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Who is Thanatos Darkstar?

Principal Celestia POV:

Me and Luna had been doing research on Sunsets 'father', me and Luna used that word sparingly for two days. Apparently he was a multi millionaire lawyer, who took any case he could when he was fresh out of law school. So he wasn't lying about traveling a lot, he was also not lying about possibly being Sunsets father the timeline matched up to a T. The only issue was, we knew Sunset was from the Equestria from the portal not this one, which threw us one of the biggest questions we had.

"Who is Thanatos Darkstar really?" Luna finally said out loud.

"I don't know sister, what we do know is everything he has said lines up and is truthful, the only thing I don't get is he an old Equestrian who came through the portal years ago, and was tasked with watching Sunset Shimmer. Or is he her real legal guardian who took her in when she came out of the portal and we never heard of him?" I asked.

Rainbow Dash POV:

It had been five days since Princess Twilight helped us defeat Sunset Shimmer, and she said we needed to make friends to help her readjust. I didn't really care about Sunset I mean yes she did bad things, but she's been trying to be better, helping Applejack at her farm, Pinkie, at Sugarcube Corner, Rarity at her parents botique, and Fluttershy at the animal shelter, today she was coming over to help me train. The only thing I couldn't get out of my head was the guy who claimed to be her father, and the girls were kind of with me, I mean he shows up out of no where to pay for the damages.

That was good, but why had I or any of the other girls heard of him, not to mention his car, I was one of the few who wanted to take it out on her the first day of her suspension, by way of her father's car. But me and a few others who got close to it, *shiver* it just gave us the creeps, like it was alive and waiting for one of us to make a mistake, when he dropped of Sunset at both Applejack's farm and the animal shelter the animals stopped making noise, the horses and other animals outside just watched that pale Cadillac drive in and stop. I've asked the girls about it but they just say it's probably cause the car is old or something. Anyway that's all for now I'll write later.

Fluttershy POV:

I couldn't get Sunset out of my head, she was really trying to make a change and I was both proud and envious. Envious that she could change and that she could be strong in the face of hate and fear, I guess that's one of the few reasons my crush for her has gotten stronger. I always had a crush but she was always so mean and know that she's trying to be better I kind of want to tell her, but I don't want to lose our new friendship. "Oh angel bunny what should I do" I said to my pet rabbit, he just wiggled his little nose and hoped away to get his food.

"Ughh" I groan to myself, maybe I'll ask her father?" I ask to myself "maybe he could give me some advice about what Sunset likes."

Luna POV:

"Sister" I exclaim, "I think I have found the link we've been looking for though it may be nothing."

"Well what is it Luna?" Celestia asks me.

"It's her in this book" I said pointing to a page on a greek mythology book.
"Does he look familiar?"

"That looks almost exactly like Thanatos, what is this?" Celestia asked me.

"That is a depiction of Thanatos, also known as Death, the only horseman to be named" I said.

"You mean horseman as in the apocalypse, Luna all this proves is that his parents were obsessed with Greek mythology" Celestia said trying to rationalize it.

"Think about it sister, he came out of no where practically, saying he was Sunsets father, he drove a pale Cadillac Coupe DeVille, there are many urban legends tying the car to deaths of people" I said.

"Urban legends are generally wrong sister, all this is, is speculation and an attempt to answer a question we can't answer by ourselves" Celestia said.

"Fine, we'll talk to Thanatos, and figure out the truth about who he is and why he's taking care of Sunset" I said.