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Healing begins

Twilight Sparkle POV:

I had faced the evils of my own world with my friends. We faced down Nightmare Moon, Discord, and Sombra, I had come to this world and defeated Sunset Shimmer. And I had never been as terrified as I was riding in Fluttershys car back to the hospital, I had just eaten with literal Death and War. I had sat next to Nightmare Moon and found out she changed when she came to this world and she wanted to help instead of hurt, I had been in the same room as four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

As we drove down the road I kept glancing to look at Fluttershy, she was just as beautiful here as she was in my world. She was more confident and open about her love and who she was with.

"You like me from your world, don't you Twilight?" She asked me taking me off guard.

"How'd you?" I started.

"Because you haven't stopped sneaking looks at me since we left the restaurant. And don't worry, Thanatos and his brothers won't do anything to you." she said, making me more nervous.

"How can you deal with the knowledge that you're dating someone who is in the care of literal Death?" I asked her because I needed to know how she dealt with it.

"Easy, they both treat me like an adult and not some shy push over, Thanatos is the one who got me to be courageous and he taught me to find my courage." She said smiling as she bobbed her head to the song.

I just let myself think as we drove down the road, Nälänhätä, and Zaraza were in front of us at a red light before the hospital. Thanatos and Krieg were behind us, 'Come on Twilight Sparkle' I thought to myself. 'Just ask this world's Fluttershy, how to ask out your world's Fluttershy' I took an uneasy breath and let it out. "Fluttershy?" I asked.

"Yes Twilight?" She said.

"How would I go about asking you from my Equestria on a date?" I asked, with my eyes down cast.

"Just be yourself, be kind, and most of all" she said smiling, "have courage."

Thanatos POV:

As I followed, Nälänhätä, Zaraza, Krieg and Fluttershy into the parking lot of the hospital my mind was racing. I was hoping for the best case scenario, because in the short time I had cared for Sunset I had grown attached to her, and I loved her like she truly was my daughter. As we all parked our cars Fluttershy and Twilight were the first to get out, followed by me, Krieg, Zaraza and finally Nälänhätä but no one could blame him because of his wheelchair. I was the first to start walking towards the hospital and Fluttershy was close on my heel, as we entered the hospital Nightmare was waiting for us.

"Good you guys are back" she said, seeming happy, as we got into the elevator. "The doctor said taking the breathing tube out was the easy part, the rest is up to Sunset" she down cast her eyes at that. "They say she could wake up at any point in time, but they've also said she might never wake up" she finished sniffling.

As we stepped out of the elevator, I put my arm around Nightmare to comfort her a little making sure my power didn't affect her. She just met Sunset and she already care's more than the girls she called friends. I rubbed her back as we walked towards Sunsets room, I was still trying to keep a positive mindset, but I also didn't want to tell Nightmare who me and my brothers were. We didn't need the world knowing Pestilence, Famine, War and Death were walking around and that 'the end is nigh' I thought to myself.

As we walked through the door, I could feel that a presence stronger than mine had been here. I didn't feel my fail safe activate, which means God only talked to Sunset, but about what I hadn't the foggiest clue.

Sunset POV:

I watched as Thanatos, the man I called my father entered my room, but he was more people than just Fluttershy. Walking in with him was a blue haired woman wearing a black dress, behind him was Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle. But after them came three men I didn't know, all three were wearing suits, one was in a wheelchair, one wore a green tie and the third didn't wear a tie, but had a few of his buttons opened. I watched as the three strange men gathered around Thanatos and started talking with one another, Twilight sat with the strange woman by the window, and Fluttershy sat next to my bed and just looked at me with sad eyes, as she picked up my hand and kissed it.

I moved to where Twilight and the strange woman were so I could figure out who she was. I didn't want to eavesdrop, but I figured while I was still incorporeal it would be the best time to do it.

"I know you don't trust me Twilight and I don't blame you" the strange woman said to Twilight.

"It's not that Nightmare, it's just" Twilight took a breath. "I want you to come back with me, to try and smooth things over and make friends instead of" she started before Nightmare cut her off.

"Instead of what? You only want me to go back so you can keep an eye on me, if I'm here you can't do that. And even if I truly wanted to…I don't think I want to" she said looking at my father nervously. Twilight followed her line of sight and looked at him as well and looked back at Nightmare.

"You do know who is? Don't you?" Twilight asked the perplexed woman.

"All I know is his name is Thanatos Darkstar, he's a lawyer and he's the father of a misunderstood young woman" Nightmare said.

I decided I had heard enough of their conversation and went over to see what my father and the strange men were talking about. As I got closer to them, I noticed the three strange men had rings almost like my father's but instead of a pale stone, the one in the wheelchair had a black stone, the one with the opened button shirt had a red stone, and the one with the green tie had a green stone.

"Brother" the one in the wheelchair started. "The Apple's...will learn their lesson on humility and being truthful by harvest" he finished. My eyes grew big because he had just called the man I call my father, his brother. It hit me then who the strange men were, the one in the wheelchair was Famine, the one with the green was Pestilence and the one with the messy suit was War. But what did Famine mean by teaching my friends family about humility and truth? I asked myself.

"That's good Nälänhäta, it won't cause too much trouble will it?" Thanatos asked Famine.

"Of course not" Famine said raggedly.

"Alright, Zaraza what about you?" He asked, looking at Pestilence.

"I stopped at the boutique you told us about on the way out and decided to stop in," he started. "I left quite the surprise for any that wants a suit or dress" he said smiling "I also left quite the threat for the diva Ms. Belle, I told her, her piss ant store would never see high end business again with one bad word from a Darkstar" he finished, almost laughing.

"Very good," my father said, smiling as well. "Hopefully it's not that bad of a disease that'll spread."

"No, mostly just a horrible case of hives," Pestilence said.

I didn't even want to fathom what war had done, or was doing. As I walked to my body I heard Fluttershy talking to me so decided to listen to her before I came back to the waking world.

"Don't worry Sunset" Fluttershy started. "If anyone attempts to drag your name through the dirt while your still recovering and I hear about it" Fluttershy took on an angry look "they'll answer to me, your Uncle Krieg, you could say is going to teach me how to defend myself and you, using more than just words if I have to" she said smiling. "I love you Sunset, and nothing will change that I will protect you and help you, just as you've helped me" she finished with tears in her eyes and I decided it was time. I climbed into the bed and as I lay into my body I couldn't help but be a little worried about everything I had heard.

Fluttershy POV:

As I sat in my normal place in Sunsets hospital room, I continued to talk to her as I brushed her hair out of her face. I watched as she smiled at my touch and my eyes grew wide as tears started forming "that's it Sunset please come back to me" I whispered to her as I brought her hand up, I squeezed just a little bit as I kissed the back of it. In that moment I felt the slightest bit of pressure back, as I watched her eyes slowly flutter, but stay closed I turned to Thanatos.

As I did he looked at me and he ran straight to the other side of her bed. When he ran Twilight and nightmare jumped up and he's brothers turned to watch Sunset as well. "Come on Sunset, you can wake up whenever you're ready" Thanatos started, "we all miss you" he finished as we all watched as Sunset opened her eyes.