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Death died

I had been around since the beginning, since God himself created the world there needed to be balance. Life couldn't go unchecked, the lives of the creatures on earth would kill the ecosystem then die slowly. Sure they'd still die but it would be worse, so I decided to start giving life spans and helping predators feed. God understood my stand on why he always did but when he created humans I could see where they would go.

Then Samael lead a rebellion against god, said that the humans should have free will, I already had that and I thought perhaps they should. He lost the rebellion and was rechristened Lucifer, me and my brothers were never really welcome in heaven or hell but once it was found out that one day we would cleanse God's mess we never went back. We stayed in purgatory and sometimes traveled to hell.

That was my worst mistake because somehow Lucifer put a collar around my neck and I had to do his bidding my brothers didn't care they wanted to see the plague that was humanity die so that them and the angels could have it. I was the oldest I didn't care everything my brothers did always lead to me always came back to me. War brings me, Famine, brings me, and Pestilence brings me. I'm always the cleaner always the one to end the suffering bring the balance. When I was finally free to walk the mortal plan I made sure to bring Dean to me.

He could be reasonable so I told him the truth that I was old and that I would eventually reap God himself. Though I guess now I won't, that asshole kills me after I've told him he had to kill his brother. Though I should have seen it coming now I'm just aimlessly floating in the cosmos contemplating whether or not to tell him death can't be killed then then take his cursed soul to hell.

I've been floating for what feels like centuries when I finally realize there are doors around me, strange I guess I somehow found God's doors to the other realitys. "Strange I thought he was going to destroy these" I say to myself.

" I was going to but I figured you'd want a second chance you were on a leash and what you really wanted was balance" I hear from behind me.

" Well this is interesting god" I say to the man himself." Why would you give me sich a thing, what's in it for you?" I question him.

" Absolutely nothing" god answers. "You are my oldest friend you were there before my sister and your brothers, before I created the angels and humans. There is a world that links to it alternate self" he says.

" You mean to say that the magical world of Equestria you created somehow linked to the non magical Equestria"I tsk at him. "You should have thought that through."

"Technically I did and didn't" he said. " The ponies that were sent through were either being punished or ran away and the won that ran away needs a father so I figured"

" You figured I'd be right for the job." I interrupt him " me, death, the first reaper who's as old as you? Why?" I question him.

" Because" he says smiling that knowing smile. " You could use a little balance yourself"

"If you haven't realized my all knowing friend" I said waving about myself." But I do not look young, my vessel is an old man I doubt I could raise a child let alone a magical pony child in the human world and have a relationship."

*Snap* " well now you can." He says after snapping his fingers and bringing forth a full body mirror. My vessel looked like he was in his prime at least 30ish.

"So which door and how will I know who it is I'm looking for" I say.

"Just look for the girl with fiery hair at the school with a horse statue out front the school is called Canterlot high." He said " say you wish to pay for the damages done to the school because you are her father she is homeless and you can offer her help for absolutely nothing in return. She might not believe you but you'll have to see. The door your looking for is right in front of you."and with that god disappeared and where he was, was a door. With a very colorful human on it, 'well' I thought to myself 'here goes nothing' as I stepped through the door.

The world was black for a few seconds until the light all of a sudden came back and I was standing in a very beautifully designed living room. "Well" I said out loud "let's see what we'll be driving shall we" I smirked because I already had a sneaky suspicion it was pale. As I walked into the garage I just stared with my jaw almost on the floor. There right in front of me was the same care I drove into Chicago, a pale 1959 Cadillac Coupe DeVille.

It even had the same license plate only instead of California it was Canterlot but it still said BUH*BYE. I laughed "something's never change" I said smiling as I got in the driver's seat and headed off towards the center of the town to see if I could find the high school. As I drove down the street I got more than my fair share of looks, mostly at my car, humans really appreciate a beautiful car.

As I was driving I finally noticed a school with a horse statue out front must be the place I thought. And as I pulled in a song started playing on the radio and I just couldn't help but smile as I parked the car and got out.

The song played it's very eerie and beautiful tone as I walked up the steps to a destroyed front door I could see a few teens and teachers just staring at me. I figured it would be better to break the tension myself so I asked not to anyone in particular "who do I talk to of paying for the damages my child has done to the school?"

At that I got a lot of glares and hateful looks, looks like who ever the child I have to take in isn't very liked one student spoke up and said "you can pay either Principal Celestia, or Vice Principal Luna then tell your daughter to rot in hell"

" And where might I find either of those two teachers, my young egotistical friend" her cyan dance scrunched up obviously hating the fact I called her egotistical.

" You can find them in the office" she answered."Down that hall to your left first door on the right."