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Guilty Conscience

Author's Note:

Sorry about the long wait, I started a new job, and kind of lost track of things for a bit, I'm trying to get used to the new routine I have going on. But without further a do, here's a new chapter enjoy

Pinkie Pie POV:

I sat in my apartment by myself, me and my friends or what was left of them anyways had left Sugar Cube Corner and gone our separate ways. I was just sitting on my bed thinking, why would RD think that Sunset was still bad? Especially after all she had done to prove she changed? Why did none of us seek the truth, especially me?

I got off my bed and walked over to my mirror and just stared at my reflection. My hair was dark and straight, I didn't feel pepy or proud of myself. "Oh gummy" I said to my pet alligator "what am I gonna do?" I finished as I let the tears I had been holding back fall. Gummy just blinked at me a couple times as his eyes adjusted and then went wall eyes again, "your right gummy, I need to make this right" I said picking him up. "I need to go apologize to Sunset and Fluttershy and hope that our friendship can be mended.

I set gummy down and headed out of my apartment into the cold air of January, my boots crunched on the fresh snow that had fallen after I'd gotten home. I walked down the path from my apartment, to the side walk where my car was parked. It was a 1981 DMC Delorian that I had rebuilt and refurbished and painted hot pink. I walked around the front of my car and unlocked the driver's door and lifted the door open. I sat in the driver's seat and pulled the door closed, I fastened my seatbelt and started my car.

I pulled away from the sidewalk of my apartment and headed for the hospital. As I drove down the street towards the hospital I just let myself get lost in my thoughts while I focused on the road, I tried my best not to let my tears cloud my vision but it was getting harder the closer to the hospital I got. As I turned into the hospital parking lot I saw Fluttershy's beetle, Thanatos's Cadillac, and his brother's cars all parked next to each other. I parked my car behind the red mustang next to Thanatos's caddie and shut off my car, I opened the door and got out and as I closed the door, and headed for the hospital I could only hope the meeting between me, Sunset and Fluttershy went well.

Nightmare Moon POV:

"Hey Thanatos, do you think I could talk to you for a minute?" I asked him as I got out of my seat next to Twilight and walked up to him. Sunset had fallen back asleep a couple hours ago and his brothers had gone to get some fresh air.

"Sure Nightmare" he said to me. He then looked at Fluttershy, "will you and Twilight be good with Sunset for a while?" He asked her.

"Of course Thanatos, go speak with Nightmare, we'll be fine, I promise" Fluttershy said. Thanatos nodded his head and turned back to me as he got out of his chair next to Sunset's bed. "Ok Nightmare, where do you want to talk?" He asked me.

"I was thinking we could go to the cafeteria and get something to eat and talk there," I said, trying to keep my nerves down.

"Alright let's go" he said smiling at me as we walked out of Sunset's room. We walked down the hall towards the elevators in silence, letting the happiness of today wash over us.

"Sunset is very lucky to have such a caring father like you in her life" I said trying to strike up a conversation with Thanatos.

"I try," he said, looking down. He then looked back up to me as we reached the elevator and pressed the down button "so why have you stuck around?" He asked me while we waited for the elevator to arrive. "Sunset woke up, you don't have to stay anymore, besides don't you have to get back to work?" He asked me as the elevator arrived.

"Well not really, I was only an intern at the police station" I said as we stepped into the elevator, and I pressed the button for the cafeteria floor. "That and I have a feeling Sunsets old friends are going to try and make amends, and she needs all the people she can get in her corner to make sure her old friends don't bully her back into that friendship" I said as the elevator descended.

"That's true," he said. "But Twilight now's you, more than likely from her world" as he said that I flinched a little. "So you want to explain?" He asked with care in his voice.

The elevator opened and as we walked towards the cafeteria, I explained what happened in the other Equestria. How I was the evil alter ego of one of the princesses and how I was cleansed from her, how I woke up in this world, and how it took me a couple months to get situated. I then explained how I made a few friends and started learning about the technology of this world and how I was insanely good at it. I explained how I got a grant to go to college and how I found I was good at helping people and that I was studying and could be used to help anyone I met.

As we grabbed our food and sat down at a random table I told him how he made a few friends in the police department including Captain Shining Armor. How I was able to help solve quite a few cold cases and how I was offered an internship with the police department in their cyber division and their lab, and how I'd been there almost a year.

"So you went from wanting to plunge your world into eternal night, to fighting crime on a cyber level and helped solve at least ten cold cases?" He asked me to sum up what I had told him.

"Yes," I answered looking down. I knew how this was going to play out. The Thanatos started laughing and my head shot up. At least I thought I knew how this was going to play out.

"Oh man that is amazing" he said catching his breath. "I've been in the presence of a princess and an ex-evil queen," he said, still snickering.

"Hey, it's not that funny" I said with a small pout.

"It is when you take into account who I am and who my brothers are" he said wiping a year from his eye.

"Yeah" I started. "Your a famous lawyer, your brother Krieg is a famous general, your brother Nälänhätä is a famous botanist and your brother Zaraza is a famous doctor" I said looking him in his eyes. Then I watched as his eyes flashed from the blue color they were to a pure pale and then back.

"Actually I'm surprised Twilight didn't tell you, but now that I know for fact you're from the other Equestria" he started, and then looked around and leaned in. "Me and my brothers aren't technical from this world either" he said.

I just looked at him with wide eyes, "who or what are you?" I asked with a slight tremble in my voice.

"I'm surprised a being as smart as you hasn't figured it out yet" he said shaking his head letting his eyes glow pale. "I'm death" he said with a very serious look on his face.

Fluttershy POV:

Me and Twilight were sitting and talking in the chairs on the other side of Sunsets room so we could let her sleep. We had been talking since Thanatos and Nightmare Moon had left when we heard a knock on the room's door. Standing in the doorway was a very dejected looking Pinkie Pie "what are you doing here Pinkie" I asked.

"I came to talk to you girls, but I can leave if you don't want me here" she said looking down and sounding dejected.

"Of course you can come in Pinkie, so long as you're alone and we all talk like adults" I heard Sunset say in a very soft voice. "Could you close the door behind you?" She asked.

Pinkie obliged Sunset and walked into the room closing the door behind her. "Hey Sunset" Pinkie started, sniffling a little "I'm glad to see you're doing okay" she finished letting a few years fall from her eyes.

"Well I don't care what Sunset said, leave us alone and choke" I said letting Pinkie feel all the venom in my voice.

"Fluttershy" Twilight started putting her hand on my arm. "Let her say her piece and then we can decide what to do" she finished.

"Fine," I said, crossing my arms. "But I won't be happy about it."

"Come here Pinkie, sit down and talk to me" Sunset said motioning for Pinkie to sit next to her. Again Pinkie did as Sunset said and sat down, not even bothering to look up at Sunset.

"I shouldn't have joined the band wagon" Pinkie said in the smallest voice any of us had ever heard. "I should have looked for the truth instead of seeing the past" she started "I should have looked at who you were becoming because of our friendship, instead of who you were, and the other girls have realized that too." She choked out and sobbed before continuing. "Rarity and Applejack are to distraught after all the evidence was laid out and their sister's were sentenced to ten years in juvenile hall, with the possibility of parole to even make coherent choices, Applejack took it hardest especially since big Mac refused to give the identity of the person with him the night you were run off the road." She said sniffling again "he was sentenced to twenty five years with no possibility of parole, and Rainbow Dash doesn't even care about us or our feelings. Scootaloo, it turns out, was an orphan and when Rainbow heard that she lost it and started calling everyone a liar, mostly because she was too loyal to herself. Now she's saying me and the other girls are abandoning her because we have chosen to see the facts, along with the rest of the school that you were innocent, and still Rainbow believes it was you."

At that point Pinkie just broke down, her tears didn't stop and her sniffling got worse as she tried to continue. "I know that things can't go back to the way they were, all I want is for my friends to be friends again, and for our group to stay friends." She said looking up at Sunset "I know we can never be forgiven for our blindness and stupidity and I'm not asking to be forgiven, I'm asking for what you asked us for, a second chance" she finished letting her head fall into her hands as she cried.

"Pinkie" Sunset started "It is going to take time for you and the other girls to earn the trust that you lost back, you may never earn it back. But that doesn't mean I'm going to be queen bi**h and ignore you guys" she said looking back to me and Twilight. "You girls were there when I needed you most and now you all need someone to be there for you, so I'm going to ask you Pinkie Pie, would you like to start with a clean slate, all of us" Sunset finished motioning to me and Twilight.

"I'd like that," Twilight said.

"Pinkie" I started getting out of my chair. "I agree with sunset, my trust was broken just as much as hers was, but I'm willing to start again" I said kneeling down next to her and rapping her in a hug. I felt Pinkie's arms wrap around me as her head rested on my shoulder as she whispered in an even smaller voice "thank you."