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Shimmer Code Plays : Pokemon Yellow Version - Mistlecode

Sunset Shimmer does a Let's Play with her dimension hopping friend...This is fine.

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Does Chrysalis Get Hard?

Pre-Game Session.

“I compressed that poor bird down into a singularity!” Glimmer felt the color drain from her cheeks as the crimson-stained device of torture fell into the vibrant green grass with a thud.

“You what!?” Sunset tilted her head to the side confused, the random Pidgey was perfectly safe inside the pokeball.

“I'm going to be sick “ Glimmer felt her lunch lunging forward from deep inside her belly, Sunset only able to scream in terror shielding her face from the incoming projectile vomit.

Game Session.

Sunset wore a rose-colored bathrobe on her basement couch, hair still damp from the hot shower she was forced to take, framing her face in disappointment. Glimmer sat to her right wearing an oversized white tee, it was the only clean thing the annoyed bacon hair had to loan to her friend at the moment.

“So the bird wasn't crushed?” The purple-skinned girl tapped her chin delicately with a slender finger.

Sunset rolled her eyes. Flashing the screen to a shot of the bird happily taking up a spot on her Pokemon team. “Yay, It's so adorable and cute!” Glimmer squished both cheeks together with absolute glee, speaking in an over the top motherly voice.

“Just for future references, this game has no killing whatsoever!” The bacon hair girl moved her avatar across the screen towards the side exit of Viridian City, heading off towards a patch of grass.

Sunset came to a slow stop in front of the calm patch of grass. Her character suddenly darted back and forth in the field like a psychopath, the bacon hair focused on the screen with narrowed eyes and an exposed tongue.

“What are we doing?” Glimmer nudged her friend's shoulder.

“I want to catch a Mankey before we head off to our next destination!” Sunset ran in circles on the grass looking around carefully for a worthy Pokemon partner.

“Awww, catching a monkey sounds fun!” Glimmer clapped both hands together, her friend fighting a Nidoran Female and easily punting it into the distance with her electric mouse.

“Not a monkey, a Mankey!” Sunset blew a loud raspberry towards the naive girl, a similar Nidoran lunging out of the grass like a blur in the night.

With a loud shriek, Sunset tossed the controller to her friend. “Use a Pokemon!” She roared in excitement watching as her guest tossed out her newly acquired Pidgey into battle. “Kay!?” Glimmer watched as she ordered her lovely creature to pierce the heavens and swoop down in a blaze of glory.

“It's dead?” Sunset snorted the tiny poison rat tackling the Pidgey into submission with one hit.

“No! She barely lived!” The violet teen slumped over in her seat in despair.

Sunset plucked the controller out of her limp grasp with a giggle of superiority. “Watch an old pro.” She winked sending out her spunky little Pikachu for an easy win, Nidoran not having any of that performed another tackle.

Pikachu's health plummeted to zero from a critical hit, much like the reviews of 'Little Town Hero’ the screen glowed a bright white teleporting both girls back to the Pokemon Center. Sunset could feel a cold chill run down her backside, not from the recent shower either.

“You professionally died.” Glimmer popped both lips, holding back a giggle.

“That was just because I didn't train enough!” She snapped back in reply, watching annoyed as her friend bolted across the grass field and into the alley of The Elite Four.

Adagio suddenly walking onto the screen in a smug manner. Glimmer cringed in utter surprise of seeing her Rival again so soon. “Adagio's assaulting me in this dark alley! I'm scared!” she blurted out as the battle began.

“Stop wording it like that!” Sunset slapped her forehead in defeat.

Adagio quick to send out a higher level Pidgey of his own triumphantly. Glimmer let her prized avion fly free from her confines. “Go Pudgy!” she screamed out excited as her friend scrunched her nose.

“You named it Pudgy!?” Sunset quipped.

“Yeah, she's chunky…”

“She's dead.” Sunset pointed to the television lacklusterly.

“Ahhh! Why is everybody beating me with their balls!?” Glimmer helplessly tossed out the team Pikachu, her opponent swiftly pulling off yet another critical hit tackle sending the poor starter to the ground with a loud squeal.

“OH C'MON! THAT RNG IS RIDICULOUS!!” Sunset stood up from her couch in a scream of rage, both girls whiting out for the second time in a row.

“Perhaps we're not up to this task of cataloging?” Glimmer gave a shrug of her shoulders.

“We're up to it!” Her friend grumbled under her breath rushing upward from the small town, making her way into the dimly lit Forest for a bit of training.

It took a few moments to find a battle between a Bug Catcher. Glimmer watched with awe as it was her Pudgy vs an odd looking green cocoon. “Huh? Reminds me of Queen Chrysalis?” She spoke aloud in a slight trance.

“The Metapod?” Sunset asked confused the bird tackling the Pokemon who could only harden.

“Mm-hmm! She cocooned my friends like that creature once, no idea if she got hard afterward though.” The violet girl flaunted a feminine hand towards a shocked Sunset.

“Oh, how I do pray she didn't harden!” Sunset shook her friend to the side in slight disbelief.

“I couldn't tell you if she did, but I do know that each of my friends were lined up against a dark dirty wall…” Glimmer shuddered.

“Oh dear…” Sunset sighed.

“Backsides facing the Queen…”

“Please no…” Sunset winced.

“Each of my friends harder than the last resigned to face their fate from the darkness.” Glimmer looked to her friend with a stone-faced expression of total seriousness.

“You did…” Sunset dropped the controller in defeat.

“The cocoons were hard, not my friends…” Glimmer spoke up as if it had to be said.

“This has been Shimmer Code, see you all next…”

“Trixie, I fear might have been the hardest that day…”

“Why are we even talking about this!?” Sunset exploded out in a loud shriek.

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Reminder Lavender Town

Sunset, take my advice: next time, invite one of your local friends to play, not one of your 'out of town' friends.

Happy to see this back :twilightsmile:
Always funny to Starlight's obliviousness on camera (at least Sunset probably got plenty of new subscribers from it)... hopefully she learns to use her works more carefully (for Sunset's sake), but for now happy to have a giggle reading it and can't wait for the next chapter :heart:

I demand more Pudgy!

Happy to be back. :rainbowkiss:

But out of town friends are always worth a laugh or two!


Worth a laugh, yes.
Worth the controller or console or tv being broken in fit of rage? No.

I was worried this would die after one chapter. Glad it's back and I can't wait for more.

I'm shooting to have another chapter up by tomorrow.

9932280 Don't rush yourself

Lol, I'm not.

I've been in a real writing mood lately, just barely been able to do so.

I...forgot how absurd this was. Thank you, for that reminder :ajbemused:

I was dieing at the Starlight was practically beginning for a fucking

It was there just for show.

But with a little editing, the Subscription button can now be smashed!

It'll lead you to my Main Page so people can click the Follow Button.

Ty, I wouldn't have thought about actually linking the picture with something.


“I couldn't tell you if she did, but I do know that each of my friends were lined up against a dark dirty wall…” Glimmer shuddered.


“Backsides facing the Queen…”


“Each of my friends harder than the last resigned to face their fate from the darkness.” Glimmer looked to her friend with a stone-faced expression of total seriousness.


“Trixie, I fear might have been the hardest that day…”


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