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The Meeting

Death POV:

Sunsets week suspension was almost up and she had been trying to amend things with her old friends, and doing a good job of it. I could tell a few still held resentment but that was to be expected, Principal's Celestia and Luna were coming over today to see how Sunset was adjusting. I think their also going to ask who I truly am, I'm surprised they didn't do it sooner *knock* *knock* "I got it" I heard sunset yell, I already knew it was Celestia and Luna, "Principal Celestia, Vice Principal Luna? What are you doing here?" I heard her ask them.

"Let them in Sunset" I said walking out of the kitchen and into the living room. "There here to see how the transit is going and to chat with me about a few things."

"Thanatos is right Sunset, may we come in?" Celestia asked.

"Of course" Sunset said as she let them in and led them to the living room. Once they were in the room they sat in the chairs on the opposite side of the couch where I was sitting. Once Sunset sat down a cushion away from me the principal's started their questions.

"So how have you been?" Luna asked.

"I've been good, and mostly busy trying to show my friends I have changed" Sunset started. "It's been easier than I thought but I'm getting their, especially with the help of my father."

"Yes that's another question, why hadn't we ever heard of him?" Celestia asked.

"I didn't he existed until the day he showed up, but he's had pictures of him with my mom when they were younger and he explained that they had hooked up before he graduated college" Sunset said.

"Yes we know, Thanatos Darkstar multi millionaire lawyer, hasn't lost a case in exactly, five years and also, who are really?" Luna asked.

"You just said who I was" I said, I knew what she meant but I wanted her to ask the full question.

"I mean are you an Equestrian from beyond the portal like Sunset here or are you a guardian we've never heard of?" Luna asked. She really wants to know I thought to myself as I answered.

"in order no and yes, no I'm not from beyond the portal but that doesn't mean I'm from this world, and yes you've never heard of me because I wasn't her guardian until the day I paid for the damages she caused." I said as I just looked at the perplexed principal's "I'll give you a hint as to who I am, you can stop a war, you can feed the hungry, and you can cure the sick but you can never stop what?" I asked as I saw Celestia puzzle it over in her head as Luna's eyes lit up.

"I knew it, you are the personification of death" Luna half shouted as I just let a small smile graze my lips as I clapped. I looked between Luna who was ecstatic that she was right and Celestia who couldn't believe who she was sitting across from.

"You mean to say that" Celestia started.

"I'm the fourth horseman of the apocalypse? Yes I am" I said interrupting her.

"Then why" Celestia started again.

"Would I want to take in a child and help her change and mature into a young woman who deserves friends?" I asked interrupting Celestia "it actually wasn't my idea, you see someone one my world attempted to kill me, I made them think they succeeded. Then my friend god told me that a world needed a little bit of balance and so did I" I chuckled at that part. "Raising a child was never a thought to me before now, but now that I'm doing it I wouldn't change that fact."

"Well now that we know Sunsets in very good hands" Luna said while getting up and nudging Celestia. "It is time for us to go, enjoy your day you two" she finished as she half dragged Celestia out the door.

"Well" I started.

"I think you broke Celestia" Sunset finished as we laughed for a couple minutes and went back to what it was we were doing.

Fluttershy POV:

I was standing in front of Sunsets house trying to gather the courage to go and knock on the door. I had waited until she was gone before I parked my car, I wanted to ask her father what Sunset likes. As I walked up the small walkway to the door I got shakier but I refused to lose my resolve, though it was quickly draining and it was gone by the time my hand was in the air in front of the door.

Before I could second guess myself I heard her father say "you don't have to knock you can come in Fluttershy." So I did what he said I gathered a small bastion of hope and entered her house, her father was sitting in the living room in one of the chairs next to a coffee table. "If you're looking for Sunset you just missed her" he said.

"I k-k-know I d-did" I stuttered out. He raised an eyebrow at me and I took a breath of air as I continued "I wanted to t-talk to you a-about Sunset" I said as I sat in the couch across from him.

"Oh no" he said. "She hasn't done anything wrong has she? And if she has why bring it up with me?" He asked.

"Oh no she hasn't done anything wrong it just" I said getting quite and I could feel my face heat up. I watched him as a small smile started forming.

"You like my daughter don't you?" He asked, I just nodded trying to gather the courage to ask him what I wanted to ask. "You want to know how to impress her, and why she likes, unfortunately" he started. "I know just about as much as you, I'm learning things about my daughter but not enough to help your crush, the only advice I can give you is to just ask her yourself" he said making it sound like it was easy.

"B-but I st-stutter a lot and I-I'm not very s-sociabale" I said looking dejected.

"Hey don't worry, just find what gives you strength and courage" he said.

"But"I started drawing a breath. " There isnt much that gives me courage, e-even thinking of animals doesn't help" I finished with less stuttering.

"What about music?" He asked.

"What a-about music?" I asked back.

He smiled as he said "certain music can help give you courage" he said as he got up and went over to his phone. He picked it up and said, "I have a song that might be able to give you a bit of courage" he said. "It might not be what you would generally listen to, but I want you to listen to the whole thing and tell me what you think."

I nodded and he pressed the play button on the song.

As the song played I listened to the lyrics and I started feeling better about myself, I started to tell my self all different kinds of things but mostly I told myself, even if you feel like you can't do it or the answer will be no, you'll never know unless you do it.

The song ended as Sunset walked through the door "hey Fluttershy" she said. "What are you doing her?"

"I was looking for you,your dad said that you went out but you'd be back shortly so we've been passing the time talking about music and animals" I said smiling, I looked back to her dad as he winked and got out of his chair.

"Remember what I said Fluttershy,now if you to will excuse me I need to head over to Carousel Boutique for a new suit." He said heading for the door "don't do anything I wouldn't" he snickered as he left me and Sunset alone.

"Sorry about that" Sunset said to me.

"Oh its no worry I actually had something I wanted to ask you Sunset" I said thinking about the song and it gave me the courage I needed as I said. "I was wondering if you'd want to go on a date with me tonight?"