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A new path

Sunset POV:

As I sat in the office across from Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna,I waited to be told how much it would cost to repair the school. They decided not to press charges and to keep my name out of the papers, mostly for the sake of the other Equestria,but they had told me I would have to pay for the repairs.

"Well Mrs Shimmer" Vice Principal Luna started.

"We figured out the cost and it will be exactly" Principal Celestia was about to finish until there was a knock on their door. "Come in" Celestia said, the door opened and in walked a man who appeared to be in his mid thirties, he was dressed in a black three piece suit, with a steel tipped cane. "Who are you and how can we help you?" Vice Principal Luna asked the strange man.

"My name is Thanatos Darkstar, and I am this child's father" Thanatos said. I couldn't believe it, I didn't even know this guy but the way he was looking at me, he knew me. 'If he can help me I'll ask him why he said he was my father later' I thought to myself.

"Well Mr Darkstar" Principal Celestia said. " I am Principal Celestia Faust and this is my sister Vice Principal Luna, Sunset has never talked about you and both me and my sister are curious as to why you would show up now?"

" Well that's an easy answer Mrs. Faust" Thanatos said. "Me and Sunsets mother have had no contact for sixteen years, me and her had a one night stand when I was back in college before I started traveling the world. I never even knew I had a daughter until I was back in this country a few years ago. And even then it took a while to track her down" he said, he was obviously going for the sympathy card with the principal's. "I was only just now able to find my daughter, and I figured I would try and see if she wished for me to help her in this situation so I could attempt to atone for my sins of the past for not being there for her but if all she wishes is for my help with this and to never see me again than I will accept her decision" he finished.

"Well we were just about to tell Sunset how much it would cost to repair the school" Vice Principal Luna started as she looked at me. "Would you like to have us tell you with your father here or would you rather handle it on your own?" She asked me.

"I'd rather my father be here, I want to know if he's genuine after I've been told the price" I said.

"Very well" Principal Celestia said. "It will cost exactly" she hummed to herself as she looked over a piece of paper in front of her. "Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars" she finished. I paled instantly, while Thanatos just seemed to snicker.

"And do you want that in cash or by check?" He said as he looked at both Celestia and Luna with a small smile on his face.

"Cash" Vice Principal Luna said, almost daring him to pull the money out of thin air.

"Alright" he said. "Just give me a few minutes to go to my car and get my duffle bag of money I carry around with me" he said almost joking, but I could tell he was serious.

Death POV:

'That was easier than I thought' I thought to my self as I turned around to head back to the pale horse to get the money. I wasn't lying to them when I said there was money in my car I just didn't know how much, and I couldn't obviously use my powers without anyone getting suspicious. So as I walked out of the office of Celestia and Luna, I could hear them stumbling over their words, so I figured I'd better hurry.

As I walked back out the destroyed entrance of the school and down the steps, to my car, I started thinking. 'Sunset knew I was lying, yet she let me go one, maybe she thinks I'm some kind of ambassador from the other Equestria?' As I pulled out my key to open the trunk of the car, I couldn't help to think I was being watched so I just continued to grab the duffle bag I had noticed and opened it a slight bit, to see there was probably more than enough to pay for the damages.

I pulled the duffle bag out all the way and closed the trunk, and made my way back into the school, knowing that anyone that brought ill will to the pale horse would die before the thought even entered their head. As I walked back into the office of the Principal's I walked up to their desk and set the bag of money on their desk and said. "That should be more than enough for the damages, now if you'll excuse us I wish to try and connect with my daughter."

Principal Celestia opened the bag and her eyes almost bugged out of her head, as Luna said. "You and Sunset are free to go, she is also suspended for one week so that should give you enough time to try and get to know her and for her to decide if you stay in her life or not."

"Thank you Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna, Sunset will be back in school in precisely one week." I said as I turned to look at Sunset, " now my daughter would you like to get something to eat while we talk of why I missed much of your life?"

"Why not" Sunset said. "Besides I have a lot of questions."