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I like writing stories but I'm also a kinky fetishistic loser, that's all you need to know really.


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I woulda guessed that Big Mac would've walked in the barn and caught AJ having a horse going ham on her. Good story.

I'm glad you liked it! Your guess isn't too bad, because I actually did consider doing something like that. For these stories however, I wanted to set them before the whole bestiality thing so that it would give me the option to explore other kinks in my writing, thanks for reading! :)

I'm gonna go out on a limb and toss out my predictions for the rest of the main 7, if I'm right, please don't spoil it. Rarity had missionary with moderate passion, as how she believes a proper lady is supposed to do. Pinkie probably had crazy sex with at least two people at the same time(probably more). Sci-Twi probably had a very close, personal and intimate first time or had crazy drunken shenanigans that may or may not have involved group sex and/or incest. Rainbow had a crazy fling with strap-ons, possibly with half of the bench of the Wondercolts. Of course I consider someone losing their virginity when they first have consensual sex, regardless if it was penetrative or not.

Why isn't big mac tagged? At least let the audience know the characters upfront. (And not just in the description)

Interesting predictions! Let's wait and see :)

Big Mac isn't tagged because there was no specific tag for the eqg version of him, so I left it out. I do try to tag all the characters, but I like it to be specific.

Another Applecest story to add to the book. Bravo. Bravo ineed.

I know Applecest is extremely overdone, but it just felt right. Glad you liked it!

Though what with her thinking about past relationships and the fact that Fluttershy was finishing off a blog post about virginity, it made Applejack start thinking about how she had actually lost her virginity. Her sexuality was fluid at best, she liked girls and she liked boys, but she also liked dogs and horses, she never really found that she had a particular preference, so her sexuality was never something she was able to pin down to any one label. She also hadn't had a whole tonne of partners, but her first sexual encounter was something she would always remember, in fact it would be hard to forget, not just because it was the first time she had ever been intimate with anyone else but also because of who it actually was.

Bi/Pansexual. And obviously a zoophile.

Correct! If Applejack had to pin down her sexuality for some reason, it would be most appropriate for her to describe herself as a bisexual zoophile.

She sobbed herself to sleep that night, her inner turmoil mentally beating herself up for engaging in such a taboo and illegal pastime just for her own gratification... illegal, "wait a second" Applejack thought, was it illegal?

I dunno AJ, do you live in Alabama? :duck:

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