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Princess Luna wants to be a mother, but hate the idea of a one-night stand and adoption. Fortunately, she knows a spell that help with her wish. Along with three special fillies.

Contains [unbirth/ slight hyper pregnancy]

This story can take anytime before season 9

Editor: Applefai

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Comment posted by ChazMLPFIM deleted Nov 1st, 2019

You really could use more details

The story seems good, but I believe it would work batter as a oneshot than a multi chapter formation.

should grab celestia unbirth her.

I sometimes dream of Princess Luna ubirthed me since I am human being inside the night Princess and I as her human foal .:twilightsmile: :heart: ( of course I would be a girl or a human filly . :twilightblush: )

I would like to do or have a story done of me somehow coming to Equestria as a human female from the USMC as a sniper . My squad were killed and I am the last survivor . Bleeding from bullet wounds keeping the enemy at bay , I begin to weaken losing my strength , I lay with my pack and equipment when a Taleban with a big ass sword comes towards me and is about to chop off my head but suddenly the Lunar sword appears in my hand giving me strength to fight . Grasping the sword in both hands I fight him, and counter his strikes untill I find my opening and kill him by shoving the Lunar sword through his chest and out his back severing his spine killing him . ( To Continue ) Would this story be interesting ?????

I think you should reformat this in to a one shot whit som time stamps instead.
It would propably read beater that way.

Other whys it is a cute story and I will read more.

Seems like Luna has ACD.

Reason 76,279 as to why she wants another mouth to feed could be from what I like to call, Alarm Clock Disease on account of the biological clock all mares seem to have. Almost every mare in existence gets all giddy and lovey dovey over the sight of young fillies and colts running around at play.

Its in all likelihood that at least one of your herdmates will want a sprout to call their own. But ACD is a particularly nasty one. From what I’ve heard, it’s fortunately very rare. But even then, you best pray to Celestia, Luna, and even Smooze if you’re into that kind of thing. I won’t make any judgments here.

From what I’ve gathered in my many decades of travels and observations, not to mention the two dozen herds I’ve been a part of. ACD only strikes mares who are part of a herd where one of the other mares is visibly pregnant. Now I’m no psychologist or whatever, but even I can tell ACD is more than just the mare wanting to cook something in the oven.

For whatever reason, the mare started to go nuts over the idea of getting pregnant. Unfortunately, this isn’t like heat. At least then you get a couple of good weeks to romping around, and even then she's only interested in the sex, not the aftermath. The other huge difference is that ACD can happen when she isn't in season. I’ve seen and heard some horror stories in my time, and there is nothing worse than a mad mare who gets full blown ACD right after her season is over.

Fortunately for you my friend, there are two quick and easy solutions and one not so easy solution. The first and best one, if you ask me, which you should be if your reading my book, is to buy her a few boxes of Barralian hot tea. The stuff is sold all over Equestria and is far cheaper than a foal, I tell you what. Now if you’re the family type, then the other easy solution is to give her what she wants.

Both of these easy solutions are permanent fixes too as I’ve never in my long years have ever heard of a mother suffering from ACD. Some want more foals, true, but nowhere near the level of an ACD addled pony.

The last solution is more difficult for everypony involved. The afflicted mare would have to leave the herd. This is one of those times where you know its all in her head, because no more than three days after she leaves the herd, ACD is gone. She may still have some lingering desire for a foal, sure, but it’s at a manageable level, even for the crazy ones out there.

The other problem you and she should know is that this isn’t a permanent fix like the tea or motherhood is. I don’t know what’s in that drink, but it’s been used for over a century. If she ever rejoins a herd that has a pregnant mare in it, she’ll go right back into ACD like a parasprite to a freshly baked pie.

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