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Sunset POV:

It has been a wonderful three months since I was defeated and my father, the literal horseman of Death came into my life. It will also be mine and Fluttershy's three month anniversary soon, I can't even put into words how happy she makes me. Me and my friends have also made up and I'm now a productive member of the school, there is still a little bit of resentment, but not as much as there was, Thanatos also helped me get my license and a car although I told him I could get one myself, where I work at a movie theater close to home, that makes me some good money and I'm going on another date with Fluttershy tonight, maybe we'll finally discuss how to break it to our friends.

Fluttershy POV:

"Oh angel tonight is mine and Sunsets three month anniversary,I hope she liked the gift I bought her" I said to angel as he just munched on his salad. "You're right if I bought her it she'll love it" I couldn't believe we'd been secretly dating for three months,but I didn't know if Sunset was ready to tell the rest of our friends or not. "Tonight I'll talk to her about it" I said to myself as I looked in the mirror at what I was wearing I had gotten into metal mostly thanks to Thanatos and Sunset had accepted me, as the goth I wanted to be. Rainbow and Rarity, both almost had heart attacks, when I came to school dressed gothic the first time.

As I walked down the stairs from my bedroom to the front door to head to my date, I heard my dad yell "don't do anything you'll regret my little butterfly."

As I walked out the door I yelled back "I wont and I'm staying at Sunsets after our date so don't wait up." I walked to the driver's side of my car, 'thankfully working at the animal shelter, pays decently' I thought to my self as I started my beetle and she rumbled to life. I pulled out and started heading for the diner me and Sunset were going to meet at as one of my favorite songs started playing.

I drove down the road just letting Field of Verdun by Sabaton give me courage and take away my stress.

The song finished as I pulled into a parking lot at the diner next to Sunsets car. I shut of my beetle and got out as Sunset came over to me and said "you look beautiful." I blushed as I replied "so don't you" She was wearing a black crop top and a red and orange skirt.

Thanatos POV:

Sunset was out with Fluttershy so I just sat on the couch in the place I called home with Sunset, just surfing mystable. "Damn puns are gonna be the death of me" I chuckled to myself as I saw a post that caught my eye the title simply read 'Is Thanatos really just bidding his time' posted about an hour ago by someone with the name Anon-a-miss. "Well Ms Anon let's see what you have to say shall we."

Sunset POV:

Me and Fluttershy sat and had ordered when I finally decided to ask her if we should tell our friends. "So Fluttershy, I've been thinking" I started "we've been dating for three months and our friends don't really know, I was wondering what your thoughts were about it."

"Well Sunset, I think we should tell them but when we're ready, either way I'm still going to date you" Fluttershy said.

"I know, it's just with this hole Anon-a-miss thing that's started, I don't want our friends or anyone else to think it's me" I said getting worried. Someone named Anon-a-miss had started sharing my friends secrets and I was worried they would think it's me.

"Sunset I know it's not you, mostly because you've worked to hard to prove you've changed, that and I'm pretty, you wouldn't want to lose me" Fluttershy said with a sly smirk on her face. I blushed hard because I knew what she meant, I mean sure she was shy but ever since my dad showed her Sum 41 Fluttershy has been more into metal and isn't as quiet or shy anymore.

"Besides" Fluttershy continued "if it was you, you'd have already posted that I'm in a 'secret' relationship. And get Rainbow on and Rarity on my case" Fluttershy laughed. "No if our friends and other students start blaming you, they'll have to deal with not only the literal manifestation of death but also one pissed of girlfriend. As an old quote goes Sunset 'who do you fear more death or it's herald's"

Author's Note:

Sorry if this is short but I'm planning the anon-a-miss ark to start next chapter