• Published 11th Oct 2020
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A Very Special Question - eiggengrau

Discord must ask Fluttershy a very special question

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It was tea time at Fluttershy Cottage.

The weather was lovely and tea was set in a quiet corner of the yard. Fluttershy, Discord, and an entourage of animals gathered to enjoy the afternoon.

For a while, Discord had been fidgeting nervously.

Finally he spoke. “Flutters, i need to ask you a very special question.”

Fluttershy swallowed hard. What could have Dissy in such a serious mood? He was normally so light-hearted; to a fault.

“Y-you do?”

“Fluttershy, would you–”

“Yes! Yes! YES! I would like to save up to 15% on my auto insurance!”

Discord was momentarily nonplussed by her answer.

And then a smile formed on his face. What a perfectly chaotic response she had given him.

“Forsooth,” he fell back into the speech of a distant century when he was much younger, “thou'rt well suited to share my purely notional Throne of Chaos, sweet lady Shy.”

In a nearby shrubbery three voices made hasty, whispered, consultation.

“What’s an auto?”

“Why do you insure one?”

“What did we just miss?”

The CMC:TNG crowded around their periscope to see what would happen next. Marriage, schmarriage, they just hoped to watch Fluttercord kiss.

Discord presented a small velvet box; Fluttershy gasped with delight.

Inside, a delicate, shining, hoof-ring was set with a single flawless chaos gem; Fluttershy sighed as he placed it on her hoof.

Fluttershy held her hoof up to admire the sparkling jewel, and then rested it gently on Discord’s paw. “Were you really that nervous dear?”

“You could tell?”

“You ate your teacup.”

Discord looked down. He held a teacup handle in his scaled hand.

“I did, at that. So sorry, love!”

“Now sip your muffin like a good boy while we decide how to share the news with my friends.”

“Who may be admiring a new garden ornament very shortly,” he grumbled soto voce.

Discord poked the teacup handle into the side of a muffin and sipped loudly.

Angel stared with huge eyes as his adoptive mother’s fiancé drank the muffin.

“I think we’ll just have the girls over for drinks, if you don’t mind a low-key announcement.”

“I don’t mind Loki at all,” Discord teased “he’s always welcome.”

“Can you run to Paperwhite’s stationary and pick up some nice invitations?”

“Certainly my love. Do we need anything else from town?”

“Milk, carrots, and paprika, if you don’t mind.”

Angel thumped a warning.

“Sweet paprika, dear, not the hot stuff again.”

“Duly noted. Back in a jiffy, future Mrs. Discord P. Sullivan.”

Discord kissed his fiancé and teleported to the inside of the cottage. Stepping out the front door, he closed it carefully behind him and set off towards Ponyville whistling a jaunty tune.

“And condoms!” Fluttershy shouted after him, raising her voice as he grew further away, “we’re almost out of condoms! Don’t go paying extra for the ribbed ones, I can’t tell the dif-fer-ence!”

Author's Note:

I imagine this as taking place inside the context of a much larger, planned, pony related work.