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Twilight and her friends were fighting for their lives, when they were facing the Legion of Doom led by Cozy Glow. Twilight’s friends tell her to break away and get help, but she refuses to leave them behind. Though they believe that she will come up with a plan to save the day, she heeds their advice and tearfully teleports to the Crystal Empire to find a counter plan and eventually returns to help her friends do their final power play on the evil Legion.

But, what if she wound up going somewhere else?

What if instead of teleporting to the Crystal Empire, Twilight’s horn had a mind of its own, and sent her to an alternate reality in which the villains they faced walk in the light, and her friends walk in the dark? How different would the final battle be? How would her friends react? And, would they still defeat the evil Legion together?

Follow this story as Twilight arrives in a world where the villains are the good guys, and the heroes are the bad guys! She won’t be saving the day alone, but instead will be aided by unlikely enemies who become friends and will face this threat together! Equestria Prime hangs in the balance of the reality space time continuum, and not everyone will walk away from this one!

An alternate ending to the penultimate season 9 two-parter, The Ending Of The End, the first ever milestone, and the tenth in my alternate ending series.

Click here to see who will aid Twilight in this tenth Alternate Ending fic here!

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Question; whatever happen to AU Discord?

He wasn’t good enough for the crossover. I did think about it, but that would be the easy way out for the battle. And besides, where would the fun be in the battle?

I thought they would say he's in Tartarus or back in stone

in This world Gorgar turn into "the Chaotic Creator"King Discord and come up with a plan to boost Cozy confidence :trollestia:

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