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Rainbow's Realization

Captain Shining Armor POV:

As I entered the station, I headed for the elevators to head down to our forensics lab to see if our forensic specialist had any new information for me. I stepped into the elevator, and as it descended I started going over in my head what I knew already about the cases of Anon-a-miss and the accident of Sunset Shimmer. The elevator dinged as I stepped out of the elevator and walked into the lab, I knocked on the door to get the attention of our specialist.

“Shiny what can I do for you” she said looking up from her computer.

“You can give me any new details you have about the Shimmer case Nightmare” I said. Nightmare Moon was our forensic specialist, and she was the best at her job in a hundred miles. She was a black haired young woman, with tattoos and a few piercings.

“Of course, now come take a look at this” she said pointing to the computer screen.

“what exactly am I looking at Nightmare?” I asked as I looked at what appeared to be red paint flakes. “These just look like red paint flake” I voiced.

“not just any red paint” she started. “This is #FF0800, otherwise known as candy apple red” she finished with a triumphant smile on her face.

“So candy apple red paint? How is that going to help us Nightmare?” I asked.

“It helps us because Sunsets car is all matte orange meaning” she started.

“Meaning now we know what color the vehicle that ran her off the road is, what about the tires?” I asked.

“The tires were Toyo Open Country A/T2's and after doing a bit of research” she said before taking a drink of her energy drink before continuing. “Are only sold at one store, and after doing a bit of searching of the stores sales history, there is only one person who buys those tires” she finished.

“Are you going to tell me who?” I asked.

“Of course” she said hitting a button on her computer bringing up a photo. “Macintosh Apple, and doing some research on him and his DMV records he drives. Get this a candy apple red Chevrolet Cheyenne” she said.

“So now we know who ran her off the road good work Nightmare” I said as I started walking away to get a warrant.

“Wait that’s not all I have” she said excitedly.

I turned around and asked “what else do you have?”

Nightmare Moon typed a few keys on her computer and pulled up some new information. “The anon-a-miss page, I figured out who exactly is making the post’s” she said.

“Well don’t leave me in suspense Nightmare, who?” I asked.

“I triangulated the pages IP address to three separate phones, and Canterlot Highs computer lab, and with the times of the updates, and video footage, anon-a-miss is Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Apple Bloom, our hit and run diver. Macintosh's youngest sister ironically” she said. “With all of the evidence and data you can put in for an arrest warrant for them as well.”

I smiled “good, thanks Nightmare” I said as I walked back to the elevator to go up. As soon as I was at my floor I found the my partner and the officers that were tracking the anon-a-miss case. “Alright listen guys” I said to get their attention. “Nightmare has just given me the names of the ones responsible for Sunsets accident and for the creation of Anon-a-miss I’m going to get our arrest warrants and then I want the people responsible in jail by tonight” I finished as I headed to the chief of polices office to grab our warrants.

Scootaloo POV:

Everyone in school was in the gym because Principal Celestia called a mandatory assembly. As me Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom, walked up the bleachers to sit behind our sisters and their friends, I couldn't help but notice that Fluttershy wasn't present. "Hey Rainbow, where's Fluttershy?" I asked.

"I don't know" she said, "but this assembly will finally prove the rumors that Sunset is anon-a-miss more than likely."

As soon as everyone was in the gym and seated, principal Celestia stepped up to the podium. "Good afternoon students, your probably all wondering why your here." She started, "as you all know a mystable page has been circulating the secrets of most of the student body. And because of these secrets coming to light we have lost a member of the student body to suicide. There for we had no option but to notify the police of the instance" she said pointing to the officers on stage with her and Vice Principal Luna.

"Please welcome to the podium Captain Shining Armor of the Canterlot Police Department" she said as the aforementioned officer made his way to the podium.

"Generally I would say something to put you all in a good mood but because of the bullying. An inoccent life was lost, now I have heard many students whisper it and I can still hear it being whispering that the person responsible is Sunset Shimmer." He said looking out over the student body and I couldn't help but smile inwardly "however let me put this rumor to rest" he continued. "On Saturday night Sunset Shimmer was run off the road and places in critical condition. And as you all know Sunday at exactly 7:00 am anon-a-miss made a new post, however at that time Ms. Shimmer was in surgery to remove fluid buildup in her lungs."

Everyone in the bleachers gasped, and me, Sweetie and Apple Bloom all looked at each other in horror as Captain Armor continued. "As for who anon-a-miss really is, we managed to trace the IP address of the mystable page to three personal cellphones." He said as he noticed to one of the other officers "Officer Nightlite, would you please back trace the phones?" He asked as his partner nodded.

As soon as his partner pressed a button me, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom's phone's started ringing. Causing everyone to gasp and and Rainbow to stand up. "I call farce on this, you can't expect us to believe these blatant lies" she shouted.

"It is more than just back tracking their phones ma'am" Captain Armor started. "Because we also traced the pages us to the high schools computer lab and the specific times that the page updated. And thanks to video evidence we can say without a reason of a doubt that anon-a-miss is Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom. And they will comply and come up to the podium quietly or we can come to them to arrest them on manslaughter one charges" he finished.

I just looked at Sweetie and Apple Bloom and said "come on girl's" as I stood up. We walked up to the podium and surrendered ourselves to be arrested. However Captain Armor had one more thing to say.

"We at Canterlot Police also have figured out who ran Sunset off the road" he started. "Macintosh Apple, we have a probable cause to search your truck and farm, you can either do this peacefully or we can get a warrant to impound your truck. We will also get a warrant to search your farm on probable cause" he finished as everyone was either looking at us or at Apple Bloom's brother. "So what is it going to be Macintosh, prove your inoccent by letting us look at your truck or create suspicion umongst your peirs and make us get a warrant?" He asked.

"You can search my truck, that I will allow,but to search the farm your going to need a warrant" he said.

Captain Shining Armor smiled as he held up a piece of paper in his hand. "Then it's a good thing we already got one" he said as everyone started whispering and muttering umongst themselves. All anyone knew was that three young girls, two of which came from prominent family's that ran businesses framed someone else and caused a death. But also that the son of one of the same family's was a prime suspect in a hit and run and if anything went wrong with Sunset, vehicular manslaughter.