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The aftermath

Author's Note:

Sorry for the long wait I lost my phone and it took me a while to get a new one but here's a new chapter hope your all not mad at me

Rainbow Dash POV:

'Crap, crap, crap, this can't be happening' I thought to myself as the assembly finally came to an end and we were allowed to leave. Anon-a-miss turned out to be the crusader's, and the police are going to be arresting Mac. "How did this happen" I say mostly to myself as I walk out of the school. "Because the entire school decided to make a martyr based on speculation and the past, instead of actually searching for the truth." I heard someone say behind me, so I decided to give them a piece of my mind.

"Ya well, Sunset messed up I wonder how she got the crusader's to take the rap for her, after me and Mac ran that lying b***h off the road." I hadn't meant to say that part out load but I was furious, I knew Sunset was guilty beyond a doubt.

"So you're responsible for the love of my life being in a coma" I heard a familiar voice say. I whirled around to see a very angry and venom filled stare, and every single thought in my head stopped, every train derailed and every station shut down. I just stared at Fluttershy and I look that was turning me as close to stone as it could as she walked up to me, I felt like the world was crumbling around me, my knees started shaking and I was sweating.

"So Rainbow" she whisper spoke in an icy tone. "Our friendship is over, if you ever come near me or Sunset again or if Sunset doesn't fully recover. The police will be the least of your issues." She finished as she walked around me, I watched as she opened the door to her beetle and pealed away from the school.

Captain Shining Armor POV:

Once we had everyone in custody and at the police station for interrogation I decided to make sure Nightmare had left her lab and not slept here again. It wasn't good for her to do that, so as I got into the elevator, and tried thinking about how to broach the subject of her sleeping here. But as I started coming up with an idea the doors to the elevator opened,and standing in front of me was just the person I was looking for.

"Hey Nightmare, headed home?" I asked, mostly because it was the first thing that came to mind.

"Actually, I was on my way to look for you" she said.

"Really? Why's that?" I asked, mostly because she knew I was happily in a relationship, everyone in the precinct did.

"I can't get Sunset out of my head, I figured she'd need another female friend, considering only one of her friends still likes her. And besides that is her father" she said looking dejected.

"I'm sure her father and her friend would be glad to have someone else their that cares" I said smiling at her, as I motioned for her to get into the elevator. "Let's go see Ms. Shimmer."

Thantos POV:

It had been almost three days since the last update from Captain Armor and I was tired of sitting, and standing. I decided to let Sunset rest and get some fresh air I knew Princess Twilight was still sleeping next to Sunset. Once I was outside the hospital I saw something truly shocking, parked right next to the pale horse were three horses I never thought I'd see on this world. The first was a cherry red 1965 mustang fastback, the second was a black 2007 Cadillac Escalade, and the third and last was a green 1972 AMC hornet wagon. As I walked closer I could only think to myself 'why the hell are these three here' and after that went through my head the doors to the cars opened.

Out of the Mustang came War, out of the Hornet Pestilence, and out of the Escalade with help from what I could only guess where demons was Famine. I stopped walking and just looked at them, as they looked at me, I decided to break the ice by asking the same thing I thought. "Why are you three here?"

"God told us we had a niece" War started.

"That and their was a power shift when you left the world and a 'new death' took over" Pestilence finished.

"I knew God would try to fix the world once I came here, but a new death?" I questioned. "Also" I started looking at War, "why would God tell you he wanted me to be a father and that I accepted the role?"

"Because brother....wether we like it or not we're family" Famine started as he coughed a little. "That...and he also had something we four needed to do together...once the time comes." He finished.

"Alright" I said looking at the three of them. "But no using your powers unless to defend yourself or unless I say it's ok to do so got it" I finished looking mostly at War.

"We get it brother" War started. "Now can we go meet our niece" he finished and as he did I saw a black beetle pull up and park on the other side of the pale horse.

"Of course" I said as Fluttershy got out of her car. "I can also introduce you three to her girlfriend" as I pointed towards Fluttershy. "Fluttershy I would like you to meet my brothers" I said motioning them to introduce themselves before I gave them names.

"It's a pleasure to meet my nieces girlfriend, I am Krieg" War said bowing a little.

"As my brother said...it is a pleasure…my name is Nälänhätä" Famine said as he nodded.

"And I am Dr. Zaraza, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance" Pestilence said.

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you as well, I'm Fluttershy" she said to my brothers as she turned to me with an icy glare. One that I knew the other three could feel just by the way she was standing "the police made an arrest" she started as we walked back towards the hospital, her tone getting dark as I let a small smile form and I raised my cane slightly.

"Oh, do tell" Krieg said.

"The true Anon-a-miss was Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, and the person who ran her of the road was Apple Blooms older brother Big Macintosh" Fluttershy said angrily.

"Really so the Apples are the main cause for Sunsets condition?" Zaraza asked.

"Their names after...a fruit, do...they own a farm child?" Nälänhätä asked giving me his patented, can we get revenge look and I just shook my head.

"Yes they do, but that's not the worst part" she started as we walked into Sunsets room.

"What's the worst part?" Twilight Sparkle asked. "And who are you three?" She asked motioning to my brothers.

"Oh their Thantos's brothers, this is Krieg, Nälänhätä, and Dr. Zaraza."she said pointing to each one as she continued "the worst part is Macintosh had an accomplice."

"Who" we heard from behind us. When we turned around standing in the door way was Captain Armor and a very beautiful gothic woman.

"Captain Armor if you came to tell me arrests were made, Fluttershy has already filled us in, and who is your girlfriend?" I asked him.

"Oh I'm not his girlfriend, and my name is Nightmare Moon, and I came to give Sunset another female friend" Nightmare said and I watched Twilight flinch when she said her name. 'I'll have to ask Twilight about that later' I thought to myself.

"Of course Ms. Moon Sunset could use all the friends she can get" I said motioning for her to enter the room and sit with Twilight. "Now Fluttershy who was the accomplice?" I asked.

"It was our own ex friend, Rainbow Dash" she said spitting her name like it left a horrible taste in her mouth. Me, War, Famine, Pestilence and Shining all just looked at one another.