Deaths New Life

by Vartil-Shadowalker

First published

Death died impossible right? But not for The Winchesters

Death died and in doing so he found himself in another more colorful world. A world that has magic leaking into it, a world where Death can finally find peace.... Or can he

Cross over between my little pony Equestria girls and Supernatural might add more later
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EDIT: Because of the new chapter Siren Song I felt it best to move the story to teen if this discourages you from reading I am truly sorry that chapter was how I felt I wanted the story to go...besides you can't have story starring Death know. So again I apologise to my readers

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Death died

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I had been around since the beginning, since God himself created the world there needed to be balance. Life couldn't go unchecked, the lives of the creatures on earth would kill the ecosystem then die slowly. Sure they'd still die but it would be worse, so I decided to start giving life spans and helping predators feed. God understood my stand on why he always did but when he created humans I could see where they would go.

Then Samael lead a rebellion against god, said that the humans should have free will, I already had that and I thought perhaps they should. He lost the rebellion and was rechristened Lucifer, me and my brothers were never really welcome in heaven or hell but once it was found out that one day we would cleanse God's mess we never went back. We stayed in purgatory and sometimes traveled to hell.

That was my worst mistake because somehow Lucifer put a collar around my neck and I had to do his bidding my brothers didn't care they wanted to see the plague that was humanity die so that them and the angels could have it. I was the oldest I didn't care everything my brothers did always lead to me always came back to me. War brings me, Famine, brings me, and Pestilence brings me. I'm always the cleaner always the one to end the suffering bring the balance. When I was finally free to walk the mortal plan I made sure to bring Dean to me.

He could be reasonable so I told him the truth that I was old and that I would eventually reap God himself. Though I guess now I won't, that asshole kills me after I've told him he had to kill his brother. Though I should have seen it coming now I'm just aimlessly floating in the cosmos contemplating whether or not to tell him death can't be killed then then take his cursed soul to hell.

I've been floating for what feels like centuries when I finally realize there are doors around me, strange I guess I somehow found God's doors to the other realitys. "Strange I thought he was going to destroy these" I say to myself.

" I was going to but I figured you'd want a second chance you were on a leash and what you really wanted was balance" I hear from behind me.

" Well this is interesting god" I say to the man himself." Why would you give me sich a thing, what's in it for you?" I question him.

" Absolutely nothing" god answers. "You are my oldest friend you were there before my sister and your brothers, before I created the angels and humans. There is a world that links to it alternate self" he says.

" You mean to say that the magical world of Equestria you created somehow linked to the non magical Equestria"I tsk at him. "You should have thought that through."

"Technically I did and didn't" he said. " The ponies that were sent through were either being punished or ran away and the won that ran away needs a father so I figured"

" You figured I'd be right for the job." I interrupt him " me, death, the first reaper who's as old as you? Why?" I question him.

" Because" he says smiling that knowing smile. " You could use a little balance yourself"

"If you haven't realized my all knowing friend" I said waving about myself." But I do not look young, my vessel is an old man I doubt I could raise a child let alone a magical pony child in the human world and have a relationship."

*Snap* " well now you can." He says after snapping his fingers and bringing forth a full body mirror. My vessel looked like he was in his prime at least 30ish.

"So which door and how will I know who it is I'm looking for" I say.

"Just look for the girl with fiery hair at the school with a horse statue out front the school is called Canterlot high." He said " say you wish to pay for the damages done to the school because you are her father she is homeless and you can offer her help for absolutely nothing in return. She might not believe you but you'll have to see. The door your looking for is right in front of you."and with that god disappeared and where he was, was a door. With a very colorful human on it, 'well' I thought to myself 'here goes nothing' as I stepped through the door.

The world was black for a few seconds until the light all of a sudden came back and I was standing in a very beautifully designed living room. "Well" I said out loud "let's see what we'll be driving shall we" I smirked because I already had a sneaky suspicion it was pale. As I walked into the garage I just stared with my jaw almost on the floor. There right in front of me was the same care I drove into Chicago, a pale 1959 Cadillac Coupe DeVille.

It even had the same license plate only instead of California it was Canterlot but it still said BUH*BYE. I laughed "something's never change" I said smiling as I got in the driver's seat and headed off towards the center of the town to see if I could find the high school. As I drove down the street I got more than my fair share of looks, mostly at my car, humans really appreciate a beautiful car.

As I was driving I finally noticed a school with a horse statue out front must be the place I thought. And as I pulled in a song started playing on the radio and I just couldn't help but smile as I parked the car and got out.

The song played it's very eerie and beautiful tone as I walked up the steps to a destroyed front door I could see a few teens and teachers just staring at me. I figured it would be better to break the tension myself so I asked not to anyone in particular "who do I talk to of paying for the damages my child has done to the school?"

At that I got a lot of glares and hateful looks, looks like who ever the child I have to take in isn't very liked one student spoke up and said "you can pay either Principal Celestia, or Vice Principal Luna then tell your daughter to rot in hell"

" And where might I find either of those two teachers, my young egotistical friend" her cyan dance scrunched up obviously hating the fact I called her egotistical.

" You can find them in the office" she answered."Down that hall to your left first door on the right."

A new path

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Sunset POV:

As I sat in the office across from Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna,I waited to be told how much it would cost to repair the school. They decided not to press charges and to keep my name out of the papers, mostly for the sake of the other Equestria,but they had told me I would have to pay for the repairs.

"Well Mrs Shimmer" Vice Principal Luna started.

"We figured out the cost and it will be exactly" Principal Celestia was about to finish until there was a knock on their door. "Come in" Celestia said, the door opened and in walked a man who appeared to be in his mid thirties, he was dressed in a black three piece suit, with a steel tipped cane. "Who are you and how can we help you?" Vice Principal Luna asked the strange man.

"My name is Thanatos Darkstar, and I am this child's father" Thanatos said. I couldn't believe it, I didn't even know this guy but the way he was looking at me, he knew me. 'If he can help me I'll ask him why he said he was my father later' I thought to myself.

"Well Mr Darkstar" Principal Celestia said. " I am Principal Celestia Faust and this is my sister Vice Principal Luna, Sunset has never talked about you and both me and my sister are curious as to why you would show up now?"

" Well that's an easy answer Mrs. Faust" Thanatos said. "Me and Sunsets mother have had no contact for sixteen years, me and her had a one night stand when I was back in college before I started traveling the world. I never even knew I had a daughter until I was back in this country a few years ago. And even then it took a while to track her down" he said, he was obviously going for the sympathy card with the principal's. "I was only just now able to find my daughter, and I figured I would try and see if she wished for me to help her in this situation so I could attempt to atone for my sins of the past for not being there for her but if all she wishes is for my help with this and to never see me again than I will accept her decision" he finished.

"Well we were just about to tell Sunset how much it would cost to repair the school" Vice Principal Luna started as she looked at me. "Would you like to have us tell you with your father here or would you rather handle it on your own?" She asked me.

"I'd rather my father be here, I want to know if he's genuine after I've been told the price" I said.

"Very well" Principal Celestia said. "It will cost exactly" she hummed to herself as she looked over a piece of paper in front of her. "Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars" she finished. I paled instantly, while Thanatos just seemed to snicker.

"And do you want that in cash or by check?" He said as he looked at both Celestia and Luna with a small smile on his face.

"Cash" Vice Principal Luna said, almost daring him to pull the money out of thin air.

"Alright" he said. "Just give me a few minutes to go to my car and get my duffle bag of money I carry around with me" he said almost joking, but I could tell he was serious.

Death POV:

'That was easier than I thought' I thought to my self as I turned around to head back to the pale horse to get the money. I wasn't lying to them when I said there was money in my car I just didn't know how much, and I couldn't obviously use my powers without anyone getting suspicious. So as I walked out of the office of Celestia and Luna, I could hear them stumbling over their words, so I figured I'd better hurry.

As I walked back out the destroyed entrance of the school and down the steps, to my car, I started thinking. 'Sunset knew I was lying, yet she let me go one, maybe she thinks I'm some kind of ambassador from the other Equestria?' As I pulled out my key to open the trunk of the car, I couldn't help to think I was being watched so I just continued to grab the duffle bag I had noticed and opened it a slight bit, to see there was probably more than enough to pay for the damages.

I pulled the duffle bag out all the way and closed the trunk, and made my way back into the school, knowing that anyone that brought ill will to the pale horse would die before the thought even entered their head. As I walked back into the office of the Principal's I walked up to their desk and set the bag of money on their desk and said. "That should be more than enough for the damages, now if you'll excuse us I wish to try and connect with my daughter."

Principal Celestia opened the bag and her eyes almost bugged out of her head, as Luna said. "You and Sunset are free to go, she is also suspended for one week so that should give you enough time to try and get to know her and for her to decide if you stay in her life or not."

"Thank you Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna, Sunset will be back in school in precisely one week." I said as I turned to look at Sunset, " now my daughter would you like to get something to eat while we talk of why I missed much of your life?"

"Why not" Sunset said. "Besides I have a lot of questions."

The Reason

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Sunset POV:

I got a few glances from students and teachers as I followed Thanatos out of the school,I didn't mind I understood why. As we walked down the steps to the parking lot, there was a small group of students surrounding one car, a pale Cadillac, just staring like it was possessed. As we got closer I realized why, it was Thanatos's car so I asked him "why are they just staring at your car?"

He seemed to chuckle as he answered "they're debating on if it's worth their life" he answered.

As soon as the small group saw us they moved out of our way and we got into his car. "So do you have a specific place you want to go eat and talk at?" He asked.

"We can go to Sugarcube Corner, it's not all that far from here" I said.

"Sounds good" he said as he turned the key and his car purred to life. He pulled out of the parking space and as we pulled into the road he just let the radio play.

The song played as we drove down the road, as I gave him the directions to Sugarcube Corner. The song finished playing as we pulled into a parking spot by the door, he shut of the car and got out saying "now I will answer any and all questions you have for me I will not lie but if I feel the need I will not tell you certain things."

"Sounds good to me,and I'll do the same for you" I said as I closed my door and followed him into Sugarcube Corner. We picked a window seat as a waitress came over to get our orders.

"Welcome to Sugarcube Corner, what can I get for you two?" She asked.

"I'll have a slice of chocolate cake, a strawberry milkshake" I said.

"And I'll have a cheeseburger, fried pickle chips, french fries, a slice of pie, and a chocolate shake" Thanatos said.

"Alright I'll be back with your order" the waitress said. "What was that?" I asked, I had never seen on person or pony order so much food.

"I wanted to see if the pie on this world was any good" he said.

"Wait? This world?" I asked perplexed.

"Yes" he answered "just like how you are not from this world."

"Who are you and why did you help me?" I asked, I really wanted to know so I figured I'd get the big question out of the way.

He smiled as he said "my oldest friend said that there was a problem in one of the world's he created. He said that I could help a child with fiery hair" he looked at me when he said that. Before he got a chance to continue our food arrived, he said thanks to the waitress and started eating.

"What do you mean your oldest friends world that he created, you mean like Faust?" I asked.

"No" he answered "I mean god."

I just looked at him with an eyebrow raised as I said. "You can't expect me to believe that God exists and that your friends with him. I mean I come from a world of magical talking ponies so."

"So your 'god'" he made finger quotes when he said god. "Would be an alicorn named Faust, yes I know."

"How do you know that?" I asked.

"Easy" he said like it was all supposed to make sense. "You have seen magic both in your original world and now in this world, this world never had magic before somehow, the mirror you came through was created. Now a magical world and non magical world are connected." He took a small break as he took a drink of his milkshake "this world was never designed for magic and it will get worse for everyone before it gets better."

"So what does this have to do with me?" I asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" He asked "you are the one who introduced magic into this world, you must fix what you have done, all I'm saying is I can help you by giving you better family life."

"I know your not my father and I know I have to make friends" I said. "But that still doesn't explain why your here on this world and not in heaven" I said sarcastically.

"Because I'm not an angel" he said. "I am one of the four Horsemen, I was chained by Lucifer and a dick by the name of Dean. Stabbed me, now I can't die, for reasons your putting together in your head" he said as he looked at me. "I always brought balance, as soon as I was stabbed the leash around me was broken and I decided to float until I found God's doors to his other universes. That's when he told me about you and he said his reasoning was 'because I needed some balance myself'" he chuckled at that last part like this was some joke.

"So your one of the four that are supposed to bring the apocalypse?" I asked, he just nodded. "You can't technically die?" I asked and again he nodded and I just stared at him trying to figure out exactly who he was, until everything he said just moved into place. The fact he said because they were debating whether it was worth their life, the pale Cadillac, the food, he can't truly di..."You can stop a war,you can feed the hungry,you can cure the sick." I looked at him with my eyes wide as he let a small smile graze his lips.

"But none can stop Death, very good Sunset Shimmer and no your not going to die, I want something more than to be a bringer of the end, I want to help you if you'll let me" He said.

I smiled, he wasn't lying I could tell. And if he wanted me dead I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even know he had helped me with the repairs for the school. Maybe he could continue to help me. "Alright Thanatos, but on one condition" I said.

He chuckled as he said "no one does unless they deserve it."

Who is Thanatos Darkstar?

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Principal Celestia POV:

Me and Luna had been doing research on Sunsets 'father', me and Luna used that word sparingly for two days. Apparently he was a multi millionaire lawyer, who took any case he could when he was fresh out of law school. So he wasn't lying about traveling a lot, he was also not lying about possibly being Sunsets father the timeline matched up to a T. The only issue was, we knew Sunset was from the Equestria from the portal not this one, which threw us one of the biggest questions we had.

"Who is Thanatos Darkstar really?" Luna finally said out loud.

"I don't know sister, what we do know is everything he has said lines up and is truthful, the only thing I don't get is he an old Equestrian who came through the portal years ago, and was tasked with watching Sunset Shimmer. Or is he her real legal guardian who took her in when she came out of the portal and we never heard of him?" I asked.

Rainbow Dash POV:

It had been five days since Princess Twilight helped us defeat Sunset Shimmer, and she said we needed to make friends to help her readjust. I didn't really care about Sunset I mean yes she did bad things, but she's been trying to be better, helping Applejack at her farm, Pinkie, at Sugarcube Corner, Rarity at her parents botique, and Fluttershy at the animal shelter, today she was coming over to help me train. The only thing I couldn't get out of my head was the guy who claimed to be her father, and the girls were kind of with me, I mean he shows up out of no where to pay for the damages.

That was good, but why had I or any of the other girls heard of him, not to mention his car, I was one of the few who wanted to take it out on her the first day of her suspension, by way of her father's car. But me and a few others who got close to it, *shiver* it just gave us the creeps, like it was alive and waiting for one of us to make a mistake, when he dropped of Sunset at both Applejack's farm and the animal shelter the animals stopped making noise, the horses and other animals outside just watched that pale Cadillac drive in and stop. I've asked the girls about it but they just say it's probably cause the car is old or something. Anyway that's all for now I'll write later.

Fluttershy POV:

I couldn't get Sunset out of my head, she was really trying to make a change and I was both proud and envious. Envious that she could change and that she could be strong in the face of hate and fear, I guess that's one of the few reasons my crush for her has gotten stronger. I always had a crush but she was always so mean and know that she's trying to be better I kind of want to tell her, but I don't want to lose our new friendship. "Oh angel bunny what should I do" I said to my pet rabbit, he just wiggled his little nose and hoped away to get his food.

"Ughh" I groan to myself, maybe I'll ask her father?" I ask to myself "maybe he could give me some advice about what Sunset likes."

Luna POV:

"Sister" I exclaim, "I think I have found the link we've been looking for though it may be nothing."

"Well what is it Luna?" Celestia asks me.

"It's her in this book" I said pointing to a page on a greek mythology book.
"Does he look familiar?"

"That looks almost exactly like Thanatos, what is this?" Celestia asked me.

"That is a depiction of Thanatos, also known as Death, the only horseman to be named" I said.

"You mean horseman as in the apocalypse, Luna all this proves is that his parents were obsessed with Greek mythology" Celestia said trying to rationalize it.

"Think about it sister, he came out of no where practically, saying he was Sunsets father, he drove a pale Cadillac Coupe DeVille, there are many urban legends tying the car to deaths of people" I said.

"Urban legends are generally wrong sister, all this is, is speculation and an attempt to answer a question we can't answer by ourselves" Celestia said.

"Fine, we'll talk to Thanatos, and figure out the truth about who he is and why he's taking care of Sunset" I said.

The Meeting

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Death POV:

Sunsets week suspension was almost up and she had been trying to amend things with her old friends, and doing a good job of it. I could tell a few still held resentment but that was to be expected, Principal's Celestia and Luna were coming over today to see how Sunset was adjusting. I think their also going to ask who I truly am, I'm surprised they didn't do it sooner *knock* *knock* "I got it" I heard sunset yell, I already knew it was Celestia and Luna, "Principal Celestia, Vice Principal Luna? What are you doing here?" I heard her ask them.

"Let them in Sunset" I said walking out of the kitchen and into the living room. "There here to see how the transit is going and to chat with me about a few things."

"Thanatos is right Sunset, may we come in?" Celestia asked.

"Of course" Sunset said as she let them in and led them to the living room. Once they were in the room they sat in the chairs on the opposite side of the couch where I was sitting. Once Sunset sat down a cushion away from me the principal's started their questions.

"So how have you been?" Luna asked.

"I've been good, and mostly busy trying to show my friends I have changed" Sunset started. "It's been easier than I thought but I'm getting their, especially with the help of my father."

"Yes that's another question, why hadn't we ever heard of him?" Celestia asked.

"I didn't he existed until the day he showed up, but he's had pictures of him with my mom when they were younger and he explained that they had hooked up before he graduated college" Sunset said.

"Yes we know, Thanatos Darkstar multi millionaire lawyer, hasn't lost a case in exactly, five years and also, who are really?" Luna asked.

"You just said who I was" I said, I knew what she meant but I wanted her to ask the full question.

"I mean are you an Equestrian from beyond the portal like Sunset here or are you a guardian we've never heard of?" Luna asked. She really wants to know I thought to myself as I answered.

"in order no and yes, no I'm not from beyond the portal but that doesn't mean I'm from this world, and yes you've never heard of me because I wasn't her guardian until the day I paid for the damages she caused." I said as I just looked at the perplexed principal's "I'll give you a hint as to who I am, you can stop a war, you can feed the hungry, and you can cure the sick but you can never stop what?" I asked as I saw Celestia puzzle it over in her head as Luna's eyes lit up.

"I knew it, you are the personification of death" Luna half shouted as I just let a small smile graze my lips as I clapped. I looked between Luna who was ecstatic that she was right and Celestia who couldn't believe who she was sitting across from.

"You mean to say that" Celestia started.

"I'm the fourth horseman of the apocalypse? Yes I am" I said interrupting her.

"Then why" Celestia started again.

"Would I want to take in a child and help her change and mature into a young woman who deserves friends?" I asked interrupting Celestia "it actually wasn't my idea, you see someone one my world attempted to kill me, I made them think they succeeded. Then my friend god told me that a world needed a little bit of balance and so did I" I chuckled at that part. "Raising a child was never a thought to me before now, but now that I'm doing it I wouldn't change that fact."

"Well now that we know Sunsets in very good hands" Luna said while getting up and nudging Celestia. "It is time for us to go, enjoy your day you two" she finished as she half dragged Celestia out the door.

"Well" I started.

"I think you broke Celestia" Sunset finished as we laughed for a couple minutes and went back to what it was we were doing.

Fluttershy POV:

I was standing in front of Sunsets house trying to gather the courage to go and knock on the door. I had waited until she was gone before I parked my car, I wanted to ask her father what Sunset likes. As I walked up the small walkway to the door I got shakier but I refused to lose my resolve, though it was quickly draining and it was gone by the time my hand was in the air in front of the door.

Before I could second guess myself I heard her father say "you don't have to knock you can come in Fluttershy." So I did what he said I gathered a small bastion of hope and entered her house, her father was sitting in the living room in one of the chairs next to a coffee table. "If you're looking for Sunset you just missed her" he said.

"I k-k-know I d-did" I stuttered out. He raised an eyebrow at me and I took a breath of air as I continued "I wanted to t-talk to you a-about Sunset" I said as I sat in the couch across from him.

"Oh no" he said. "She hasn't done anything wrong has she? And if she has why bring it up with me?" He asked.

"Oh no she hasn't done anything wrong it just" I said getting quite and I could feel my face heat up. I watched him as a small smile started forming.

"You like my daughter don't you?" He asked, I just nodded trying to gather the courage to ask him what I wanted to ask. "You want to know how to impress her, and why she likes, unfortunately" he started. "I know just about as much as you, I'm learning things about my daughter but not enough to help your crush, the only advice I can give you is to just ask her yourself" he said making it sound like it was easy.

"B-but I st-stutter a lot and I-I'm not very s-sociabale" I said looking dejected.

"Hey don't worry, just find what gives you strength and courage" he said.

"But"I started drawing a breath. " There isnt much that gives me courage, e-even thinking of animals doesn't help" I finished with less stuttering.

"What about music?" He asked.

"What a-about music?" I asked back.

He smiled as he said "certain music can help give you courage" he said as he got up and went over to his phone. He picked it up and said, "I have a song that might be able to give you a bit of courage" he said. "It might not be what you would generally listen to, but I want you to listen to the whole thing and tell me what you think."

I nodded and he pressed the play button on the song.

As the song played I listened to the lyrics and I started feeling better about myself, I started to tell my self all different kinds of things but mostly I told myself, even if you feel like you can't do it or the answer will be no, you'll never know unless you do it.

The song ended as Sunset walked through the door "hey Fluttershy" she said. "What are you doing her?"

"I was looking for you,your dad said that you went out but you'd be back shortly so we've been passing the time talking about music and animals" I said smiling, I looked back to her dad as he winked and got out of his chair.

"Remember what I said Fluttershy,now if you to will excuse me I need to head over to Carousel Boutique for a new suit." He said heading for the door "don't do anything I wouldn't" he snickered as he left me and Sunset alone.

"Sorry about that" Sunset said to me.

"Oh its no worry I actually had something I wanted to ask you Sunset" I said thinking about the song and it gave me the courage I needed as I said. "I was wondering if you'd want to go on a date with me tonight?"


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Sunset POV:

It has been a wonderful three months since I was defeated and my father, the literal horseman of Death came into my life. It will also be mine and Fluttershy's three month anniversary soon, I can't even put into words how happy she makes me. Me and my friends have also made up and I'm now a productive member of the school, there is still a little bit of resentment, but not as much as there was, Thanatos also helped me get my license and a car although I told him I could get one myself, where I work at a movie theater close to home, that makes me some good money and I'm going on another date with Fluttershy tonight, maybe we'll finally discuss how to break it to our friends.

Fluttershy POV:

"Oh angel tonight is mine and Sunsets three month anniversary,I hope she liked the gift I bought her" I said to angel as he just munched on his salad. "You're right if I bought her it she'll love it" I couldn't believe we'd been secretly dating for three months,but I didn't know if Sunset was ready to tell the rest of our friends or not. "Tonight I'll talk to her about it" I said to myself as I looked in the mirror at what I was wearing I had gotten into metal mostly thanks to Thanatos and Sunset had accepted me, as the goth I wanted to be. Rainbow and Rarity, both almost had heart attacks, when I came to school dressed gothic the first time.

As I walked down the stairs from my bedroom to the front door to head to my date, I heard my dad yell "don't do anything you'll regret my little butterfly."

As I walked out the door I yelled back "I wont and I'm staying at Sunsets after our date so don't wait up." I walked to the driver's side of my car, 'thankfully working at the animal shelter, pays decently' I thought to my self as I started my beetle and she rumbled to life. I pulled out and started heading for the diner me and Sunset were going to meet at as one of my favorite songs started playing.

I drove down the road just letting Field of Verdun by Sabaton give me courage and take away my stress.

The song finished as I pulled into a parking lot at the diner next to Sunsets car. I shut of my beetle and got out as Sunset came over to me and said "you look beautiful." I blushed as I replied "so don't you" She was wearing a black crop top and a red and orange skirt.

Thanatos POV:

Sunset was out with Fluttershy so I just sat on the couch in the place I called home with Sunset, just surfing mystable. "Damn puns are gonna be the death of me" I chuckled to myself as I saw a post that caught my eye the title simply read 'Is Thanatos really just bidding his time' posted about an hour ago by someone with the name Anon-a-miss. "Well Ms Anon let's see what you have to say shall we."

Sunset POV:

Me and Fluttershy sat and had ordered when I finally decided to ask her if we should tell our friends. "So Fluttershy, I've been thinking" I started "we've been dating for three months and our friends don't really know, I was wondering what your thoughts were about it."

"Well Sunset, I think we should tell them but when we're ready, either way I'm still going to date you" Fluttershy said.

"I know, it's just with this hole Anon-a-miss thing that's started, I don't want our friends or anyone else to think it's me" I said getting worried. Someone named Anon-a-miss had started sharing my friends secrets and I was worried they would think it's me.

"Sunset I know it's not you, mostly because you've worked to hard to prove you've changed, that and I'm pretty, you wouldn't want to lose me" Fluttershy said with a sly smirk on her face. I blushed hard because I knew what she meant, I mean sure she was shy but ever since my dad showed her Sum 41 Fluttershy has been more into metal and isn't as quiet or shy anymore.

"Besides" Fluttershy continued "if it was you, you'd have already posted that I'm in a 'secret' relationship. And get Rainbow on and Rarity on my case" Fluttershy laughed. "No if our friends and other students start blaming you, they'll have to deal with not only the literal manifestation of death but also one pissed of girlfriend. As an old quote goes Sunset 'who do you fear more death or it's herald's"


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Fluttershy POV:

Dear Diary, it has been a very long and trying week since mine and Sunsets three month anniversary, we were planning on telling our friends on Monday at lunch, but then everything went to hell. Apparently, someone, started a rumor that Sunset was anon-a-miss, and almost the entire school believes it, but with no concrete evidence the Principal's won't suspend Sunset. Which is good because I know it's not her, but school has literally been a living hell, she's getting bullied and being told all these nasty things, she even almost broke up with me because she didn't want to ruin my life, ha as if, I told her I was staying no matter what happened and that I would defend her. So tonight when I go over to Applejack's to have a sleepover with the other girls I'm going to initiate truth or dare, and to prove a suspicious I told Sunset to stay home and I'd tell the others she's sick.

"Alright" I said to myself as I stood up from my desk, and walking to the door of my bedroom, grabbing my sleepover bag on the way. "Let's prove Sunset inoccent" as I walked down the steps to my front door I yelled to my mom who was in the kitchen "I'm going Applejack's for the sleepover I'll be back Monday night."

"Ok, have fun dear" I heard her yell back as I closed the front door and headed for my car. I got in and threw my bag into the back seat as I started my car and I put it in drive. I decided to head to Sunsets first to talk about my plan with her and her father, and I smiled as I turned the radio up. Driving down the road I started to figure out how to pull my plan of I was half sure the crusader's were at Applejack, and I knew I could easily get a game of truth or dare started the only issue was I needed, to suggest a fun game and not out right say 'hey let's play truth or dare' especially since Rainbow has been very different since a started coming out of my shell.

As I pulled up to the sidewalk next to Sunsets house, I out my car in park, shut it off, and got out. As I closed the door I saw Thanatos heading out the door "hey Thanatos is Sunset home" I called to him.

"No I thought she was with you heading to the sleepover you guys planned" he said looking worried.

"No I told her not to leave yet I wanted to meet her here" I said.

"But she got a text message from you, ten minutes ago saying to meet you at Applejack's" he said looking confused.

"What!" I yell, "but I never sent her a text saying to meet me at Applejack's, I had a plan to prove she wasn't anon-a-miss, unless" I start.

"Unless someone managed to get a message sent to her making her think it was you" Thanatos said angrily.

I was literally seeing red as I threw back open the door to my car and said "let's go see my friends shall we." As Thanatos ran to his Cadillac I started my car once more threw it in drive and slammed on the gas burning rubber as I tore away from Sunsets with Thanatos pulling out shortly after and getting close behind me.

Thanatos POV:

As the pale horse sped down the highway behind Fluttershy's black beetle the worst case scenario's and worse popped in my head and I knew one thing for fact as I white knuckled the steering wheel. "If anything happens to Sunset they will beg me to let them go to the after life" I grumbled out, all of a sudden my phone started ringing I didn't even check to see who it was as I answered "Sunset is that you."

"No, is this Sunsets father Thanatos Darkstar?" The mystery caller asked.

"Yes now who is this, where is my daughter" I said slightly pissed as I let a little of my power out.

"My name is Captain Shining Armor of the Canterlot Police Department, I'm sorry to inform you, that your daughter was run of the road. She's at Canterlot Hospital in critical condition" Captain Armor said.

"What!" I yelled as I slammed on the brakes and pulled to the side of the road. "I'll be right there" I said as I hung up and pulled up my contacts and hit the call button next to Fluttershy's name.

"Thanatos why'd you" Fluttershy started as I interrupted her.

"Forget your friends for now sunset is in the hospital in critical condition, were going there first" I said.

"Alright I'll follow you, I'm stopped up at the next light" she said.

"Alright, we'll check on Sunset, then we'll deal with whoever did this" I said.

Rainbow Dash POV:

"Haha that was to easy" I said to Applejack's brother Big Macintosh. I can't believe Sunset believed Fluttershy messaged her and I can't believe how easy it was to run her off the road."

"Eeyup" he said. "Now we can all go back to our normal lives, while that good for nothing rots."

"I know right" I sigh as I lean into him, me and Mac had been dating for almost a year and thankfully no one had found out. We didn't want to take the risk of Applejack getting mad at us, although his parents approved and didn't say anything, we weren't all that ready to go public yet. But what Rainbow or Mac didn't know, was there were three pairs of eyes watching them and a story that would paint one hell of a picture.

Scootaloo POV:

"Alright girls" I started addressing both Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom. "We've got a new story, apparently Big Mac and Rainbow are dating. This is going to paint a very bad picture for Sunset."

"Good" Apple Bloom said. "Now our sisters will pay more attention to us and we can finally get rid of that pony sl** once and for all."

"Apple Bloom language" Sweetie Belle said. "I mean I want to see her gone as much as you, but that language is dreadful" she finished doing an almost perfect job recreating Rarity.

"Come on girl's" I said as I lead the girls to our treehouse. "We've got a story to write."

Sunsets Condition

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POV Thanatos:

I sat in the sterile hospital room, just listening to the beeping of the heart monitor that was attached to Sunset. Fluttershy's head lay on the bed and she had one of Sunsets hands in hers, I hadn't slept in thirty six hours, and the Principal's were supposed to show up a half hour ago. 'What is keeping them' I thought to myself as I once more found myself looking at the time on the wall clock and back to Sunset as the machine that helped her breath made sure her chest went up and down. Until finally there was a knock at the door, I turned to see who was there, and standing in the doorway was none other than Vice Principal Luna, "you don't have to stand at the door Luna, you can come in" I said.

"Thank you" she said as she walked into the room. "Do the police have any leads?" she asked.

"Not yet" I said I groaned a little as I stood up. "The doctors said she's lucky to be alive, but it's mostly because any reaper that exists on this world can feel me here. She won't be back in school for a while, and I'd like to take her out until she has recovered enough to go back" I finished.

"That is acceptable" she said looking at me. "What do you plan to do?"

"I plan to stay with my daughter until she wakes up, and then find out if she knows who did this" I said barely keeping the venom out of my voice. Luna just looked at me like their was something else she had on her mind. "Is there something else Luna?" I asked.

"Anon-a-miss struck again, and this time we can say without a doubt it wasn't Sunset. She paused and took a breath before she continued "this time however anon-a-miss made a horrible mistake, because of the cyber bullying, we lost a student to suicide and the police have actually started an investigation, they have also narrowed it down a bit but" she paused looking at me.

"But what?" I asked.

"It's not one person but three, and they think whoever did this wanted Sunset out of the picture" she said.

I just looked at Luna, then I looked back at my daughter, laying in a hospital bed with wires and tubes running to the vital places they needed to. I looked at the bruises, cuts and her leg in the cast, I turned back to Luna and said "the police managed to find a different set of tires tracks at the scene of the accident, considering it was a dry dirt road. They narrowed the tire brand down to an off-road, all season tires brand, but" I inhaled.

"But?" Luna said looking a little dejected.

"But it doesn't look good, there is quite the list and their isn't much else to go on" I finished.

Principal Celestia POV:

As I stood in front of the mirror that lead to the other world I could only wonder. What will Princess Twilight think and what happens if she decides to make this an Equestrian matter, but as the portal started glowing. I knew one thing for fact, whoever came through that portal, wasn't any match for the terror that was Thanatos Darkstar.

Twilight Sparkle POV:

As I stepped through the portal, I noticed none of the girls were waiting for me but Principal Celestia was so I asked. "What can I do for you Principal Celestia?"

"If you're looking for the person that told you about Sunset, that was me." She said as she walked over to me. "I will take you to her, the doctor is allowing visitor's."

"Alright" I said as I walked beside Principal Celestia to her car. As we got in she looked crestfallen as she said "I'm warning you now Twilight, you will not like what you see when we get there" and with that she started her car.

Once we arrived to the hospital and Principal Celestia shut off her car, I got out and headed for the doorway. As I entered the hospital, I walked up to the nurse at the desk and asked "I'm here to see Sunset Shimmer what room number is she?"

The nurse started typing on her computer for what felt like a lifetime but in all reality was only ten seconds as she said "Ms. Shimmer is in room 210 down the hall on your left are the elevators."

I thanked her as me and Principal Celestia walked to the elevators. Once we were on side the small metal contraption, Celestia pressed a button numbered two. The doors to the elevator closed as it jerked slightly, and headed up, it didn't take very long and there was a ding to signal that we had reached out destination. We stepped out and headed for room 210,as we got closer I started preparing myself for how bad Sunset would look. As we reached the door of 210 I stepped through and what I saw almost made me collapse.

Laying their in a hospital bed was Sunset she was hooked up to a heart monitor that was slowly beeping. As the sounds of a breathing machine worked to put oxygen in her lungs, her left leg was in a cast, and their were bandages on her head, arms, and from what I could tell her chest might have also been rapped. But what threw me for a loop was this worlds Fluttershy, sitting in a chair right next to Sunset, holding her hand and caressing her face and hair, on the other side of the room in chairs was Vice Principal Luna and some guy I had never met.

He was wearing a disheveled three piece suit, he had bags under his eyes indicating he hadn't slept recently. Next to his chair was a steal tipped cane and he had a ring on his right ring finger with a pale stone on it and I could barely make out the same stone on a necklace he wore. He looked up and noticed both me and Celestia as he waved us into the room, he must be Sunset coltfriend I thought to myself, "I'm Twilight Sparkle, and you are?" I asked.

"Thanatos Darkstar, I'm Sunsets legal guardian, it's nice to meet another Equestrian" he said.

I just stared at him, "what do you mean by another Equestrian?" I asked him.

"You're the second one I've met after Sunset" he said as he just motioned between me and Sunset.

Then I realized something else, "what do you mean Sunsets guardian?" I asked.

"Just that, I am her guardian, I took her in the same day she found out how much to repair the school" he said. "Me and Fluttershy have been helping her adjust to her new life as someone who deserves friends"he finished.

"Who did this" I asked.

"I don't know yet, but when I find out" he said. All of a sudden lightning struck, and thunder rumbled above us but for the briefest second. I saw a skull where Thanatos's face should have been "who exactly are you?" I asked more than a little terrified of the man who claimed to be helping Sunset.

"Death incarnate, and who ever did this will rue the day they were born" I heard from behind me. I spun around and stared at Fluttershy, as she stared back at me and all I saw in the eyes of somepony I had only ever known as meek and quiet. I saw pure unadulterated rage and hatred, as the lightning continued to strike and thunder roll. I had only one thought 'whoever did this was either really brave to piss of literal Death and Fluttershy, or incredibly stupid.

Rainbow's Realization

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Captain Shining Armor POV:

As I entered the station, I headed for the elevators to head down to our forensics lab to see if our forensic specialist had any new information for me. I stepped into the elevator, and as it descended I started going over in my head what I knew already about the cases of Anon-a-miss and the accident of Sunset Shimmer. The elevator dinged as I stepped out of the elevator and walked into the lab, I knocked on the door to get the attention of our specialist.

“Shiny what can I do for you” she said looking up from her computer.

“You can give me any new details you have about the Shimmer case Nightmare” I said. Nightmare Moon was our forensic specialist, and she was the best at her job in a hundred miles. She was a black haired young woman, with tattoos and a few piercings.

“Of course, now come take a look at this” she said pointing to the computer screen.

“what exactly am I looking at Nightmare?” I asked as I looked at what appeared to be red paint flakes. “These just look like red paint flake” I voiced.

“not just any red paint” she started. “This is #FF0800, otherwise known as candy apple red” she finished with a triumphant smile on her face.

“So candy apple red paint? How is that going to help us Nightmare?” I asked.

“It helps us because Sunsets car is all matte orange meaning” she started.

“Meaning now we know what color the vehicle that ran her off the road is, what about the tires?” I asked.

“The tires were Toyo Open Country A/T2's and after doing a bit of research” she said before taking a drink of her energy drink before continuing. “Are only sold at one store, and after doing a bit of searching of the stores sales history, there is only one person who buys those tires” she finished.

“Are you going to tell me who?” I asked.

“Of course” she said hitting a button on her computer bringing up a photo. “Macintosh Apple, and doing some research on him and his DMV records he drives. Get this a candy apple red Chevrolet Cheyenne” she said.

“So now we know who ran her off the road good work Nightmare” I said as I started walking away to get a warrant.

“Wait that’s not all I have” she said excitedly.

I turned around and asked “what else do you have?”

Nightmare Moon typed a few keys on her computer and pulled up some new information. “The anon-a-miss page, I figured out who exactly is making the post’s” she said.

“Well don’t leave me in suspense Nightmare, who?” I asked.

“I triangulated the pages IP address to three separate phones, and Canterlot Highs computer lab, and with the times of the updates, and video footage, anon-a-miss is Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Apple Bloom, our hit and run diver. Macintosh's youngest sister ironically” she said. “With all of the evidence and data you can put in for an arrest warrant for them as well.”

I smiled “good, thanks Nightmare” I said as I walked back to the elevator to go up. As soon as I was at my floor I found the my partner and the officers that were tracking the anon-a-miss case. “Alright listen guys” I said to get their attention. “Nightmare has just given me the names of the ones responsible for Sunsets accident and for the creation of Anon-a-miss I’m going to get our arrest warrants and then I want the people responsible in jail by tonight” I finished as I headed to the chief of polices office to grab our warrants.

Scootaloo POV:

Everyone in school was in the gym because Principal Celestia called a mandatory assembly. As me Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom, walked up the bleachers to sit behind our sisters and their friends, I couldn't help but notice that Fluttershy wasn't present. "Hey Rainbow, where's Fluttershy?" I asked.

"I don't know" she said, "but this assembly will finally prove the rumors that Sunset is anon-a-miss more than likely."

As soon as everyone was in the gym and seated, principal Celestia stepped up to the podium. "Good afternoon students, your probably all wondering why your here." She started, "as you all know a mystable page has been circulating the secrets of most of the student body. And because of these secrets coming to light we have lost a member of the student body to suicide. There for we had no option but to notify the police of the instance" she said pointing to the officers on stage with her and Vice Principal Luna.

"Please welcome to the podium Captain Shining Armor of the Canterlot Police Department" she said as the aforementioned officer made his way to the podium.

"Generally I would say something to put you all in a good mood but because of the bullying. An inoccent life was lost, now I have heard many students whisper it and I can still hear it being whispering that the person responsible is Sunset Shimmer." He said looking out over the student body and I couldn't help but smile inwardly "however let me put this rumor to rest" he continued. "On Saturday night Sunset Shimmer was run off the road and places in critical condition. And as you all know Sunday at exactly 7:00 am anon-a-miss made a new post, however at that time Ms. Shimmer was in surgery to remove fluid buildup in her lungs."

Everyone in the bleachers gasped, and me, Sweetie and Apple Bloom all looked at each other in horror as Captain Armor continued. "As for who anon-a-miss really is, we managed to trace the IP address of the mystable page to three personal cellphones." He said as he noticed to one of the other officers "Officer Nightlite, would you please back trace the phones?" He asked as his partner nodded.

As soon as his partner pressed a button me, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom's phone's started ringing. Causing everyone to gasp and and Rainbow to stand up. "I call farce on this, you can't expect us to believe these blatant lies" she shouted.

"It is more than just back tracking their phones ma'am" Captain Armor started. "Because we also traced the pages us to the high schools computer lab and the specific times that the page updated. And thanks to video evidence we can say without a reason of a doubt that anon-a-miss is Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom. And they will comply and come up to the podium quietly or we can come to them to arrest them on manslaughter one charges" he finished.

I just looked at Sweetie and Apple Bloom and said "come on girl's" as I stood up. We walked up to the podium and surrendered ourselves to be arrested. However Captain Armor had one more thing to say.

"We at Canterlot Police also have figured out who ran Sunset off the road" he started. "Macintosh Apple, we have a probable cause to search your truck and farm, you can either do this peacefully or we can get a warrant to impound your truck. We will also get a warrant to search your farm on probable cause" he finished as everyone was either looking at us or at Apple Bloom's brother. "So what is it going to be Macintosh, prove your inoccent by letting us look at your truck or create suspicion umongst your peirs and make us get a warrant?" He asked.

"You can search my truck, that I will allow,but to search the farm your going to need a warrant" he said.

Captain Shining Armor smiled as he held up a piece of paper in his hand. "Then it's a good thing we already got one" he said as everyone started whispering and muttering umongst themselves. All anyone knew was that three young girls, two of which came from prominent family's that ran businesses framed someone else and caused a death. But also that the son of one of the same family's was a prime suspect in a hit and run and if anything went wrong with Sunset, vehicular manslaughter.

The aftermath

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Rainbow Dash POV:

'Crap, crap, crap, this can't be happening' I thought to myself as the assembly finally came to an end and we were allowed to leave. Anon-a-miss turned out to be the crusader's, and the police are going to be arresting Mac. "How did this happen" I say mostly to myself as I walk out of the school. "Because the entire school decided to make a martyr based on speculation and the past, instead of actually searching for the truth." I heard someone say behind me, so I decided to give them a piece of my mind.

"Ya well, Sunset messed up I wonder how she got the crusader's to take the rap for her, after me and Mac ran that lying b***h off the road." I hadn't meant to say that part out load but I was furious, I knew Sunset was guilty beyond a doubt.

"So you're responsible for the love of my life being in a coma" I heard a familiar voice say. I whirled around to see a very angry and venom filled stare, and every single thought in my head stopped, every train derailed and every station shut down. I just stared at Fluttershy and I look that was turning me as close to stone as it could as she walked up to me, I felt like the world was crumbling around me, my knees started shaking and I was sweating.

"So Rainbow" she whisper spoke in an icy tone. "Our friendship is over, if you ever come near me or Sunset again or if Sunset doesn't fully recover. The police will be the least of your issues." She finished as she walked around me, I watched as she opened the door to her beetle and pealed away from the school.

Captain Shining Armor POV:

Once we had everyone in custody and at the police station for interrogation I decided to make sure Nightmare had left her lab and not slept here again. It wasn't good for her to do that, so as I got into the elevator, and tried thinking about how to broach the subject of her sleeping here. But as I started coming up with an idea the doors to the elevator opened,and standing in front of me was just the person I was looking for.

"Hey Nightmare, headed home?" I asked, mostly because it was the first thing that came to mind.

"Actually, I was on my way to look for you" she said.

"Really? Why's that?" I asked, mostly because she knew I was happily in a relationship, everyone in the precinct did.

"I can't get Sunset out of my head, I figured she'd need another female friend, considering only one of her friends still likes her. And besides that is her father" she said looking dejected.

"I'm sure her father and her friend would be glad to have someone else their that cares" I said smiling at her, as I motioned for her to get into the elevator. "Let's go see Ms. Shimmer."

Thantos POV:

It had been almost three days since the last update from Captain Armor and I was tired of sitting, and standing. I decided to let Sunset rest and get some fresh air I knew Princess Twilight was still sleeping next to Sunset. Once I was outside the hospital I saw something truly shocking, parked right next to the pale horse were three horses I never thought I'd see on this world. The first was a cherry red 1965 mustang fastback, the second was a black 2007 Cadillac Escalade, and the third and last was a green 1972 AMC hornet wagon. As I walked closer I could only think to myself 'why the hell are these three here' and after that went through my head the doors to the cars opened.

Out of the Mustang came War, out of the Hornet Pestilence, and out of the Escalade with help from what I could only guess where demons was Famine. I stopped walking and just looked at them, as they looked at me, I decided to break the ice by asking the same thing I thought. "Why are you three here?"

"God told us we had a niece" War started.

"That and their was a power shift when you left the world and a 'new death' took over" Pestilence finished.

"I knew God would try to fix the world once I came here, but a new death?" I questioned. "Also" I started looking at War, "why would God tell you he wanted me to be a father and that I accepted the role?"

"Because brother....wether we like it or not we're family" Famine started as he coughed a little. "That...and he also had something we four needed to do together...once the time comes." He finished.

"Alright" I said looking at the three of them. "But no using your powers unless to defend yourself or unless I say it's ok to do so got it" I finished looking mostly at War.

"We get it brother" War started. "Now can we go meet our niece" he finished and as he did I saw a black beetle pull up and park on the other side of the pale horse.

"Of course" I said as Fluttershy got out of her car. "I can also introduce you three to her girlfriend" as I pointed towards Fluttershy. "Fluttershy I would like you to meet my brothers" I said motioning them to introduce themselves before I gave them names.

"It's a pleasure to meet my nieces girlfriend, I am Krieg" War said bowing a little.

"As my brother is a pleasure…my name is Nälänhätä" Famine said as he nodded.

"And I am Dr. Zaraza, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance" Pestilence said.

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you as well, I'm Fluttershy" she said to my brothers as she turned to me with an icy glare. One that I knew the other three could feel just by the way she was standing "the police made an arrest" she started as we walked back towards the hospital, her tone getting dark as I let a small smile form and I raised my cane slightly.

"Oh, do tell" Krieg said.

"The true Anon-a-miss was Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, and the person who ran her of the road was Apple Blooms older brother Big Macintosh" Fluttershy said angrily.

"Really so the Apples are the main cause for Sunsets condition?" Zaraza asked.

"Their names after...a fruit, do...they own a farm child?" Nälänhätä asked giving me his patented, can we get revenge look and I just shook my head.

"Yes they do, but that's not the worst part" she started as we walked into Sunsets room.

"What's the worst part?" Twilight Sparkle asked. "And who are you three?" She asked motioning to my brothers.

"Oh their Thantos's brothers, this is Krieg, Nälänhätä, and Dr. Zaraza."she said pointing to each one as she continued "the worst part is Macintosh had an accomplice."

"Who" we heard from behind us. When we turned around standing in the door way was Captain Armor and a very beautiful gothic woman.

"Captain Armor if you came to tell me arrests were made, Fluttershy has already filled us in, and who is your girlfriend?" I asked him.

"Oh I'm not his girlfriend, and my name is Nightmare Moon, and I came to give Sunset another female friend" Nightmare said and I watched Twilight flinch when she said her name. 'I'll have to ask Twilight about that later' I thought to myself.

"Of course Ms. Moon Sunset could use all the friends she can get" I said motioning for her to enter the room and sit with Twilight. "Now Fluttershy who was the accomplice?" I asked.

"It was our own ex friend, Rainbow Dash" she said spitting her name like it left a horrible taste in her mouth. Me, War, Famine, Pestilence and Shining all just looked at one another.

Sunset's Slow Road

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Thanatos POV:

Captain Armor had just left to see how interrogation and processing was going for the case, Nightmare had stayed behind and was talking with Twilight. Fluttershy had taken her spot sitting next to Sunset, so me and my brothers were next to the wall by the TV. We were talking with each other when we heard a knock on the door, and I turned to see who it was.

"Ah Dr. Horse, what news do you bring?" I asked the doctor.

"Well, we feel that your daughter has stabilized enough that we can take her off the ventilator, however we will still keep a close eye on her." he said as he looked at all of us in the room. "Now I know you all care very much but while we do this procedure we would prefer if you either waited in the hall or went outside."

"Of course...Dr., I cannot speak for everyone else but I feel me...and my brothers could use this time to catch up and talk of Sunset." Nälänhätä said.

"Yes, Nälänhätä is correct, brother," Krieg started. "You and Fluttershy have been cooped up too long, you both need breaks" he finished.

Me and Fluttershy just looked at each other and nodded because he was right and there was no use arguing, although Fluttershy looked like she wanted to. But she kissed Sunset on her forehead and everyone in the room started to leave, me and my brothers were the last and decided to take our own elevator down to the ground floor. As we exited the elevator Zaraza and Nälänätä looked at me and I realized what they were asking without having to speak, and I decided.

"No one that doesn't deserve it, take from them until they understand our pain" I said looking at them. "Krieg you and me are going to have a chat about what you're going to do" I said looking at him.

"Very good," he said, smiling as wide as he could.

Nälänhätä POV:

I rolled my electric wheelchair to my Escalade as one of the few demons that helped me open the door and a ramp came down. As I entered the Escalade and the ramp came up, the demon closed the door and got into the driver's seat.

"To the town hall….I need all the information this world has on the Apples" I said coughing a little bit. "After that the tax office, we need leverage."

Zaraza POV:

I had gotten into my car shortly before Nälänhätä, I was trying to come up with some good punishments. I knew Thanatos wanted Rainbow for himself, so I started my car and started driving, just thinking and as I passed a small store called Carousel Boutique, I got an evil idea.

Krieg POV:

Me and Thanatos were the last to get into our cars and leave the hospital parking lot, however as we pulled out an all black beetle pulled out behind me and I smiled. I knew Fluttershy wanted to cause pain to the ones that caused it to her. So I just ignored her and let her follow us as I followed Thanatos to a very nice looking restaurant. As he parked the pale horse I parked the red horse and just as I suspected Fluttershy parked her beetle right next to me. She got out before Thanatos, and I exited slowly just waiting for my brother to tell her she couldn't be here so I could say she was necessary for what I wanted to happen.

"Did you bring Twilight?" He asked her taking us both off guard.

"Of course I did, she needs to hear your plan as well" Fluttershy said, full of conviction.

"Very well," he said and then turned to me to ask me what I thought.

"The more the merrier, besides this one has a fire in her eyes that hasn't gone out since we met her." I said, as I started heading into the restaurant with Thanatos, Fluttershy and Twilight following me. We chose a window seat and when the waiter came over Thanatos decided to order for all of us.

"Four red wines, two salads, and two steaks, one rare and the other medium rare" he said looking at the waiter with his get it or die look.

"Make that three steaks, and the third medium" Fluttershy said before the waiter left. The waiter nodded and rushed off to get the food and drinks, after he had left Thanatos and Twilight just stared at her.

"Since when do you eat meat?" Thanatos asked her obviously knowing she didn't do this normally.

"I've always eaten meat, just because I take care of animals doesn't mean I'm a vegetarian. All animals have their specific diets and food they need, and humans need meat" she said, almost daring us to tell her different. "Now what's your plan Krieg, or should I say War" she said looking directly at me.

I thought Twilight broke her neck, she turned her head so fast, and as she looked at me I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head. I just smiled my dark evil smile as I looked at her and then turned my attention to Fluttershy as I asked "how'd you figure out who I am?"

"That wasn't too hard. I knew who you three were the moment Thanatos said you were his brothers." she said. She turned and looked at Twilight and continued "I'm surprised you didn't figure it out when I introduced them. Besides that Krieg literally means war in German" she finished as she turned back to me still with the fire in her eyes and I knew what she wanted.

"There will be no war from me" I said as I pointed to her. "But you, you can bring it without my help, just by standing up for Sunset, the only thing I'm going to do is teach you the art of war" I finished smiling as our food arrived.

Zaraza POV:

I had parked my car and decided to head into the boutique, as I opened the door a bell jingled notifying whoever was running the store a customer had come in. I walked over to the men's section of the store to look for something new, and I heard "I'll be with you in a moment" from somewhere out back. "Don't worry I'm just looking for now" I said loud enough for them to hear me, as I moved shirts back, letting a little bit of my power out to have the clothing pass along a very horrible rash.

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting darling" I heard a woman say from behind me so I turned around.

"Oh it was no worry Ms?" I asked, waiting for her name.

"Oh where are my manners, I'm the proprietor Rarity Belle" she said. "And you are?"

"Dr. Zaraza" I said as I curtseyed and I watched as her eyes went as big as plates.

"World famous Doctor Zaraza, the one who found the cure for cancer?" She asked very excitedly.

"The one and the same" I answered. "My brother told me this boutique had the best fitting and most comfortable suits he'd ever seen or worn" I said trying to bait her.

"Really and who might your brother be, I know everyone that comes in?" She asked more than a little confused as I let a small evil smile form on my face.

"Why he's the richest lawyer in the world?" I started and her eyes narrowed.

"And who would that be darling?" She asked, seemingly confused.

"Why Thanatos Darkstar, of course" I said as I watched as her eyes got an angry look. "Now I know, no small store that services such important people like Fancy Pants or Fleur De Lis, would ever make another sale again. Especially when it comes out that said establishment refused to sell to such important people like the Darkstar's" I said threateningly.

"You wouldn't dare" she said looking like I just stabbed her.

"One bad word from me" I said smiling, as I headed for the door. "You and your family lose everything" I finished as I left her boutique.

Nälänhätä POV:

"Just as I had figured" I said to the demon who was driving. We had gone to the town office and I had gotten an entire file and just as I figured, the land on which Sweet Apple Acres was built, was barren and Granny Smith and her husband had never taken a loan to get it started. But the leverage I had was that her son had taken a loan to get new equipment, and to hide the fact they had lost money. "Guess God works in mysterious Sweet Apple Acres."

As we drove through town I saw Pestilence leaving a boutique, and when he saw us he just waved. A few more blocks away we saw both War and Death's cars parked outside a diner along with Fluttershy's Beetle. As we drove I knew what I was going to do because I had already started. As we pulled into Sweet Apple Acres, I let my power roam a little and I targeted a few trees here and there, making them weep and rot.

Bright Macintosh POV:

As me and my wife were leaving the barn from today's harvest, I noticed a black Cadillac Escalade parked by the house.

"Now who could that be Bright?" Pear Butter asked me.

"I don't know, but I might have a hunch," I said as we kept walking. As we got close to the SUV the driver of the car stepped out and I realized he was about my age and wearing a three piece suit. He walked around and opened the passenger side back door and a ramp came down and a man in an electronic wheel chair came down the ramp just as Granny Smith came out the door.

"Bright, Pear who's here?" She yelled at us just as the man in the wheelchair turned to look at her she looked at him. I had never seen Granny's eyes get that big "Nälänhätä? Is that you?"

"Granny wonderful to see an old friend again" the man in the wheelchair said and then his name clicked.

"Nälänhätä Darkstar, the world famous botanist?" I asked, clearly surprised to see that Granny knew someone famous.

"The one...and the same child" he started as he coughed. "I came to visit an old friend" as he turned to Granny, "I see you... didn't follow my advice...on not planting in that back field" he finished as he pointed to the field that we had the most wildlife problems in. Granny looked out to where he was pointing and then turned to me.

"Bright, when were those there trees planted?" She asked as I started to sweat nervously.

"When Applejack was about five" Pear answered before I could come up with a good lie.

Granny just gave me an evil eye, and Nälänhätä shook his head very slowly. "Do you know...why I told Granny to never plant in that specific field?" he said as his eyes glowed black for the briefest of moments.

"Why?" I asked mostly because that field helped us even out our profit margin.

"Because that field is an... ancient burial ground with a curse" he said.

"Everyone in Canterlot knows this curse," Granny continued. "Whosoever disturbes the ancient ground, shall face the consequences of horses green, red, black and pale" she finished.

Sunset POV:

It was dark, and all I could hear was the rhythmic beating of what sounded like a drum. It had been dark for a while, the last thing I remember was going to meet Fluttershy at Applejack's for our sleepover and then, "why can't I remember" I say to the void around me.

"That's because you were in an accident and you're fighting to live, but don't worry, you have litteral death on your side" I heard from behind me.

I turned around and before me was a world of color like I could never even dream. There were doors as far as the eye could see and in front of me was a man that looked to be in his thirties. Sitting on a beautifully crafted throne. "Who are you?" I asked.

"I'm pretty sure Thanatos has talked of me" the strange man said. Then he snapped his fingers and we were standing in a hospital room.

"Why are we here, and how'd you do that?" I asked him his only answer was to point at the bed. And when I turned, I couldn't believe what I saw, there I was hooked up to a heart monitor, with bandages around my ribs, leg, head, and bruises, on my face. "So I was in an accident, but that still doe" and then it hit me "God?" I say looking at him.

"Very good and no, I'm not taking you anywhere, mostly because death put his mark on your soul so if you're taken to an afterlife he's immediately notified. No, what I want is to talk, you are very important to this world as you will find out, Thanatos and his brothers will deal with their own brand of balance and you will continue to grow" he said.

"But what does that mean exactly?" I asked him to find no one around me.

"You'll learn what it means in time Sunset Shimmer, you can wake up whenever you want by entering your body" God's disembodied voice said. I looked at my body and I looked around the room and thought to myself 'I'll wake up when dad and Fluttershy are here' and I smiled as I sat next to my own body and waited.

Healing begins

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Twilight Sparkle POV:

I had faced the evils of my own world with my friends. We faced down Nightmare Moon, Discord, and Sombra, I had come to this world and defeated Sunset Shimmer. And I had never been as terrified as I was riding in Fluttershys car back to the hospital, I had just eaten with literal Death and War. I had sat next to Nightmare Moon and found out she changed when she came to this world and she wanted to help instead of hurt, I had been in the same room as four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

As we drove down the road I kept glancing to look at Fluttershy, she was just as beautiful here as she was in my world. She was more confident and open about her love and who she was with.

"You like me from your world, don't you Twilight?" She asked me taking me off guard.

"How'd you?" I started.

"Because you haven't stopped sneaking looks at me since we left the restaurant. And don't worry, Thanatos and his brothers won't do anything to you." she said, making me more nervous.

"How can you deal with the knowledge that you're dating someone who is in the care of literal Death?" I asked her because I needed to know how she dealt with it.

"Easy, they both treat me like an adult and not some shy push over, Thanatos is the one who got me to be courageous and he taught me to find my courage." She said smiling as she bobbed her head to the song.

I just let myself think as we drove down the road, Nälänhätä, and Zaraza were in front of us at a red light before the hospital. Thanatos and Krieg were behind us, 'Come on Twilight Sparkle' I thought to myself. 'Just ask this world's Fluttershy, how to ask out your world's Fluttershy' I took an uneasy breath and let it out. "Fluttershy?" I asked.

"Yes Twilight?" She said.

"How would I go about asking you from my Equestria on a date?" I asked, with my eyes down cast.

"Just be yourself, be kind, and most of all" she said smiling, "have courage."

Thanatos POV:

As I followed, Nälänhätä, Zaraza, Krieg and Fluttershy into the parking lot of the hospital my mind was racing. I was hoping for the best case scenario, because in the short time I had cared for Sunset I had grown attached to her, and I loved her like she truly was my daughter. As we all parked our cars Fluttershy and Twilight were the first to get out, followed by me, Krieg, Zaraza and finally Nälänhätä but no one could blame him because of his wheelchair. I was the first to start walking towards the hospital and Fluttershy was close on my heel, as we entered the hospital Nightmare was waiting for us.

"Good you guys are back" she said, seeming happy, as we got into the elevator. "The doctor said taking the breathing tube out was the easy part, the rest is up to Sunset" she down cast her eyes at that. "They say she could wake up at any point in time, but they've also said she might never wake up" she finished sniffling.

As we stepped out of the elevator, I put my arm around Nightmare to comfort her a little making sure my power didn't affect her. She just met Sunset and she already care's more than the girls she called friends. I rubbed her back as we walked towards Sunsets room, I was still trying to keep a positive mindset, but I also didn't want to tell Nightmare who me and my brothers were. We didn't need the world knowing Pestilence, Famine, War and Death were walking around and that 'the end is nigh' I thought to myself.

As we walked through the door, I could feel that a presence stronger than mine had been here. I didn't feel my fail safe activate, which means God only talked to Sunset, but about what I hadn't the foggiest clue.

Sunset POV:

I watched as Thanatos, the man I called my father entered my room, but he was more people than just Fluttershy. Walking in with him was a blue haired woman wearing a black dress, behind him was Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle. But after them came three men I didn't know, all three were wearing suits, one was in a wheelchair, one wore a green tie and the third didn't wear a tie, but had a few of his buttons opened. I watched as the three strange men gathered around Thanatos and started talking with one another, Twilight sat with the strange woman by the window, and Fluttershy sat next to my bed and just looked at me with sad eyes, as she picked up my hand and kissed it.

I moved to where Twilight and the strange woman were so I could figure out who she was. I didn't want to eavesdrop, but I figured while I was still incorporeal it would be the best time to do it.

"I know you don't trust me Twilight and I don't blame you" the strange woman said to Twilight.

"It's not that Nightmare, it's just" Twilight took a breath. "I want you to come back with me, to try and smooth things over and make friends instead of" she started before Nightmare cut her off.

"Instead of what? You only want me to go back so you can keep an eye on me, if I'm here you can't do that. And even if I truly wanted to…I don't think I want to" she said looking at my father nervously. Twilight followed her line of sight and looked at him as well and looked back at Nightmare.

"You do know who is? Don't you?" Twilight asked the perplexed woman.

"All I know is his name is Thanatos Darkstar, he's a lawyer and he's the father of a misunderstood young woman" Nightmare said.

I decided I had heard enough of their conversation and went over to see what my father and the strange men were talking about. As I got closer to them, I noticed the three strange men had rings almost like my father's but instead of a pale stone, the one in the wheelchair had a black stone, the one with the opened button shirt had a red stone, and the one with the green tie had a green stone.

"Brother" the one in the wheelchair started. "The Apple's...will learn their lesson on humility and being truthful by harvest" he finished. My eyes grew big because he had just called the man I call my father, his brother. It hit me then who the strange men were, the one in the wheelchair was Famine, the one with the green was Pestilence and the one with the messy suit was War. But what did Famine mean by teaching my friends family about humility and truth? I asked myself.

"That's good Nälänhäta, it won't cause too much trouble will it?" Thanatos asked Famine.

"Of course not" Famine said raggedly.

"Alright, Zaraza what about you?" He asked, looking at Pestilence.

"I stopped at the boutique you told us about on the way out and decided to stop in," he started. "I left quite the surprise for any that wants a suit or dress" he said smiling "I also left quite the threat for the diva Ms. Belle, I told her, her piss ant store would never see high end business again with one bad word from a Darkstar" he finished, almost laughing.

"Very good," my father said, smiling as well. "Hopefully it's not that bad of a disease that'll spread."

"No, mostly just a horrible case of hives," Pestilence said.

I didn't even want to fathom what war had done, or was doing. As I walked to my body I heard Fluttershy talking to me so decided to listen to her before I came back to the waking world.

"Don't worry Sunset" Fluttershy started. "If anyone attempts to drag your name through the dirt while your still recovering and I hear about it" Fluttershy took on an angry look "they'll answer to me, your Uncle Krieg, you could say is going to teach me how to defend myself and you, using more than just words if I have to" she said smiling. "I love you Sunset, and nothing will change that I will protect you and help you, just as you've helped me" she finished with tears in her eyes and I decided it was time. I climbed into the bed and as I lay into my body I couldn't help but be a little worried about everything I had heard.

Fluttershy POV:

As I sat in my normal place in Sunsets hospital room, I continued to talk to her as I brushed her hair out of her face. I watched as she smiled at my touch and my eyes grew wide as tears started forming "that's it Sunset please come back to me" I whispered to her as I brought her hand up, I squeezed just a little bit as I kissed the back of it. In that moment I felt the slightest bit of pressure back, as I watched her eyes slowly flutter, but stay closed I turned to Thanatos.

As I did he looked at me and he ran straight to the other side of her bed. When he ran Twilight and nightmare jumped up and he's brothers turned to watch Sunset as well. "Come on Sunset, you can wake up whenever you're ready" Thanatos started, "we all miss you" he finished as we all watched as Sunset opened her eyes.

Rocky Road To Friendship

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Applejack POV:

I was sitting in my room just letting myself slowly sink and think. How could I have been so blind as to not see that my sister was jealous of my friendship with Sunset, especially after all she had done. But what I couldn't wrap my head around was why Mac had run her off the road. As I sat on my bed letting my thoughts run wild I got a text from Fluttershy.


'Hey, how's sunset'

'She finally woke up, listen meet me and the other girls at Sugar Cube Corner, we need to talk'

'Alright, I'll meet you girls there'

As I sent the text, I got off from my bed and grabbed my hat as I left my room. I walked down the stairs with thoughts just flowing through my head of how it would go down. I stepped out of my house and walked to my 1966 Chevy c10, I hopped into the cab and just sat for a while still thinking. I finally turned the key in the ignition as my truck rumbled to life I let the radio play as I drove to Sugar Cube Corner.

I drove just letting the song take me away, and thinking of how badly I had screwed up. I had let the rumors, lies, and the way Sunset used to cloud my judgement. Instead of seeing who she'd become in the past three months and how badly I'd hurt my friendship with her and the other girls. I asked myself if I hadn't been so blind, would I have believed my sister and brother could do such horrible things? I realized I couldn't not even know after the evidence had been shown to me I couldn't.

As I pulled into Sugar Cube Corner, I parked next to Rarity's Mazda Miata. I let the song finish it's haunting melody as I shut off my truck. I slowly got out and headed inside to find the girls sitting at a window seat. Rarity was by the window, but she had no sense of prim and proper, Pinkie Pie was sitting across from her, her hair was dark and straight. It almost seemed like she wasn't even the same girl I had known for years, Rainbow Dash was sitting across from Rarity with a scowl on her face almost seeming like we had all turned on her, I decided to sit next to her. Mostly to make sure she couldn't run if she got the notion to do so, we just sat in silence and waited for Fluttershy to show up to talk to us about what she wanted to talk to us about, we didn't have to wait long.

The sounds of the car's muffler cackling like a wild cat on crack sounded outside.

"She's here," Rarity said depressingly.

"Let's just hope...her and Sunset can forgive us" Pinkie said dejectedly at the same time Rainbow snorted and I just looked at her. The sound ceased once more as we waited for Fluttershy to enter, as she did she looked right at us with a scowl on her face and a fire in her eyes.

"I'm glad you girls could make it" she said as she sat down in a chair at the head of the table. The shy girl we knew was gone and in her place, was someone who wanted nothing more than to rip us a new one.

"How's Sunset?" I did not want to look at Fluttershy.

"What do you care about?" Rainbow said, getting all of our attention. "Sunsets the one who framed your sister and her friends, and it's only a matter of time before"

"Oh why don't you take your ego and shove it Rainbow" a voice interrupted her from the door. All of us looked up and there was Princess Twilight walking towards us "you have some gall to take someone's name and drag it through the mud, especially when that person has worked her plot off to make sure everyone knows she's changed. But you can't see that, as soon as something goes wrong and something comes up that seems like it's bad you" she almost shouted pointing directly at Rainbow. "Choose to ignore her atonement and jump on a wagon of moronic idiots who believe lies and slander over truth and character" she finished as she sat down next to Fluttershy.

"Thank you Twilight" Fluttershy said, turning to the rest of us her eyes grew cold as she continued. "You all screwed up and it's not going to be an easy fix, you threw away not only Sunsets trust, but mine as well. You're going to have to earn it back and it's not going to be easy." She finished as me, Pinkie and Rarity looked down.

"Oh boo hoo" Rainbow said, getting angry. "Why should we care '' after Rainbow said that thunder cracked outside jumping all of us.

"Because, I managed to talk down her father and uncles from doing anything that could destroy this world" she said as lightning struck just outside the window. All of us looked outside to see four cars outside, the one we all recognized was Sunsets father's Cadillac.

"Oh yeah and what are" Rainbow got out between coughs. As she pulled her hand away we all saw blood on her hand. "W..why did I cough up blood?" she said frantically.

"That would be Zaraza's doing," Twilight said, smirking. "See you girls may be the elements of harmony on this side, meaning you can help against magical mayhem, but if you can't fix this friendship problem" she said as thunder rumbled. "This world has something that mine doesnt."

"What's that?" Rarity asked, more than a little nervous.

"Wait" Pinkie said as she looked at Fluttershy. "Did you say one of her uncle's was named Zaraza?"

"I met him" I cut in. "He's a famous doctor" after I said that Pinkie went wide eyes.

"But...Zaraza means pestilence in Polish" after she said that my eyes went wide.

"My Granny Smith met with an old friend who's a famous botanist named Nälänhätä" I said looking at Pinkie as she started going pale.

"Nälänhätä is Finnish for Famine, does she have another uncle by chance?" Pinkie asked, looking scared out of her wits.

Fluttershy smiled evilly as she answered. "Yes she does, his name is Krieg" as she said that Pinkie started hyperventilating.

"Geez Pinkie" Rainbow said in anger leaving her voice for a moment. "So what if one uncle's name means Famine and the other means pestilence, what's so wrong wi.."

"Because Krieg means war and I just realized Thanatos in ancient Greece is the Greek God of Death, meaning" Pinkie interrupted Dash. As she started trying to get her breathing user control, Rarity's eyes got as big as plates as the information went into her head, she fainted. As I thought over the information given to us I realized what Pinkie was getting at.

"No" was all that I could get out as my jaw went slack and my eyes went big.

"Somebody wants to explain what's so important about those names, jeez I need to go see Mac" Rainbow said trying to get up.

"Don't you get it Rainbow" Pinkie asked. "Pestilence, Famine, War, Death." She said pleading for Rainbow to realize what we all had at that moment.

"And"Rainbow said, rolling her eyes and hands gesturing for Pinkie to make her point.

"T..t..the f..four horsemen..of t..the a.. apocalypse" she stuttered out as lightning flashed outside the window again.

"Very astute..Miss Pinkamena Diane Pie...very astute indeed" a raspy voice said behind us. We all turned to look at the voice and standing there in the door blocking any means of escape was Sunsets father and three men I could only assume were his brothers.

Rainbow Dash POV:

I had never been more scared in my life, after the revelation Pinkie just dropped. Standing at the door were four men I knew we could do nothing about. "W..what are you guys going to do to us?" I asked, letting the terror fill me.

"We've already done it, miss dash," the one wearing green said.

" correct" the one in the wheelchair said, if I had to guess he was Famine and Zaraza, the one in green was Pestilence, leaving war and death the last two.

"You have a long way to go to atone for your sins" the third one said, ``I guess he's war'' I thought to myself as he continued. The road will not be easy, but you all must understand you are what is stopping the new disharmony from spreading, if me and my brothers get involved" he said smiling letting it sink in what they would do.

"So what do we do?" Rarity asked, looking nervous and dejected. "We can't just go asking for forgiveness after what ourselves and our sister's did."

"Exactly" Pinkie said, looking more dejected than Rarity. "I don't even think I could face her.

"You'll know what to do when the time is right" Thanatos started. "But for now think of your actions and the consequences they've had, and as for you Rainbow Dash '' he said smiling evilly as his and his brothers eyes glowed with color. "We'll be watching you the closest, oh and before I forget, Sunset said her hospital door is open for all of you just don't expect a warm welcome." And with that Thanatos and his brothers exited Sugar Cube Corner along with Fluttershy and Twilight leaving me and the other girls to our own thoughts and what they meant.

Guilty Conscience

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Pinkie Pie POV:

I sat in my apartment by myself, me and my friends or what was left of them anyways had left Sugar Cube Corner and gone our separate ways. I was just sitting on my bed thinking, why would RD think that Sunset was still bad? Especially after all she had done to prove she changed? Why did none of us seek the truth, especially me?

I got off my bed and walked over to my mirror and just stared at my reflection. My hair was dark and straight, I didn't feel pepy or proud of myself. "Oh gummy" I said to my pet alligator "what am I gonna do?" I finished as I let the tears I had been holding back fall. Gummy just blinked at me a couple times as his eyes adjusted and then went wall eyes again, "your right gummy, I need to make this right" I said picking him up. "I need to go apologize to Sunset and Fluttershy and hope that our friendship can be mended.

I set gummy down and headed out of my apartment into the cold air of January, my boots crunched on the fresh snow that had fallen after I'd gotten home. I walked down the path from my apartment, to the side walk where my car was parked. It was a 1981 DMC Delorian that I had rebuilt and refurbished and painted hot pink. I walked around the front of my car and unlocked the driver's door and lifted the door open. I sat in the driver's seat and pulled the door closed, I fastened my seatbelt and started my car.

I pulled away from the sidewalk of my apartment and headed for the hospital. As I drove down the street towards the hospital I just let myself get lost in my thoughts while I focused on the road, I tried my best not to let my tears cloud my vision but it was getting harder the closer to the hospital I got. As I turned into the hospital parking lot I saw Fluttershy's beetle, Thanatos's Cadillac, and his brother's cars all parked next to each other. I parked my car behind the red mustang next to Thanatos's caddie and shut off my car, I opened the door and got out and as I closed the door, and headed for the hospital I could only hope the meeting between me, Sunset and Fluttershy went well.

Nightmare Moon POV:

"Hey Thanatos, do you think I could talk to you for a minute?" I asked him as I got out of my seat next to Twilight and walked up to him. Sunset had fallen back asleep a couple hours ago and his brothers had gone to get some fresh air.

"Sure Nightmare" he said to me. He then looked at Fluttershy, "will you and Twilight be good with Sunset for a while?" He asked her.

"Of course Thanatos, go speak with Nightmare, we'll be fine, I promise" Fluttershy said. Thanatos nodded his head and turned back to me as he got out of his chair next to Sunset's bed. "Ok Nightmare, where do you want to talk?" He asked me.

"I was thinking we could go to the cafeteria and get something to eat and talk there," I said, trying to keep my nerves down.

"Alright let's go" he said smiling at me as we walked out of Sunset's room. We walked down the hall towards the elevators in silence, letting the happiness of today wash over us.

"Sunset is very lucky to have such a caring father like you in her life" I said trying to strike up a conversation with Thanatos.

"I try," he said, looking down. He then looked back up to me as we reached the elevator and pressed the down button "so why have you stuck around?" He asked me while we waited for the elevator to arrive. "Sunset woke up, you don't have to stay anymore, besides don't you have to get back to work?" He asked me as the elevator arrived.

"Well not really, I was only an intern at the police station" I said as we stepped into the elevator, and I pressed the button for the cafeteria floor. "That and I have a feeling Sunsets old friends are going to try and make amends, and she needs all the people she can get in her corner to make sure her old friends don't bully her back into that friendship" I said as the elevator descended.

"That's true," he said. "But Twilight now's you, more than likely from her world" as he said that I flinched a little. "So you want to explain?" He asked with care in his voice.

The elevator opened and as we walked towards the cafeteria, I explained what happened in the other Equestria. How I was the evil alter ego of one of the princesses and how I was cleansed from her, how I woke up in this world, and how it took me a couple months to get situated. I then explained how I made a few friends and started learning about the technology of this world and how I was insanely good at it. I explained how I got a grant to go to college and how I found I was good at helping people and that I was studying and could be used to help anyone I met.

As we grabbed our food and sat down at a random table I told him how he made a few friends in the police department including Captain Shining Armor. How I was able to help solve quite a few cold cases and how I was offered an internship with the police department in their cyber division and their lab, and how I'd been there almost a year.

"So you went from wanting to plunge your world into eternal night, to fighting crime on a cyber level and helped solve at least ten cold cases?" He asked me to sum up what I had told him.

"Yes," I answered looking down. I knew how this was going to play out. The Thanatos started laughing and my head shot up. At least I thought I knew how this was going to play out.

"Oh man that is amazing" he said catching his breath. "I've been in the presence of a princess and an ex-evil queen," he said, still snickering.

"Hey, it's not that funny" I said with a small pout.

"It is when you take into account who I am and who my brothers are" he said wiping a year from his eye.

"Yeah" I started. "Your a famous lawyer, your brother Krieg is a famous general, your brother Nälänhätä is a famous botanist and your brother Zaraza is a famous doctor" I said looking him in his eyes. Then I watched as his eyes flashed from the blue color they were to a pure pale and then back.

"Actually I'm surprised Twilight didn't tell you, but now that I know for fact you're from the other Equestria" he started, and then looked around and leaned in. "Me and my brothers aren't technical from this world either" he said.

I just looked at him with wide eyes, "who or what are you?" I asked with a slight tremble in my voice.

"I'm surprised a being as smart as you hasn't figured it out yet" he said shaking his head letting his eyes glow pale. "I'm death" he said with a very serious look on his face.

Fluttershy POV:

Me and Twilight were sitting and talking in the chairs on the other side of Sunsets room so we could let her sleep. We had been talking since Thanatos and Nightmare Moon had left when we heard a knock on the room's door. Standing in the doorway was a very dejected looking Pinkie Pie "what are you doing here Pinkie" I asked.

"I came to talk to you girls, but I can leave if you don't want me here" she said looking down and sounding dejected.

"Of course you can come in Pinkie, so long as you're alone and we all talk like adults" I heard Sunset say in a very soft voice. "Could you close the door behind you?" She asked.

Pinkie obliged Sunset and walked into the room closing the door behind her. "Hey Sunset" Pinkie started, sniffling a little "I'm glad to see you're doing okay" she finished letting a few years fall from her eyes.

"Well I don't care what Sunset said, leave us alone and choke" I said letting Pinkie feel all the venom in my voice.

"Fluttershy" Twilight started putting her hand on my arm. "Let her say her piece and then we can decide what to do" she finished.

"Fine," I said, crossing my arms. "But I won't be happy about it."

"Come here Pinkie, sit down and talk to me" Sunset said motioning for Pinkie to sit next to her. Again Pinkie did as Sunset said and sat down, not even bothering to look up at Sunset.

"I shouldn't have joined the band wagon" Pinkie said in the smallest voice any of us had ever heard. "I should have looked for the truth instead of seeing the past" she started "I should have looked at who you were becoming because of our friendship, instead of who you were, and the other girls have realized that too." She choked out and sobbed before continuing. "Rarity and Applejack are to distraught after all the evidence was laid out and their sister's were sentenced to ten years in juvenile hall, with the possibility of parole to even make coherent choices, Applejack took it hardest especially since big Mac refused to give the identity of the person with him the night you were run off the road." She said sniffling again "he was sentenced to twenty five years with no possibility of parole, and Rainbow Dash doesn't even care about us or our feelings. Scootaloo, it turns out, was an orphan and when Rainbow heard that she lost it and started calling everyone a liar, mostly because she was too loyal to herself. Now she's saying me and the other girls are abandoning her because we have chosen to see the facts, along with the rest of the school that you were innocent, and still Rainbow believes it was you."

At that point Pinkie just broke down, her tears didn't stop and her sniffling got worse as she tried to continue. "I know that things can't go back to the way they were, all I want is for my friends to be friends again, and for our group to stay friends." She said looking up at Sunset "I know we can never be forgiven for our blindness and stupidity and I'm not asking to be forgiven, I'm asking for what you asked us for, a second chance" she finished letting her head fall into her hands as she cried.

"Pinkie" Sunset started "It is going to take time for you and the other girls to earn the trust that you lost back, you may never earn it back. But that doesn't mean I'm going to be queen bi**h and ignore you guys" she said looking back to me and Twilight. "You girls were there when I needed you most and now you all need someone to be there for you, so I'm going to ask you Pinkie Pie, would you like to start with a clean slate, all of us" Sunset finished motioning to me and Twilight.

"I'd like that," Twilight said.

"Pinkie" I started getting out of my chair. "I agree with sunset, my trust was broken just as much as hers was, but I'm willing to start again" I said kneeling down next to her and rapping her in a hug. I felt Pinkie's arms wrap around me as her head rested on my shoulder as she whispered in an even smaller voice "thank you."

Siren Song

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Rarity POV:

In the past two days I've had people complain about the dresses and suits I've made. They keep saying that what they've bought has given them hives and I've been forced to completely close my sales and destroy the beautiful creations I've made. Mostly because they've also given me hives, I've also done a lot of thinking and talking with Applejack during the destruction process. We've both agreed we need to apologise to Sunset and Fluttershy and right now I was on my way to Applejack's farm so we could go to the hospital together.

As I pulled into her dirt driveway and up to her house my mind was on why my clothing gave everyone hives and how Sunset was doing now that she was awake. I parked my car next to Applejack's truck and shut off the ignition and got out, as I headed to her door I was asking myself how we'd go about apologizing to our friends, especially after what our sister's did, after I knocked her mother came to the door.

"Oh Rarity, how nice to see you" Pear Butter said.

"Hello Mrs. Butter, I was wondering where I might find Applejack?" I asked 'hopefully I won't be bothering her during her chores' I think to myself.

"She's in her room, you can go up if you'd like" she said. "And please Rarity, you girls know you can call me Pear" she finishes as she opens the door for me.

"Of course Pear, thank you" I tell her as I walk through the front door. I walk through the living room to the stairs, as I ascend I keep asking myself how we'll go about restarting our friendship, if we can even get it back. I turn left at the top of the stairs and head down the left hallway to where I know Applejack's room is, and as I stand in front of her door, I feel conflicted. She's lost a lot more of her family because of this whole Anon-a-miss tragedy and we almost lost a caring friend and I realize that this must be done. I take a deep shaking breath as I knock on her door.

"Go away, I told y'all I didn't want to see nobody" I hear Applejack say from behind her door.

"Applejack, darling, it's Rarity please open up" I ask her hoping she'll let me in.

"Go away Rare I just wanna be left alone" she says, I can hear the hurt and depression in her voice.

"Please darling, I know you're hurting but you can't shut me out, I really need to talk, please?" I beg her to let my own depression and sadness into my voice. I hear a chair being pushed back and slow foot falls on the hardwood floor, and at last her door unlocking. As she opens her door I decide to be uncouth and push my way into her room, mostly to make sure she won't push me away. As I turn around I see her close her door again and just look down to the floor.

"I don't know why you're here. Rare's their ain't nothin to talk about, we messed up" she says, sounding even more dejected.

"I know Applejack" I say walking closer to my friend. "But that is the past, we have to push forward and forgive them, and ask forgiveness ourselves" I say, sounding even more dejected than her.

"But how, we messed up, me more than you, mostly because I refused to see the truth in front of my own eyes." She starts, "I can't face either of them, not Twilight, not Fluttershy and most certainly not Sunset. I don't think my shame or grief will let me" she says, finally breaking down.

I wrap her in a hug and just hold her, letting her cry on my shoulder. "I know dear, it's going to be hard but the only thing we can do is go see them and not ask complete forgiveness." As I say this Applejack just looks at me, I raise my hand to her cheek as I continue, "I'm not saying we ask complete forgiveness, we will never get it darling, all I'm saying is that we ask to start over to re-earn their trust and this time, actually listen, I know it will be hard but it must be done." I finished wiping away her tears.

"Ok" she says in the quietest voice I've ever heard. "Can you dive us, I don't think I'm up for it."

"Of course darling let's go see them" I say as I lead her out of her room and to my car.

Krieg POV:

I walked through the halls of the hospital with purpose, I had felt an unnatural amount of distrust and anger. The reason I walked with the purpose of these two feelings was because they are attributes of war, as I walked into Sunsets room I saw my brothers, Fluttershy, Twilight, Nightmare and one of Sunsets ex friends, Pinkie I think her name was. But none of that mattered especially since what I felt was so strong.

"Everyone, I have some disturbing news," I say. Walking right up to my brothers and managing to get everyone's attention without waking Sunset.

"What is it, Krieg?" Twilight asks.

"Yes brother, what has you so riled up?" Zaraza asks as everyone just stares at me.

"I'm afraid that someone, or something has tapped into the power of war" I say, making everyone but my brother's eyes go wide.

" you mean Krieg?" Nälänhätä asks seeming sceptical.

"I mean I followed Rainbow Dash, watching to see if there was an outside force at work" I say.

"Outside force?" Twilight asks. "You mean like mind control?"

"No," I say, looking at everyone. "I mean emotional control, distrust, anger, greed, someone or something is playing off from the element of loyalty" I finish as Twilight's eyes go big.

"But nothing short of Discord could change an element and even then, he couldn't use magic here" she says as she closes her eyes.

"I didn't say they changed the element, I said that their playing off of what the element represents makes her loyal but only to those that she's known the longest, whoever has done this" I say looking at everyone. "Has the ability to play feelings" I finish as Twilight jumps out of her chair, eyes bigger than they were before.

"The only creatures capable of messing with feelings, especially dark feelings, are an ancient race from Equestria known as sirens," she says as she starts pacing. "But all known knowledge of the sirens says that they were banished by Star Swirl the Bearded" she finishes looking at us.

"It seems...Twilight" Nälänhätä starts as he coughs. "That this Star Swirl...banished these sirens to this world...and the reason Krieg here...can feel them is because he is war and this sirens."

"Are using emotions more than leading to war" Twilight finishes, but how do we combat the sirens without the elements of harmony?" She asks as me and my brothers look at each other and smile.

"You're forgetting something Twilight" Fluttershy says.

"Oh my word I forgot something, what?" Twilight asks, seeming paranoid, like she failed a test.

"Who exactly is in this room?" Fluttershy coyly.

"Well let's see" Twilight starts. "Theirs me, you, Sunset, Nightmare, Thanatos, Krieg, Zaraza and Nälänhätä but I...don't…" she starts as the gears start to turn in her head as she stares at Fluttershy and then to me and my brothers as we smirk.

"That's right Twilight" Thanatos starts. "You have the horsemen of the apocalypse at your disposal and those 'sirens' are the true reason my daughter is in that bed. You won't need the elements" he says as we hear a gasp from the door. We all turn to see that we forgot someone who wasn't in the loop was still in the room, plus two new arrivals.

"Y-you mean t-to tell me t-t-that your" Applejack starts.

""F-four Horsemen of the apocalypse" Rarity continues.

"I t-thought that was just a horrible nightmare," Pinkie finishes.

Me and my brothers smile widely as lightning cracks the sky and we let our eyes burn with power. "Afraid not girls" I start.

""Krieg is...right young ones" Nälänhätä continues.

"And we will bend the earth," Zaraza says.

"And we will make these Sirens beg for the mercy of me" Thanatos finishes as a loud boom of thunder sounds.

3rd person POV:

Three girls are sitting around a lunch table at Canterlot High school waiting for a fourth to show up. Everyone around them is arguing and bickering, but instead of school or sports it's about one single person's Sunset Shimmer. Threats are hurled through the lunch room as the students attempt to test at each other's throats, as a girl with rainbow hair sits down at the table.

"Your friends are turning on you," the first girl says. She has blue shin with blue hair and dark blue stripes.

"They aren't loyal to you anymore, they've left you behind. Even your oldest friend has forsaken you, they don't deserve loyalty." The second girl says she has yellow skin and orange hair with yellow stripes running through it.

"They need to be destroyed, starting with the one who has taken everything from you." The final girl says she has pulled skin with purple hair and an aqua stripe running through it.

"I know" the rainbow haired girl says, her eyes shining red. "Sunset will pay and when she finally rests in death will my friends come back and their sister's will be free from her torture."

"Good" the three girls say in unison as the fighting between the students starts to calm all of a sudden. The four girls at the table look around confused at the stopped chaos, as it grows quite enough to hear a pin drop. The three girls let power from the red gems near their hearts shine as red power flows into their eyes, as they try to feed off the anger and distrust in the room, finding to their horror there's none left and it almost seems to have completely vanished within seconds. As the silence persists the other students in the cafeteria start backing away from the table with the four girls, squeezing themselves as close to the far wall as they can possibly get.

The sounds of three sets of feet falling into the hallway outside with the sounds of chains and wheels filled the quiet cafeteria. The four girls looked around as the sounds of ominous music began to play from nowhere and everywhere at once. As the sounds of the foot falls and wheels got closer, the eyes of every student at the back of the cafeteria got bigger as they started to tremble. The four girls weren't affected by whatever was going on with the others and that set off the little warning bells inside of their heads, but when these alarms sounded it was too late.

Thunder boomed from overhead as lightning struck close to the windows of the cafeteria, almost like it was demanding entrance. The doors to the cafeteria flung open with an invisible gust of wind as the eerie music played it's haunting tune. The rainbow haired girl felt the effects first, she started coughing, and retching on her own bike, as it felt like a thousand hammers were pounding into her head. The purple skinned girl started looking around frantically and once her eyes found her prize she kept for it, her prize being the random bag of candy left behind by one of the students and it would never state her hunger.

The blue skinned girl, she felt all the hormones of a thousand teenage girls all pent up and looked for anyone to quell the itch in her loin. When no one in the room grabbed her fancy, she improvised, making any none horrified teenage boy hot and jealous. The yellow skinned girl got it the worst, at first hives started to break out on her skin, that she itched at with fever until they bled, then her stomach started to gurgle as she protested against her colon and bladder. Finally she lost the losing battle and she felt a horrible pain in her lungs, like a thousand needles poking and prodding, forcing her to cough until blood came up and her throat felt raw.

Finally the sounds of footsteps and wheels stopped at the door to the cafeteria and the four girls forced themselves away from what they were doing to see four men in suits, three were standing and the fourth was in a wheelchair.

"Good job getting the students to stop their miniature war" the man with a pale ring said.

"The man on the outer left answered "it was no problem Thanatos, these girls couldn't hope to have more power over war than war himself. And good job forcing two of these sirens to feed their hunger Nälänhätä."

It problem, the only issue was...not infecting everyone" the man in the wheelchair wheezed out. "Zaraza...did you have any issues?" He asked the lady man next to him on the right most side.

"It was difficult, Nälänhätä, but I found a way to make different diseases infect just these two here" he said pointing at the rainbow haired girl and the yellow skinned girl. "The only question I have is, how to break their hold on the element of loyalty?" He asked the three men as they all seemed to contemplate his question.

"You...will never free them" the yellow skinned girl said retching. "We will defeat you" as she said this her gem started to shine, only for the red power from her gem and the other twos gems to fire into the one introduced as Krieg. "How?" The girl questioned coughing and retching more.

"Easy child" Krieg said, stepping forward letting his eyes turn crimson with power. "I am war."

"And now" the one announced as Thanatos said as his eyes glowed pale and he twisted his ring. "You sirens will never bring harm to anyone again, or attempt to abuse the powers of war again. Besides it's our job to end the world" he said as the red from the three girls' eyes died out and they slumped to the ground. Breaking the magical hold they had on the students and teachers, the four brothers turned and left the school lifting their powers as they left.

Leaving very shaken and dazed children to huddle on the back wall of the cafeteria and to let a rainbow haired girl catch her breath. And as her breathing normalized she realized that her dream became reality and everything she had done under the sirens came back to her. Running Sunset off the road, telling her friends they were traitors and that she hated all of them. Telling Fluttershy she was worthless and as she laid there on the floor of the cafeteria soaking in her own blood and bike she could only ask herself one question. "Why would they spare me? After everything I've done why would they let me live?"

New Friends, Dead Enemies (fixed the abrupt ending)

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Rainbow Dash 3rd person POV:

It has been three days since the Sirens died, and school life has gone almost back to normal. I say almost because no one wants to talk about being mind controlled, Principal Celestia and Vice principal Luna have set up counselling for those that were affected the most. I decided to stop by because I was with the Sirens when they died, and because of what I did to my own friends.

"Friends" I whisper to myself, what a hollow word. I turned on mine, Princess Twilight came to see me before she left for her world, and she told me in no uncertain terms that I fucked up. I know I did but it still hurts, none of the girls will even look at me and every time I try to talk to Sunset to apologise or to even talk one of the other girls are around. I haven't even attempted to talk to Fluttershy, mostly because every time she sees me she gives me a cold glare, or just doesn't even notice me.

I've started wearing long sleeve shirts and jeans, because I'm taking out my depression on myself. I've quit sports and started focusing on trying to make things right, Pinkie and Rarity have started the process with me and Applejack is slowly starting to let me back into the group. I sigh to myself as I sit in my room and just think, I look at my wrist and see all of the scars I put there, sometimes I wake up after a horrible night terror and the only way to forget about them is to add another scar, I'll write again soon.

It's been a month since the Sirens died and I've made more progress with Applejack, Fluttershy still won't talk to me but she's not as hostile. I still can't bring myself to talk to Sunset, the friendship games are coming up and I refuse to participate in any of the events, but I still plan on showing up. Maybe I can talk to her there. There was a new student in school today and her name is Twilight Sparkle as well, from what I've learned she's this world's version of Twilight from the portal and I've slowly made friends with her and introduced her to the other girls, except Sunset. That's all I'll write about today, maybe next time I'll be able to say I have my friends back.

I finally was able to approach Sunset went as well as I thought. I apologized profusely and she said she was hurt and that she was disappointed...but she said she wanted to have a fresh start with me, like with the others I cried as I said yes. I told her I'd do anything to have my friends back, Fluttershy saw me crying and I finally talked to her as well, it didn't go as well mostly because she saw the scars I've been hiding, especially from my counselor.

She made me go to Sweet Apple Acres with her and she told all of the other girls what I had done. I couldn't help but feel more dejected, I let my tears fall silently as they found out I had been contemplating my death, Sunset hugged me and said she understood, I cried even harder when she showed us her old scars. I apologized so profusely I lost my voice, that night everything started to get better. We talked, cried and laughed all night. It's been about a month since then and we're all doing better, from what Sunset has told us about Nightmare Moon, the alter ego of Princess Luna from Equestria asked out her father. "Haha" I chuckle to myself as I tap my pencil against my chin as I continue to write, who'd have thought someone who attempted to bring eternal night would date literal death, Princess Twilight has been writing that she's proud of all of us and the progress we've made to repair our friendship. I heard the crusaders might get early parole but everyone isn't holding their breath, not even me they messed up we all did and we're repairing it the best we can.

Sunset says she wants to go back to Equestria for a bit, especially since Princess Twilight says she can open the portal whenever she wants. So Sunset will be leaving and her father and Uncle's are going with her along with Nightmare they've both said that they feel the need to apologise to Princess Celestia and to the rest of Equestria, Fluttershy said she's going and doesn't care about her doppelganger on the other side of the portal especially since Thanatos said that he and his brothers would make sure the world didn't implode. Fluttershy said she was going to give both Sunset and Nightmare Moon courage and someone to stand up for them. They'll be leaving Tom and all I can do is sit here staring at my healing scars and wonder if I've done enough to apologise and show that I've changed. And that I've made sure they can return whenever they want, I'll miss them that's for sure, that's all for this entry, maybe I'll write sooner than a month from now.

Chuck POV:

Everything is going to plan, the friendship problems have been solved and soon Sunset's true destiny will be revealed. I just hope Death, War, Pestilence and Famine are up to the task of balancing a world that has too much harmony. I think to myself as I look at Equestria and wonder why my granddaughters have chosen to do something that even I wouldn't, "I am truly sorry Tia and Lulu but the time of harmony is at its end, as it should have been long ago, the elements will no longer help you and you must learn from the error of stagnation." I say as I look to the portal and help Princess Twilight power it one last time, "I am truly sorry for this Twilight but Equestrias time is at hand and you will unknowingly be the reason for its downfall" I say knowing I could destroy both worlds but I can't bring myself to do it therefore I'll let the keepers of balance do it. Is it wrong probably but it is the only way, I think to myself as I once more watch Sunset, Nightmare, Famine, Pestilence, War and Death as they ready themselves for the next part of their journey, "I am truly sorry my old friend" I whisper as they enter the portal.