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Fluttershy POV:

Dear Diary, it has been a very long and trying week since mine and Sunsets three month anniversary, we were planning on telling our friends on Monday at lunch, but then everything went to hell. Apparently, someone, started a rumor that Sunset was anon-a-miss, and almost the entire school believes it, but with no concrete evidence the Principal's won't suspend Sunset. Which is good because I know it's not her, but school has literally been a living hell, she's getting bullied and being told all these nasty things, she even almost broke up with me because she didn't want to ruin my life, ha as if, I told her I was staying no matter what happened and that I would defend her. So tonight when I go over to Applejack's to have a sleepover with the other girls I'm going to initiate truth or dare, and to prove a suspicious I told Sunset to stay home and I'd tell the others she's sick.

"Alright" I said to myself as I stood up from my desk, and walking to the door of my bedroom, grabbing my sleepover bag on the way. "Let's prove Sunset inoccent" as I walked down the steps to my front door I yelled to my mom who was in the kitchen "I'm going Applejack's for the sleepover I'll be back Monday night."

"Ok, have fun dear" I heard her yell back as I closed the front door and headed for my car. I got in and threw my bag into the back seat as I started my car and I put it in drive. I decided to head to Sunsets first to talk about my plan with her and her father, and I smiled as I turned the radio up. Driving down the road I started to figure out how to pull my plan of I was half sure the crusader's were at Applejack, and I knew I could easily get a game of truth or dare started the only issue was I needed, to suggest a fun game and not out right say 'hey let's play truth or dare' especially since Rainbow has been very different since a started coming out of my shell.

As I pulled up to the sidewalk next to Sunsets house, I out my car in park, shut it off, and got out. As I closed the door I saw Thanatos heading out the door "hey Thanatos is Sunset home" I called to him.

"No I thought she was with you heading to the sleepover you guys planned" he said looking worried.

"No I told her not to leave yet I wanted to meet her here" I said.

"But she got a text message from you, ten minutes ago saying to meet you at Applejack's" he said looking confused.

"What!" I yell, "but I never sent her a text saying to meet me at Applejack's, I had a plan to prove she wasn't anon-a-miss, unless" I start.

"Unless someone managed to get a message sent to her making her think it was you" Thanatos said angrily.

I was literally seeing red as I threw back open the door to my car and said "let's go see my friends shall we." As Thanatos ran to his Cadillac I started my car once more threw it in drive and slammed on the gas burning rubber as I tore away from Sunsets with Thanatos pulling out shortly after and getting close behind me.

Thanatos POV:

As the pale horse sped down the highway behind Fluttershy's black beetle the worst case scenario's and worse popped in my head and I knew one thing for fact as I white knuckled the steering wheel. "If anything happens to Sunset they will beg me to let them go to the after life" I grumbled out, all of a sudden my phone started ringing I didn't even check to see who it was as I answered "Sunset is that you."

"No, is this Sunsets father Thanatos Darkstar?" The mystery caller asked.

"Yes now who is this, where is my daughter" I said slightly pissed as I let a little of my power out.

"My name is Captain Shining Armor of the Canterlot Police Department, I'm sorry to inform you, that your daughter was run of the road. She's at Canterlot Hospital in critical condition" Captain Armor said.

"What!" I yelled as I slammed on the brakes and pulled to the side of the road. "I'll be right there" I said as I hung up and pulled up my contacts and hit the call button next to Fluttershy's name.

"Thanatos why'd you" Fluttershy started as I interrupted her.

"Forget your friends for now sunset is in the hospital in critical condition, were going there first" I said.

"Alright I'll follow you, I'm stopped up at the next light" she said.

"Alright, we'll check on Sunset, then we'll deal with whoever did this" I said.

Rainbow Dash POV:

"Haha that was to easy" I said to Applejack's brother Big Macintosh. I can't believe Sunset believed Fluttershy messaged her and I can't believe how easy it was to run her off the road."

"Eeyup" he said. "Now we can all go back to our normal lives, while that good for nothing rots."

"I know right" I sigh as I lean into him, me and Mac had been dating for almost a year and thankfully no one had found out. We didn't want to take the risk of Applejack getting mad at us, although his parents approved and didn't say anything, we weren't all that ready to go public yet. But what Rainbow or Mac didn't know, was there were three pairs of eyes watching them and a story that would paint one hell of a picture.

Scootaloo POV:

"Alright girls" I started addressing both Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom. "We've got a new story, apparently Big Mac and Rainbow are dating. This is going to paint a very bad picture for Sunset."

"Good" Apple Bloom said. "Now our sisters will pay more attention to us and we can finally get rid of that pony sl** once and for all."

"Apple Bloom language" Sweetie Belle said. "I mean I want to see her gone as much as you, but that language is dreadful" she finished doing an almost perfect job recreating Rarity.

"Come on girl's" I said as I lead the girls to our treehouse. "We've got a story to write."