To Respect Her Wish

by Mavis

First published

To respect a wish is to respect your love.

When a loved one wishes for something, you should not object it. Even if it's hard, tough or impossible. To respect a wish is to respect your love.Following that teaching, young father is traveling to hometown of his mare to raise his daughter there. Nothing seems different or out of ordinary... but, remember - This is a land of magic and many weird, exciting and good things can happen... which is fine, right?

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I - Arrival.

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Chapter 1 -To respect her wish. (done cosmetic change in appearance and name in main OC, his personality however - does NOT change)

The wagon was steadily headed towards a village of Ponyville. The sun was just rising, blessing everything with its warmth. As the sun rose it was greeted with humming from stallion. He did not posses height of a grown earth pony, however, judging by his lack of horn and wings - he must have been one.

His coat, which glistened from sweat, was ocean blue with white socks on each leg. His white mane was long and wavy, trying to shake off sweat from it he flailed his head from left to right. He opened his right eye to bask in the glorious morning and his gray iris greeted the Sun. Upon his flank there was a mark, scattered scrolls and a book. After a short break to admire the landscape he adjusted his glasses and returned to travel along the road again.

"uhh... Dad?" came the voice from inside.

"Oh, Good morning sleepy head," responded stallion, smiling " Did you sleep well?"

Young filly jumped outside. Stretching herself, making satisfying crack sound from her legs to her wings. She had pure white coat, her light blue mane was long and loose. She brushed her mane so it won't look unkempt. She did not have cutie mark, like her father did. After finishing, she trotted to her parent's side. fixing the gaze of two golden yellow eyes onto village in the distance.

"Uh-huh! Only my neck kind of hurts... Are we near this Punyville?" asked young pegasus.

"Yes, we are just arriving there, my dear. And Vi, it's called Ponyville" responded stallion with a chuckle. His daughter smiled and trotted slightly faster towards their destination.

"Now, now. Please don't go ahead too far! ...Yet..." sighed parent "We are still before breakfast, so before you go ahead and explore... Let's go buy something from the market."

As soon as he finished his sentence, he noticed they stopped before a pink pony. Oddly , she had huge grin on her face and she looked as she was expecting something. Trying to greet her, colt opened his mouth, but was cut out by that stranger.

"HAI THERE! My name is Pinkie Pie!" Pinkie Pie bursted out, with a huge smile still present on her face. "I was just there sitting in park, and then suddenly Dashie comes and says 'Hey Pinkie! There's some new ponies coming to town.' and then I'm like *gasp*, and then *swoosh*, and
now..." Pinkie paused, after rapid portion of words coming out from her mouth.

Soon after, she reached for the alley, and pulls a contraption similar to a cart, but with trumpets, flags, and oven. She presses the button, and as soon as she does so, music starts playing.
Bouncing from side to side, doing some strange dance, she sings:

Welcome, welcome, welcome
A fine welcome to you!
Welcome, welcome, welcome
I say how do you do?
Welcome, welcome, welcome
I say hip, hip hurray!
Welcome, welcome, welcome
to Ponyville todaaa-aay!

Pinkie finishes singing with a slide, on her back legs, towards stallion and filly.
Noticing that stallion was about to say something she instantly cuts him off saying trough her teeth, while not breaking smile, "Wait for it!".

Not a second later streamers and confetti bursts trough the tubes and small 'ding' is followed with appearance of freshly baked cookies from the oven.

"COOKIES!? Aww... I almost got it this time!" Pinkie Pie returned her gaze to the newcomers, soon her disappointment was gone as she saw giggling filly, laughing hard on ground.

"Oh my..." stammered the colt "This is most certainly weirdest and also most cheerful welcoming I have ever had!"

"I am glad you've liked it!"

"Where are my manners! My name is Mavis. And this little angel is..." said Mavis, pointing his hoof at small filly.

"I'm Victoria!" small pegasus said happily, while bouncing around her dad.Victoria's gaze trailed off towards tray with cookies, scent was overwhelming, she could almost taste them. She finally let temptation win.

"Uh, dad... Can I have one cookie?" Victoria pleaded with her most adorable eyes.

Questioning look came to his face as he glanced at Pinkie Pie.

"Of course silly! They are for you after all!" giggled Pinkie.

Victoria made her way towards strange oven and grabbed one of the cookies with her mouth, smiled and said 'thank you'.

"Miss Pinkie Pie, if it's not a problem, I would be very grateful if you could point us to the market-"

"Of course I can! Just follow me! Oh, and call me Pinkie! Everypony calls me Pinkie!"

Strapping himself again to his wagon, Mavis fallowed his newly met acquaintance. On his way towards, what seemed like, East .Along his way, he was bombarded with series of questions from Pinkie.


"You've moved here all the way from Vanhoover?! Wow, that's a long way!"

"Yes, so it seems. But I've done so, just for her"

"Her? You mean your daughter?" Curiosity crept on Pinkie's face.

"No, I've moved here just because my wife wanted to raise our daughter in her hometown" Mavis responded to Pinkie's question, smiling while look at distance without focusing his gaze at anything. "And I did it to... Respect her wish."

"Huh? Your wife? that's weird... I thought I knew everypony in Ponyville... Not to mention they would've told me about their weddings..." thought Pinkie aloud

"I would be surprised if you knew her," said Mavis, while chuckling.

"Why?" Asked Pink pony, smiling "I am living in ponyville since..." bringing her best thinking face, Pinkie began to calculate only to be interrupted by her companion.
"Umm... Pinkie, I am 32 winter wrap up's old..." Mavis cut her train of thoughts.

After those words, Pinkie's mouth fell open. Then she looked down and studied colt before her from his hooves then slowly scanning him up.

"But you look so young! I would have guessed you were like... two wrap-ups older than me!" Pinkie giggled Cheerfully.

"I get that a lot," Mavis laughed at her remark "So this is Ponyville's market?" asked Mavis, surprised it was so lively.

Leaving wagon behind wasn't the easies decision for Mavis, but Pinkie convinced him, after some time, that nothing would happen to his belongings. As 'she knew everypony here, and trusted they wouldn't try to do anything funny!'.

In the middle of market, Pinkie suddenly gasped and excused herself with 'I need to go, there is so much to do! I'll see yah later!' and took off that fast, she left trail of dust behind her.

Mavis browsed large variety of goods, mostly vegetables and fruits. While Victoria stayed near their belongings, saying she will be like 'one of those royal guards!'.


After 20 minutes, Mavis returned to his wagon, to see his brave 'soldier' ditching her duty to watch birds that sat on branch, and sang playfully. He rested his saddlebags he took some apples out of it, and gave some of them to Victoria.

"You would've not believe me, but the mare that sold me this apples grows them here, in Ponyville!She also says their apples are best ones in whole Equestria, and I must say ..."Mavis reached for the apple and took a bite "She is absolutely right~!"

"Wow, they taste different than those from shops in our old place! Delicious!" Agreed his daughter, and continued "So, what after breakfast dad? Are we moving to new home now?"

"Well, I was lucky enough to meet the mayor of the town, while I was shopping, she told me she will send her assistant any minute to us, to complete whole moving in paperwork. I love this town already, everypony is so friendly!"

After few minutes, and apples. A pegasus mare landed near them, by her formal attire, glasses. She must have been working in office. After short greetings she pulled bunch of papers from her saddlebags.

"Well then mister... Mavis V. Arcane?" Major's assistant asked politely, receiving a nod in response. "I must ask you to sign: here, here, here, .... here and here" Instructed him. After signing, she packed her documents back to her saddlebags, instructed him to when he can pay rest of his mortgage, And took off to city hall.
Strapping himself back to wagon, Mavis took off to his new house. Victoria stayed near him, skipping happily to their new home. Nothing could surprise them ... right?

(A/N: Well then, here comes nothing. I wanted to tell this story to everypony out there for some time, it was random inspiration moment, but after some time i came to like this story myself. hopefully my writing skills will get better. this is my 1st fic I'm trying to write, and having English as my second language it kind of gets difficult with some words and describing. But hey, you live and you learn, or something like that.

And no, Mavis is NOT a single father, and he WILL NOT have an affair with mane six or any other ponies, as for his wife - Patience, soon all will be revealed.
there will be some giggles later, but for now I wanted to introduce his arrival to Ponyville. Some cliché beginning, I know - But I like it. Well then, ALLONS-Y with your opinions, everyone is a critic!: ) ).

II - First Encounter.

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Chapter II - First Encounter.

Arriving at his new home, Mavis noticed two ponies standing outside. One he recognized as Applejack, mare who sold him those delicious apples. Besides her stood red colt, clearly bigger than anypony Mavis encountered. Wondering why they would be near his house. Upon noticing Mavis' and his wagon, Applejack waved to him.

"Nice meeting you here, Miss Applejack." Mavis started conversation.

"Aw, shucks! Drop the 'miss' and call me Applejack! I'd like you to meet my brother, Big Mac. Also besides that, you probably wonder why Big Mac and I are here." spoke Applejack in her southern accent, introducing her brother. "When you've told me that you are moving into a house near our farm, I've thought 'Why not show some neighbor's kindness!' So, we came here to help you."

"Eeyup." Agreed Big Mac.

"I don't know... living on a farm, I think there is always some work to do there, I wouldn't like to take you out of your chores..."

"We will take none of that!"


Mavis thought for a second, It would be great opportunity to meet new neighbors.

"Okay, if you insist... Then it would be rude, if I were to refuse..."

Mavis properly introduced himself to new neighbors, but something was missing... After some time glancing around, Mavis deduced what it was. Victoria, his daughter, was missing. Applejack noticed something was wrong, but when she asked about it, Mavis excused himself and turned towards Ponyville. He took few steps towards town, stopped, cleared his throat and called as loud as he could: "Viiiiii-Ctooooo-Riaaaaa~! Please, come back here this minute!!"

Then he turned away, adjusted his glasses, and trotted towards siblings. They both had questioning looks at their faces and glanced at each other. Mavis rejoined them and apologized for that. After an awkward moment of silence in the distance you could hear some sort of whistling noise which was getting louder and louder with every second. That reminded Applejack of Rainbow Dash, when she was gaining speed, but this was hardly that loud.

"I must apologize, my daughter likes to wander off sometimes..." Mavis smiled sheepishly.

"Huh? You have daughter?" Questioning look again crept on Applejack's face. But before she got any answer, whistling noise volume signalized something was really near. And second later there was sound of impact, louder than a barrel full of apples hitting the ground with great speed.

"What in tarnation was that!?" Cried Applejack, startled how close that impact took place.
After few seconds, filly emerged from small crater and shook off some of the dirt from her coat.
Victoria looked around, and when she noticed her dad, she started skipping towards him.

"What is it, dad?" Victoria asked, like nothing have happened.

"Victoria, dear, what did I said about speeding and leaving craters in land?" rebuked Mavis while wearing stoic look on his face.

"That ... they are ... bad?"

"Aaand? ..."

"And I'm sorry..." Victoria hung her head in apology.

"Good! Now, please introduce yourself to our neighbors."

Victoria looked on two other ponies, patted her mane and checked her coat before continuing.

"Hey there! I'm Victoria ...And, uh... And I'm a Pegasus!" Victoria announced the obvious, but she didn't earn any reaction. Applejack and Big Macintosh watched her, with mouth wide open. Victoria flew upwards to their face level and waved hoof before them, again earning no reaction.

"Dad, I think I broke them..." worried tone was easy to pick in her voice.

"No, just give them a minute ..." Mavis calmly stated. "After shock, first: Rejection"

"This did not just happen!" Yelled Applejack, along her response came her brother's, "NNope!" .

"Second: Panic"

"Sweet Celestia! Filly, ARE YOU ALRIGHT!?" Applejack was now near filly, who sat now near her father. She was nervously checking her for anything: broken wings, scratches, etc., just to find none.
Scowl is slowly showing on her face as she tries to comprehend what have just happened and that Veronica is alright. Victoria looks at her dad, worrying look shows her concerns. Mavis puts his hoof on Applejack's shoulder and tries to calm her.

"And now, number three: Acceptance" Mavis patted Applejack's shoulder. As she started to calm down, Mavis broke the silence.

"Now, please breath. Oh if only I were given a bit every time this happens. She is fine, and I assure you she didn't do it for the first time. but I hope this was the LAST one." Mavis put emphasis on word 'Last' and looked at Victoria, she had goofy smile that said 'woops...' .

"By the stales of hay, that scared me to death!" Announced Applejack, adjusting her hat . And then continued, still clearly surprised and nervous "You most certainly raised yourself a little dare devil, Mr. Mavis!"Applejack ruffled Victoria's mane, earning a cute giggling from little pony.

"I am very sorry, she must have really scare both of you. I wish she could somewhat restrain her power sometimes... She took so many things after her mother..." Mavis smiled at Applejack.

After newly found medicine, a hoof to the side, Applejack awaken her brother, who were still in a shock. And then they started to help Mavis with his furniture.Applejack wanted to take her mind off from this event so she suggested to help with moving in.

"She is really strong, your daughter that is." Started Applejack.

"Yes, Indeed... She took many features from her mother." Mavis laughed silently.

"Beg your pardon, if it seems rude. Who is her mother?"

"You would've not believe me if I told you." chuckled Mavis at her curiosity.

"Well then, try me!" Taunted Applejack, smirking and rising an eyebrow.

"Okay then... "

Mavis explained Victoria's mother whereabouts and who she was.Every now and then, laughing at Applejack face expressions.


When wagon was finally unloaded, every furniture was in its place, AJ and Big Mac said their Goodbyes. Mavis offered some tea, but they refused politely and explained they had some chores to finish on farm. In evening, Mavis rested on his couch and soon he was joined by Victoria. She yawned and placed her head on her father's side. Slowly drifted to sleep while Mavis stroked her mane

Meanwhile, On apple's orchard.
Applejack just finished her daily chores. She was going to her home, along the way familiar voice called her.

"AJ! AJ!"

"What is it Rainbow?" Asked Applejack, stopping and turning towards her friend.

"Did you saw those new ponies that moved in? That little filly was AWESOME! ... Not as awesome like me of course, but still she went pretty fast all of the sudden!" Rainbow dash quickly added last part.

"Yeah, I saw them, and helped them move in. Mavis came here with his daughter, Victoria. They are nice folk, weird but really nice."

"He is a FATHER!?" Rainbow Dash nearly shouted. "I thought he was a brother or something..." Slight disappointment was noticeable in her voice.

"Hey Rainbow, do you know somepony ... A pegasus mare, named Glory Wings?" Asked Applejack

Rainbow Dash bolted to a nearby cloud and returned with magazine 'Ponythlete Montly'.

"Do I know her?! How can YOU NOT?!" Rainbow dash bolted trough magazine and paused at the page she was looking for. Then turned it to Applejack. Surprised at her friends sudden outburst Applejack read 'Glory Wings continues her streak. Champion of Sky Arena is victorious again in a battle against griffin Tearbeak. setting new record of 12 seconds victory. Glory Wings is still strong willed mare, even after her 10 year career as gladiator, she didn't turn down any opponent. Every fight, for those whole 10 years, was won!'

Applejack whistled and looked at Rainbow's face.

"Well horsefeathers, he was right. I can't belive it!"

A/N: Nooow I'll try adding some serious humor into the story.Also 'Dun,dun,duuuun!' THE wife is revealed! Leave your thoughts in comments, as always: every feedback i get is helpful. And also sorry for long delay and not big chapter. Got few things to do nowdays. :)