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After the others attack them due to a misunderstanding and Shiro yells at them, Keith and Lance end up in Equestria to heal both physically and mentally. Along the way, their fellow paladins and the Mane 6 end up running into them, complicating things. Will things get better for the duo and will they open themselves up to past and new friends or will they, especially Keith, get lost in their own hurt and angry feelings?

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It appears my sister's almost cult-ish obsession with Voltron has found a way to infect my profile-

Ah well, might as well read it.

I’m confused about a lot of things.

"When we found you we noticed that you were an alicorn and those are very rare. So we did a DNA test and found out we are related distantly. You are my youngest sister's great great grandson."

So does that mean he is Luna's great great grandson?

Wonder where is Luna at the moment, is this before NMM got back from the moon?

"Don't lose hope. I'm sure we will find it soon," said Keith with a sad look on his face. "Hey I know we both said it was way to obvious and a little dumb but why don't we look to see if there is a Voltron dimension. Every dimension we looked at so far was named after a big event that happened there," said Keith.

Like what?

"So the biggest thing to happen in our dimension was Voltron so we should at least check to be sure," said Keith

Not understanding the logic.

They flipped the book to v section and looked and found that there were four Voltron dimensions. The first dimension looked so 80's and pidge was a guy, the second dimension looked CGI, the third one had what looked like the team from the first dimension but older and three kids were with them, and the last one was the one they were looking for. They were happy they found the right one but upset that it took so long and that the obvious answer was the correct one.


Keith walked out but instead of wearing a tux like Lance was, he was wearing a form fitting red and purple dress with gold accents and that sparkled like stars.


"Yes. My female name is Katherin or Kat for short. However, I think that maybe we can find more Equestrian names to have while we are here," Keith answered.

Didn’t pidge talk about that last chapter?

They just finished getting ready to go home after so long. Lance was wearing his jacket and shirt that was fixed up and Keith was wearing a red jacket and a black shirt. They had their saddles packed and and Keith just finished the spell to hide his wings just like he did last night.

Are they gonna have pants?

"How can the two of you be so stupid?! You put this whole team in danger! If you two are this in competent then you two should not be paladins anymore. You two will be easy to replace. Get out right now and never come back," Shiro yelled in anger.

Then replace me.

So the Royal Sisters had a 3rd sister?

I feel like Celestia needs to realize she is at fault too for NMM instead of acting like Luna alone is at fault there.(Due to Celestia not being there for Luna and not noticing her suffering in time)
Like I feel like she should be asking for Luna's forgiveness too and such..

Didn't like how Spike got excluded there like that..
Especially due to going to tell Cadance, Shining Armor and the guards is essentially pointless due to it has no effect at all on the crisis of Nightmare Moon there..

"Ugh. You have known me for like a year, what makes you think I've gotten more withdrawn?" responded Keith snarkilly.

"Yeah this coming from the relationship expert. Isn't your best student the mare that almost never interacts with anyone outside of you, her assistant, or her family on occasion?" Keith snarked back.

"Ugh, what was your plan? Close the library and have her attend a party? Chances are she would just bring a book, you know," Keith responded.

Ok, I could understand him talking like that to the other paladins, but a family member that did nothing wrong to you? I can’t accept that.

"Look," Lance started to say genuinely. "I know what Shiro said hurt you and I know that the other's silence also hurt you. It hurt me too. You don't have to take all of your walls down at once. But it would be good to at least try starting. This place seems as good of a place as any given how nice everypony is. Besides, even if that doesn't work, you're stuck with me, Samurai."

Hit him with the wisdom, lance.

"Well, we both have a shield as a cutie mark, with yours being red and black with a sword added on behind the shield and mine being red and blue with a bow and arrow added on behind the shield. On top of that, they each have six multicolored gemstones on them surrounded by a six pointed magenta star."

It might have something to do with protecting twilight with voltron.

They arrived in Ponyville and went to the library where Celestia's student was supposed to be staying.

How did they get there?

Meanwhile, in the Everfree Forest, Pidge, a deer, and Hunk, a yak, had gone out to look for and collect food to eat.

That is amazing.

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