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When a loved one wishes for something, you should not object it. Even if it's hard, tough or impossible. To respect a wish is to respect your love.Following that teaching, young father is traveling to hometown of his mare to raise his daughter there. Nothing seems different or out of ordinary... but, remember - This is a land of magic and many weird, exciting and good things can happen... which is fine, right?

*On hiatus untill I've decided where to take the story.*

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the doctor slightly approves...i shall wait and see were this goes.

Thanks! I'll try my best to keep improving my style and grammar. Any kind of advice, remark etc. is welcome!:ajsmug:

Just a quick inf: I've remodeled main character, but only his looks, so he won't appear threatening. His personality was NOT changed in process.

:applejackconfused: I'm so sorry, but who is Glory Wings? xD


She is my 3rd and last OC I created for this story.

You did a good job. :twilightsmile:
A fave and thumbs up.
Now the waiting game begins...


Thanks! ^^ Overall i have many ideas however studies take most of my free time so progress is slow : (

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