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I occasionaly write about gay horses.

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It took about two years of collaboration between Princess Cadence and Twilight to create the spell, the first of it's kind: A spell to allow two mares to bear a child together. And Twilight, obviously, was the first in line to test it.

But reporters aren't known for their respect of privacy, much less for a newborn princess. Between news ponies using increasingly invasive methods to get the smallest scraps of information, a baby with too much buck to her, and packed working schedules, Twilight and Applejack have an uphill battle to protect their new daughter- And their sanity.

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"I just need to check on 'em..."

"I'm not gonna wake them up, I'll be quiet."

"Well they might need something, what if they have a nightmare!"

Next gen fluff about Applejack being a momâ„¢

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