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Cobalt is a pony with no memory of anything past the last year, and plagued by terrible nightmares that not even Luna can cure. His simple life as a train mechanic is quickly turned upside down when he is called upon to help Equestria prepare for a powerful new enemy.

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do you mind if i ask but which crossover this is? war of the worlds?

I don't mind any questions, and yes this is a crossover with Jeff Wayne's War of The Worlds, and the really obscure RTS game that was made based off of it.

Why are they coming to here why dose they need him for the martian probably upgrade they weapons or the germs might kill them again when they land in Equestria

While I won't reveal the enemy that will invade Equestria it isn't the martians. Oh and back on Cobalt's Earth the martians didn't succumb to disease, they were defeated by Britains forces. Its an alternate timeline based on the obscure RTS title.

So, Mars is invading Equestria now? Or the pony equivalent, at least?

Not quite, although they will have some parellels to the martians.

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