lost in memory.

"But when we lost the magic, so did our control over the forest. I guess you won't really know what you have until it's gone. It was only when we lost the magic that we realized how much we've come to rely on it." Her ears droop sadly. "And the nights...well, let's just say they got worse."

You motion to move closer to her, raising a hand in an attempt to set her at ease. She sees it, and she smiles as she happily leans into your touch, cupping her cheek in your hand without hesitation. You rub her cheek affectionately, urging her to go on.

"Thanks... I—I needed that too..." She clears her throat, resuming to gaze at the window with fascination. "... You know, I've been living alone for the past 5 years, and you might laugh, but... I never got used to being alone in bed." She turns away. "My mom would always cuddle close to me when I was a filly, telling me that even without the magic, we would be safe here. But when she...when she left, I guess I didn't feel so safe anymore. The world feels ten times scarier when you're on your own, I suppose..."

She winces as another thunderclap shatters what little comfort had built up during your brief exchange with her. Eventually, the rumbling fades off into the drip-drip of the rainfall, and Izzy lowers her head in distaste.
"...I really don't like stormy nights."

You can't think of anything to say. You want to speak up, anything to let her know that you sympathize with her pain. It kills you to see her like this, had no one asked her before...?

"I'm...I'm really sorry, Izzy."

She turns to face you, her gaze resting upon your tired features.
"Don't be, it's not as bad as it once was. And besides..." A smile plays upon her lips as she takes in your entire form. "...I have you now."

An involuntary shiver runs down your spine at her words.

She giggles, pressing the side of her face into your stomach, prompting you to slip your free arm around her shoulders to pull her close in a loving half-hug. She tilts her head slightly to avoid impaling you with her horn, resting her head on your abdomen with her eyes closed. You place your empty glass next to hers on the counter, allowing you to brush aside a portion of her mane that was obscuring her vision. To your mild surprise, underneath her gorgeous cerulean-blue locks lay a deep crimson blush, evident despite the sparse light conditions you were in.

Her breath hitches as realization floods her understanding. Suddenly aware of your eyes on her, she bends her head low to conceal her flustered expression from you. She doesn't move an inch, keeping herself pressed up against you as if her life depended on it. You suppress a chuckle, befuddled at the mare's drastic change in behavior towards you. It was a welcome change though, you think as you gently stroke her mane. Clearly, you both needed this. Badly.

Izzy lets out her breath in one shaky sigh, finally pulling away to take a look at you. Her gaze is intent, probing. It was almost as if she was searching for some confirmation in your eyes before coming to a decision.

"Hey, are you okay?" You ask.

The integrity of her stare is broken, and she shivers slightly as the rain begins to pick up in volume once more.
"...Would it be okay if I ask you something?"

"Of course. Anything." You reply.

"Can you walk me back to bed? I—I mean, if you're heading back now...if you want to stay up for a bit, that's fine too." Her gaze wanders to the darkened staircase looming in the corner.

You take a full second to process her request, nodding in agreement.
"Of course, Izzy, and you don't have to ask. I was just about to go back anyway..." You sneak a glance at the window. "...We both should."

She brightens up considerably, her ears perking up.

"Great! So, shall we?" She raises a hoof and takes one step forward, nudging her head in the direction of the living room.

You begin to follow, taking care to keep close to her as you make your way through the dark hallway. The rain outside is still a cascading downpour, which offered some sort of comfort and reassurance that the possibility of sleep wasn't out of the window just yet. Izzy remains close to you, walking at a steady pace to your right. Her hooves make no sound as they come into contact with the cold floor, which explains how she had crept up behind you a few moments ago without you noticing.

The living room table comes into view. For a brief moment, Izzy pauses to examine the remains littered upon its surface. You can't tell from the dark, but you could have sworn you saw her smiling as though recalling some happy memory...

The both of you begin your ascent up the steps, and the narrow stairway forces you two to move closer together in order to progress. This of course meant that your bodies would occasionally be touching, but she doesn't seem to mind. And neither do you, for that matter. If anything, the moments wherein you would be in physical contact with her seemed to be prolonged by the fact that neither of you were keen on moving away.

You eventually reach the landing which parted in two ways: To the right led to Izzy's quarters, and the left was your room, which you were disappointed to say held no more value to you at the moment as you were sure to be tossing and turning in bed a few moments from now.

You turn to face the unicorn, acknowledging the junction in your path.
"Well, I guess this is where we part for now..." You nod slowly. "... Goodnight, Izzy."

As you turn to make your way back to your room, you're stopped dead in your tracks as you feel a slight resistance tugging at your pajama sleeve. Looking down you can see that a faint glow had surrounded it, the source of which was emanating from Izzy's horn. The unicorn had not moved an inch since you bade her goodnight, and she stands rooted to the spot in abject longing.

"W-Where are you going?" Her voice quakes slightly.

"...To bed?" You survey her with curiosity. "I'm sorry, do you need anything else?"

She looks paralyzed, whether with fear or simply indecision, you didn't know. Maybe it was both. You approach her cautiously, more concerned than puzzled at her strange behavior.

"Izzy, is there something you need to tell me?"

She swallows once, mumbling something underneath her breath. It's barely audible, but you can catch some words such as "cuddle" and "bed". The rest of her words are an indecipherable mess, and she trails off into unintelligible mumbling.

You stand around for what seems like an eternity, rocking back and forth on your heels. Izzy seems incapable of speech, shying away from eye contact.

Just as you begin to inch your way back to your room, Izzy starts to speak.

"Look, I...I was just thinking. It's a really cold night. The storm outside is just plain awful, and...neither of us can sleep." She speaks slowly, and you can tell that she's trying not to sound rushed. "I was just wondering if...maybe, you'd like to stay with me for tonight?" Her tone is hopeful.

The grandfather clock chimes somewhere on the first floor, just as you're left in confusion by Izzy's suggestion.

She paws at the ground nervously.
"Do I really have to repeat myself? Stay. With. Me." Her ears fold against the side of her head as she looks away shyly. "Look, I'm not trying to force you or anything, and this certainly isn't something I've done before..."

She smiles sadly.
"I just thought that maybe we'd both be able to fall asleep easier together rather than alone...and hey, I promise that it'll be warm! A-And cozy too..." She adds as an afterthought.

She peers at you bashfully.

You struggle to think. Emphasis on struggle. Your mind is a hazy mess right now, and you're already having trouble stringing two words together in your mind's eye. The only things that register to your weary psyche are the words "warm" and "cozy", which to you only meant sleep.

You merely grunt in response, earning an appreciative squeal of delight from the unicorn.

"Yay! I-I mean, *ahem*, wonderful. So, um, wanna come in?" She stands at the threshold of her room, waiting for you.

You follow, stooping low so as not to bump your head on the doorway clearly not suited for one of your stature. Izzy saunters towards the bed, humming softly. Her bed is situated in a corner by the window, bathed in sparse moonlight filtering through the veil of falling rain outdoors. She's waiting by the bedside, her eyes trained entirely on your form. Again, her expression is unreadable, but a smile lingers on the corners of her mouth as you near her. Her tail gives an excited twitch as you place one hand on the mattress, and she clambers atop it in one swift motion. She glances back at you almost coyly, settling down upon the cushions dutifully surrounding the two of you. Clearly, she had planned this from the beginning.

Using one leg to heave yourself upon the mattress, you mentally note how incredibly soft Izzy's beddings are. It's a miracle you don't sink right into the fluffy linen upon which you lay, and you briefly wonder how Izzy had managed to stay awake all this time in spite of all the comforts her room provided. Looking at her though, you realize that she was missing out on just one more comfort no pillow nor cushion could ever provide. The comfort of being in bed with another.

You. She needed you.

Izzy looks upon you with renewed fondness, and she hardly breathes as you slowly crawl towards her waiting form. As you near her, you're gripped with sudden hesitation of what the situation implied. What exactly is happening? Is this really what she wanted, what the both of you wanted? Just a few hours earlier you definitely would not have predicted this happening. Were either of you ready to let your guard down like this and just...cuddle? You're flummoxed by the thousands of thoughts and 'what-ifs' racing through your head at that given moment, before Izzy's beautiful voice breaks through the buildup of doubt and worry in your mind.

"... Hey, it's okay. I understand what you're feeling. Look, I'm nervous too." Her voice trembles. "But I really want us to be comfortable with each other like this...a-and to tell the truth... I've wanted this for quite a while now."

Your eyes widen in surprise.
"Y-you have?"

She nods fervently, and the sincerity of it gives you the strength to close the distance between you two as you lower your body next to hers, just as another thunderclap splits the sky in half. Shaking slightly from the disturbance, Izzy eases back into position, slowly and deliberately snaking a forehoof around your waist and using it as leverage to pull herself up to rest against you. She lays her head about six inches away from your face, settled down all snug upon one of the pillows. Your heart flutters as her big lustrous eyes gaze into yours, and you can feel your chest grow tight as her tail slinks its way around your shin, wrapping around it in a ticklish, protective manner.

You suddenly don't know what to do.

Izzy's expression morphs into one of concern, before comprehension dawns on her features.
"I-I'm sorry, am I going too fast for you...?"

"N-No, not at all." You swallow bravely, wiping your sweaty palms on your pajama sleeve. "I'm sorry, it's just—nevermind. Um...come 'ere..."

You gingerly slip your right arm around her back. To your immense relief, she doesn't recoil from your touch, signifying that she was okay with the physical contact. One might argue that she even enjoyed it, as you don't have to try too hard in your attempt to pull her in closer. She practically melts into the hug, taking care to keep her horn pointing away from your face. The resulting position is a rather awkward one, with Izzy's head facing sideways as her forehooves adjust to your stature. She doesn't seem to mind, especially after you discover that: owing to your size difference, you're able to fully embrace the unicorn in your arms without either of your limbs getting in the way.

Izzy notices this. Sensing an opportunity, she lifts her hindlegs and casually wraps them around your thighs, holding you fast in an unapologetic straddling position. Nothing too suggestive, if anything it was more cuddly than sensual. You're too lost in each other's eyes to take notice of anything else anyway. Her eyes are bright, alluring, and full of life. You had never seen them shine as bright as they do right now, two radiant pools of the loveliest shade of orchid you had ever seen. The view is simply stellar.

Izzy blinks once, and paradise disappears from your vision for a moment as reality catches up with you: You and Izzy are wrapped in a loving embrace, and it was almost hard to believe that just a few moments ago you were hesitant about the whole situation. Even Izzy seems at ease, all traces of shyness gone. She shifts around in the comfortable embrace, enjoying the feeling of being held by you. Her horn glows for a brief moment, and you stifle a gasp as her blanket starts to slide over you both. It tightens itself like a snug cocoon but leaves enough room for small movement within the confines of the fabric. Izzy giggles softly at your flustered expression, taking care to lower her voice to a whisper.

"It was getting a bit chilly in here..." She absentmindedly tugs at the collar of your pajama top. "How are you feeling right now?"

You close your eyes for a fraction of a second, collecting your thoughts.
"To tell the truth, I'm just...tired." You smile drowsily. "In a good way. Just really, really sleepy, but...I don't feel like falling asleep just yet. There's still something I need to ask you."

Her eyes widen in the dark.
"Oh? What is it?"

"About what you said earlier. That you've been wanting this for a while now?" You trail a finger up her spine, earning a shiver from her. "What exactly do you mean by that?"

"...Oh, that. Well..." Her tone is bashful. "Honestly, I've just been waiting for the perfect moment to ask you. Now just seemed like the perfect time, what with the rain and all." She gazes out the window in thoughtful silence.

"...But yeah, I've wanted to hold you like this for quite some time." She smiles playfully. "Call me weird, but...you really are as huggable as I imagined."

The both of you erupt into quiet giggles, though Izzy falls silent as a hand subtly finds its way to her cheek. You go quiet too as you realize that during your emotional high you reached out to touch her. But just as you attempt to pull your hand away, a faint glow surrounds your wrist and keeps it pinned in place. Even Izzy looks surprised.

"S-Subconscious reflex..." Her breath is shaky.

You and Izzy stare at each other. You can feel your face grow hot, but she doesn't need to know that. Not in the dark. You can't tell whether she was blushing either, but her breathing grows heavy as she inches ever closer, her movements slow and deliberate. By now the distance between your face and hers is a mere two inches, and because of your closeness you can feel her warm breath playing on your lips, the sensation foreign to you.

You're paralyzed.

Izzy hums in contentment, and you twitch in anticipation as she slips her forehooves around the back of your neck, pulling herself up to stare you down almost lovingly. You're shaking with suppressed nerves. Could this be what you think it is? You want to be sure, but you don't want to jump to conclusions. Should you...?

Your eyes finally adjust to the dark, and you can finally see Izzy's expression in clearer detail. She looks unsure, almost hesitant. She's trying to make her mind up about something, and it finally dawns on you what that 'something' is.

This was really happening.

Her visage reddens considerably.
"Can I ask you something too?"

You nod, swallowing your nerves.
"Of course."

"Last night, you told me that I make you feel safe." Her voice trembles. "...Is that true?"

You smile weakly.
"I'd never lie to you, you know that."

Her blush deepens as she leans in, her voice soft-spoken.
"Do you feel safe right now?"

Her grip on you doesn't slacken, and you can feel the importance of what your next words would mean to her.

"Yes, Izzy. I do." You smile, aware of what was coming.

Izzy beams at you with pure admiration, her eyes aglow. Those were the exact words that she needed to hear.

"Good, good..." She whispers softly.

Her eyes are half-closed, and all you can hear is your heartbeat pounding in your ears as she slowly leans in, just as you do the same.

Your mind goes blissfully blank as the distance between you two is closed by one simple action. She presses herself against you, the fluff of her chest acting as a secondary cushion for your tired and worn-out body. She works her way around your torso, her forehooves running along your back in loving, tender movements. Through the fog of bliss and elation, only one thing registers to your brain at the moment.

... Izzy has the softest lips you've ever felt in your life.

The base of her horn presses against your forehead as fiery passion seizes her senses completely. Your hand instinctively flies to the back of her head to drag her deeper into the kiss, and a few whines escape her throat as your other arm pulls her in by the waist. Her mane is lusciously soft, and it somehow manages to retain its silky-smooth texture despite the curly arrangement. You don't know how long the kiss lasts, but you eventually find yourself in need of air. She does too, for that matter. Eventually, both of you pull away, a thin strand of saliva connecting your lips before breaking apart a moment after. The rain's volume suddenly returns just as you're both left panting for breath, gazing amorously at one another.

Silence descends upon the room as the calm washes you over. Your heart rate slows just as your breathing becomes less erratic. Izzy takes a deep breath, letting it out in one dreamy sigh. She leans in to nuzzle your cheek, prompting you to gently wrap an arm around her shoulders. You can feel all the pent-up tension between you two ebbing away as you let the reality of the moment sink in: You love each other.

The both of you just lay there for a while, listening to the sound of falling rain. There are numberless questions, of that you are aware. Countless questions that both of you are dying to ask one another, you just don't know where to begin.

It's Izzy who finally breaks the momentary silence.

"... Wow." Her eyes are twinkling. "I mean, I kind of saw it coming, but I loved it all the same."

"I-I did too." You smile bashfully. "I never expected you'd feel the same way..."

She smiles mysteriously, tilting her head in wonder.
"How long have you had feelings for me?"

"About a few weeks. I only realized that I've fallen for you after we baked that chocolate cake together, remember that?" You laugh nervously as you recall the happy moment. "I got some icing on myself, but I couldn't reach it. So then you—"

"—reached up and licked it right off your cheek." She finishes, blushing profusely. "... Yeah, I remember that. Your face was so red back then..."

"So you knew?" You ask. "All this time?"

She smiles sadly.
"I had my suspicions, but I couldn't act on them unless I was completely sure. I was afraid I'd make the wrong move..."

You nod knowingly.
"... So what about you? How long have you...er, liked me?"

"Months. A few months after you arrived, after you moved in... That's when I fell for you. At first, I couldn't begin to understand why. We were two completely different species." Her eyes are suddenly watery. "And then I realized that it didn't matter to me at all that you were human. Because...because you already make me happy just the way you are."

The puzzle pieces begin to align in your head.
"So last night, all those nice things you said about me... Did you really mean all that?"

She giggles, nuzzling your cheek affectionately.

"...I don't say things I don't mean. I really do enjoy being with you. You're the sweetest boy I've ever met, and to tell the truth..." Her blush deepens. "... I don't wanna lose you."

"And you won't." You're touched by her statement, and you reach for her forehoof to let her know that you care. "I'll never leave you, Izzy Moonbow. Ever."

She gives you another peck on the lips, sending shivers coursing throughout your body. The gesture still feels foreign, even now. But it's one you enjoy nonetheless.

"Heh, heh...warn me the next time you try that again, okay?" You give her snout a gentle boop. "...If I'm being honest, a while ago was my first time, you know...um, kissing." You look away, slightly ashamed.

"Aww, hey, it's alright! Nothing to be ashamed of. A-And just so you know...that was my first time, too." Izzy's grin is contagious, and your spirits lift slightly. "Look, you and I, we're going to share a LOT of 'firsts' together. I can't wait. I want to figure things out with you, I want to learn more about you just as much as you've been learning about me..." She rambles on, counting off all the things she wanted for you two to experience. "... I-I want to do all kinds of things with you, but um...maybe we shouldn't talk about, er... those things right now..."

You chuckle appreciatively, giving her a loving squeeze. She hums in delight, her beautiful orchid eyes taking you in with fond admiration. You cup a hand to her cheek, just as you had done earlier. But this time is different, there's a more intimate feel to your touch, and the way Izzy presses into your hand as though starved of affection is enough to make your chest tighten in sheer delight.
"Don't worry, Izzy. We'll take this slow, I promise."

The mare nods, her hoof hovering above her heart.
"I'd like that. Just...let me know if I'm going too fast for you sometimes."

The rain outdoors is still a tempestuous racket, and with all the excitement of the evening, you aren't sure if sleep was still an option. Yet you can see Izzy showing signs of apparent drowsiness, no matter how much she tries to hide it. You smirk slightly at the endearing sight of the exhausted unicorn in your arms, who despite all odds was still struggling to remain conscious for your sake.

You lean in to whisper in her ear.
"You can rest now, Izzy. I'm here, go ahead and get some sleep."

She pouts.
"Noooooo, I want to stay awake with youuu..." You can tell she's being playful, but you have no time to oblige her drowsy plea for attention. It's really late.

"Izzy...you need rest. You've had a long day, we'll have more time to talk tomorrow, I promise. But for now, you need to sleep." You run a hand through the sea of her mane, hoping that the rhythmic motions would be enough to lull her to slumber.

Izzy seems to consider this for a moment, before looking up at you almost pitifully.
"...But you'll be awake."

Her concern is flattering, and you try your best not to smile.
"Don't worry about me, I'm used to this by now. I promise I won't stay awake for long."

She doesn't look convinced. Her horn glows once, and the next thing you know, you find your face planted firmly into the fluff of her chest. Izzy sighs, nuzzling your forehead. At the very least, her chest fluff is very soft. You can detect a faint scent of aloe, probably your favorite scent in the entire world. You wonder if Izzy had deliberately chosen to use that specific soap just for you, but you decide not to ask. Not because it would be weird, but because you too were feeling inexplicably drowsy as well...

You yawn. You briefly wonder what the time could be, but as you try to sit up to take a look at the analog clock by Izzy's doorway you are suddenly yanked back onto the bed. Izzy presses a hoof to your lips, whispering.

"Shhhh...Don't look at the time. Believe me, it'll only make falling asleep harder." The blanket rearranges itself around you two. "Just focus on my heartbeat, okay, love? Count the beats. You'll fall asleep in no time."

You do as she says. The side of your face is pressed into her downy chest, just as the soothing rhythm of Izzy's heartbeat reaches your ears.


You never make it to twenty. Izzy watches as your breathing slows, your shoulders relaxing... pretty soon she's drifting off herself, but not before whispering into your ear just before her eyelids close shut.

"Goodnight, my precious human... I love you."

. . .

Author's Note:

*chef's kiss*
I like how this turned out.
I'm back from my extended hiatus, and with me I bring a crapload of romantic cuddles! I have not left, my darlings, oh no....:raritywink:

I hope all of you are having a lovely day/night. And I certainly hope you enjoyed this little scenario, we all need to feel loved sometimes. Izzy wishes you all good luck for what the day brings!

Side note: I'm debating writing a sequel. We'll see where this goes.