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In the wake of Princesses Celestia and Luna’s announcement for their planned retirement, Twilight and her friends were thrown in a tailspin! If that wasn’t bad enough, Grogar had united Cozy Glow, Sombra, Tirek, & Chrysalis together for his master plan!

However, Sombra had plans of his own as he broke off from the legion, and invaded the Crystal Empire! Upon hearing this, Twilight and her friends raced to action! Sombra put them under their worst fears, but they broke through his spell with the Elements of Harmony! He destroyed the Tree of Harmony, but they still prevailed! They beat him...twice, vanquishing him for good, as their most strongest weapon of all was their friendship!

But, what if something else happened?

What if Sombra’s spell was too strong for the even Mane Six to overcome? What if they failed? What if they joined his side, for him to reclaim all of Equestria? How different would it turn out? How would the royal sisters react? How would Discord react? Would it be up to someone else to save the day?

It probably would. The Mane Six would be doomed, but not if two certain planet-raising princesses and the lord of chaos have anything to say about it!

An alternate ending to the season 9 opener, The Beginning Of The End, and the ninth in my alternate ending series.

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Good work on this. At least Discord got some kind of punishment for pulling this stun.
Also I didn't expect The touch or inspiration from Fall f the Crystal Empire.

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