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Fluttershy plays Dead By Daylight to celebrate a channel milestone!

Though she might just enjoy it, a tad too much.

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OMG, that Subscribe button you created of me is the cutest thing ever! Thanks so much! :pinkiehappy:

Another great story! I don't know how you made this premise work, but you did, spectacularly.

Glad you liked it, just edited some into the spiderverse emojis to a cute template and embedded it with your link.

Also happy you enjoyed this nonsense, lol used to be an avid DBD player.

I remember myself turning from a naive shy killer, to a ruthless killer main. :rainbowlaugh:

Rainbow Dash doesn't know how to build Legion for shit, Coulrophobia? not unless you got an Iridescent Button and even then it's debatable. And I'm All Ears? an under-rated perk for sure, but i'd rather Enduring any day. And lastly, no Ruin? Get ready to have gens busting faster than me.

Now that my Legion main rant is over, pretty good story my guy, cute little theme thing you got with the Youtube style of story, don't see something this unique very often, you even went all out with the subscribe buttons and stuff, gotta admire the dedication, keep up the good work.

I wonder: has Vannamelon has done a Fluttershy plays of that game?

I don't think she has, would be totally cute to see!

I don't think Dashie was expecting Fluttershy to do anything but lose, for the lols.

Ty, I'm more used to writing in a real story format.

So this style is really challenging to keep up, but tons of fun.

As for Mains, I used to be a decent Freddy Main before his rework.

so I'll just call it… Dancing In The Moonlight.” Fluttershy did her best to flash an eager smile.

....I'd enjoy Flutters playing Persona.

And having read the rest of Fluttershy's playthrough.....sh...should we be worried? :twilightoops:


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