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I occasionaly write about gay horses.


It took about two years of collaboration between Princess Cadence and Twilight to create the spell, the first of it's kind: A spell to allow two mares to bear a child together. And Twilight, obviously, was the first in line to test it.

But reporters aren't known for their respect of privacy, much less for a newborn princess. Between news ponies using increasingly invasive methods to get the smallest scraps of information, a baby with too much buck to her, and packed working schedules, Twilight and Applejack have an uphill battle to protect their new daughter- And their sanity.

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You've got some issues with forgetting to capitalize names and proper nouns (for one, the "life" in the title should be capitalized), but other than that little nitpick, this is a very interesting start! I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Aw, thank you so much! And thanks for the tip, that's what I get for writing about the lesbian horses with objects for names. No autocorrect. I'll make sure to fix that!

Very important, before I go on with the story or quit now. How bad are you planning to make reporters be? There's no depressing tags, so that helps.

But I know people love to add drama for the sake of it, and nothing else.

Hello! I

I'm not sure what metric to go off of, to be honest. Especially since I admittedly tend to write front to end with rough idea of where I'm going, and little real outline. But, what I can say is that the reporters are going to mostly range from "nosy" to "harassment."

Edit: I realized I should probably also mention that the reporters aren’t the only thing the story’s about: it’s more like a “Plot A plot B” situation, at I’d say a 50/50 split with the more lighthearted, slice of life stuff about there just, being a newborn baby and all that means for the family.

If you want the TLDR of the spoilers in case you care about that: I don't personally think that it's anything overly drastic. I want the story to be good, not dramatic.

I'll probably include at least one or two "good" newsponies, for lack of a better term, and as of right now my plan is to have somepony who begins to stalk the family, with the climax being when they break into their house. After that, the story will start to wind down as ponies simply get bored of the new princess and move onto the next thing.

If you're more worried about long-lasting trauma, for instance, then... Well, this is set in a universe along with a bunch of other to-be-made stories, so I'll put an extra spoiler warning if you'd like: While things do settle down and reporters by and large back off, Sparkling Cider in the future does have issues with random ponies trying to talk to her in the streets, and even sometimes following her to try to get a conversation going. This leads to her being very nervous and shy as a young child. But she starts to gain confidence once she's old enough to begin having ponies she wants to protect (her little sister and friends, namely).

Of course, if you'd like to provide feedback on any of these fronts, I'm all ears! None of these are in anyway set in stone, so I'd love input!

Oh lord I need to get to updating and check Fimfic more often

aaw, thank you!

Applejack shakes her head. “She’s probably just mad that somepony other than her’s gonna be in the newspaper for the next few weeks. She’s fine. You should stay, the Crusaders ought to be here before long. I’ll make ya some tea.”

Can they not see she's mad that Twilight basically insulted her?

That's not actually why she's mad, I imagine the group jostles each other like that all the time. It'll be explored more in later chapters

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