Shimmer Code : Fluttershy Plays Dead By Daylight

by Mistlecode

Flutter-Susie Rises

Pre-Game Session, Sneak Peek.

Flutter-Susie skipped down a flight of stairs leading into Lery's Memorial Hospital’s basement. A frightened Dwight struggled on her shoulder for dear life, his wiggles desperately trying to accumulate into an escape.

The young pink-haired girl suddenly flopped him onto a rusted old hook, flesh being pierced as his weight buried the metal ever deeper into his backside. The bellows of pain rang into the night for all those listening to be warned that a heartless murder was on the loose, that she'd show no mercy.

“Oh dear! That looks incredibly painful Mr. Dwight, you stay here and I'll find help…” Flutter-Susie dashed upstairs in a panic, holding her blood-stained blade up high.

Game Session.

“Hello, I'm Fluttershy.” A feminine yellow teen waved her thin fingers towards the camera embarrassed, turquoise eyes darting away from the webcam as much as possible.

“Um, Sunset recently broke ten subscribers to her channel.” Pink waves of hair hid the teen's face away, while she gave a dainty clap in applause.

“So yay!” A barely audible whisper escaped her lips.

“In celebration, I'm playing Dead By Daylight…” She covered her mouth in sheer terror.

“Which sounds absolutely horrendous, so I'll just call it… Dancing In The Moonlight.” Fluttershy did her best to flash an eager smile.

Rainbow Dash had suggested she play this title, that people would get a kick out of the irony. When she, of course, refused her Technicolor friend spoke that a certain character was a mirror image of Fluttershy, soon overcome by curiosity she begrudgingly accepted the challenge.

On the screen stood a very shy Legion Susie, with arms crossed behind her back anxiously wearing a torn oversized hoodie. Indeed she had an air of fear wafting from her petite frame, face hidden behind a stitched mask as if unable to face the world without a bit of security.

Fluttershy’s heart went out to this poor teen, a part of her dearly wanted to step through the basement television and embrace her in a tight hug.

“This is Dashie’s copy of the game, on-screen is my shy friend Ms. Susie - we're just here to make a few friends.” Fluttershy giggled switching over to the perk screen casually.

“Dash suggested I run these four perks…” her voice cracked with uncertainty.

“Sloppy Butcher, um I mean Silly Billy…”

“Coulrophobia, which has a cute clown face on it…” she gave a zoom in upon a grimaced clown face on the screen.

“Thanatophobia, which means fear of um dancing.” A squeal of unease echoed from the distance.

“Lastly, I'm All Ears! - So we can hear our new friends from long distances.” Fluttershy took a deep breath as her hands trembled, pressing start on the screen she was spirited off to meet the survivors.

The screen zoomed in on Susie of the legion. The surroundings were that of a rotted old mental hospital, Flutter-Susie was quick to glance around herself in awe of the decayed beauty all around her. “This place is actually pretty in a surreal way.” She spotted a crow cawing towards her in the distance.

“Aww, we even have cute woodland friends!” Flutter-Susie gave a squee in excitement pressing a button to wave, instead, she swiped a razor-sharp blade in front of an open doorway.

A Meg, unfortunately, stepped out into the open oblivious to the killer. The swipe stabbing the young woman hard as she screamed and dashed away. “Oh no, I stabbed her! Quick Susie, ask if she's alright!” Flutter-Susie watched herself clean her blade atop her sleeve.

“I don't think that helped.” She whispered.

Flutter-Susie dashed down the open hallways of the abandoned hospital in a free sprint. “My ears told me that a survivor was near, so I decided on a healthy little power jog to say hello.” Flutter-Susie giggled happily before hearing her avatar scream out in pain on screen.

“Oh dear, she must've gotten a cramp from running.” She spoke in a concerned manner coming to a stop in front of a pallet, waiting for her new friend to catch her breath.

A shirtless David bravely exploded out from a nearby room rushing over. “Why hello, you must be cold without a…” he slammed the pallet on Flutter-Susie who screamed in pain.

“Hey, that wasn't really…” a Claudette poked her head out of the doorway blinding the killer with a flashlight, the whole screen burning a bright white hue.

“I'm not sure these people are nice…” the yellow teen pouted confused.

After a few failed attempts to say hello. Flutter-Susie was beginning to feel flustered, she had about three pallets slammed down on her head. Each time followed by very rude blindings from that Claudette. She knew if these people were going to ever respect her, she'd have to put at least one of them in a timeout.

The smug Claudette made herself known in an empty room, clicking her flashlight on and off dozens of times as if calling out the soft-spoken killer. “So you want to play? We'll let's give you a proper deep wound.” She darted towards the survivor at a swift sprint.

Claudette was quick to jolt down the nearby hall. Her body skidding to a stop in front of a trusty pallet, waiting for Flutter-Susie to draw closer. Of course, she did, suddenly stopping right before the pallet. As it fell, the shy girl slid over the splintered wooden surface giving the smug woman a nice deep stabbing.

“Yay! I finally…” the wall glowed a deep crimson to her right, surprisingly enough after dashing over, she was able to stab the shirtless David hiding beside a filthy bed.

“Wow, two-fer! No wonder Susie does this as a hobby, it's kind of fun!” A delicate hand lifted over the pink-haired teen's lips, hiding away a devious grin.

“I just wanted to be your friend.” Flutter-Susie carried a flailing Claudette on her shoulder over to a bloodstained hook near the front exit.

Without a second thought, she slammed the survivor down on the hook as she howled out in agony. “My friend Mr. Hook would love to make Ms. Flashlight's acquaintance!” Flutter-Susie gave the hanging survivor a quick stab to the ribs.

With a wiggle of despair, the Claudette expired and grew limp, twisted claws of a dark entity burrowing into our reality slowly devouring her body into a haze of black mist. “Aww, guess it wasn't meant to be.” She felt a smirk curl across her lips.

Two generators were left and these survivors had seriously underestimated our shy yellow maniac. Flutter-Susie sprinted over a few windows to easily stab David in her feral frenzy, following it up with a quick jolt to a frightened Dwight. “Staby-staby!” She slashed him with ease scaring him right into a locker frazzled.

Giggling she came out of her frenzy and swung open the locker doors in excitement. “Only cowards hide!” Flutter-Susie held her blade to Dwight's neck mockingly before yanking him out of his sanctuary.

She had a hook around the corner with his name on it.

David struggled on the hook helplessly in front of a moonwalking Flutter-Susie in the main operating room. “How was that? I think my moonwalking is getting better?” She watched as David went limp on the hook, his soul soon being eaten whole by the dark entity.

“Of course it is, it caught you off guard!”

“Three, two, and one.” Our psychopathic little hero watched the bright red silhouette of Dwight hunch over on his hook in the distance with a loud yelp of pain.

As he was lifted by demonic claws into the mist above, she watched the hatch door open in front of her feet proudly. “Hello! You've been nice all game.” Flutter-Susie nodded cutely to the Meg gently poking herself out from behind a desk.

“I'd be honored if you escaped through the hatch.” She took a step away politely, the Meg dashing for her salvation gratefully.

With a mighty leap her escape was certain, only to be swiftly snatched out of the air by the giggling yellow teen. Bursting into a series of loud chortles she slung the final survivor onto a filthy hook never watching her struggle as she walked back to the hatch.

“Sorry, not sorry.” Flutter-Susie kicked the whispering hatch shut.

After all, she needed the extra points.

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