• Published 5th Aug 2019
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Shimmer Code Plays : Pokemon Yellow Version - Shimmer Code

Sunset Shimmer does a Let's Play with her dimension hopping friend...This is fine.

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Enslavement Simulation

The screen sprung to life focusing on two young girls sitting upon an old worn sofa within a dimly lit room. The yellow-skinned girl on the right wearing a cute violet blouse with a comfy pair of blue jeans. Her dark red hair a complete mess with vibrant golden streaks throughout.

On her left sat an overly enthusiastic violet skinned girl wearing a hipster beanie. Sporting a nice white tee with a turquoise vest over the front. Blue jeans hugging her hips as long violet hair bounced down below her shoulders playfully with pastel blue streaks.

“Welcome back to Shimmer Code!” Sunset Shimmer gave a feminine wave of her fingers to the camera.

“Hello, room!” Starlight Glimmer waved her arms frantically in excitement.

“No, Starlight! Say hello to the webcam.” Sunset giggled with a roll of her eyes.

“Oh! Hello, camera, nice to meet you!” Starlight let a squee escape her lips.

“Uh... nevermind.” Sunset shook her head side to side.

“This is a special episode indeed! I'm joined today by my Sista from another Mista... Starlight Glimmer!” Sunset happily introduced her friend visiting from another dimension.

“We're not really related!” Starlight snorted cutely.

“Since my friend is visiting from out of town for a week. I thought we could play a staple of the gaming community, a perfect way to ease Starlight into the concept of video games.” Sunset tilted off to the right looking over a messy pile of games.

“We have games in Equestria! I just never played them much…” Starlight gave a sheepish shrug.

“Ah! Too busy studying?” Sunset scrunched her nose cutely with a knowing wink.

“No, just planning revenge on pony kind.” Starlight replied with a stone-faced expression.

Sunset raised a thin brow in a bit of a shock. Quickly fishing out an emulator of one of her favorite old school games from the messy pile. Giggling she held up “ Pokemon Yellow Version” up in front of her webcam, pastel blue eyes sparkling in the dim light.

“Anyways, we're playing Pokemon Yellow Version!” Sunset screamed in excitement before leaning forward, inserting the game into her machine.

The television screen glowed brightly to both girls as Pikachu was seen coming into view on a radical surfboard enjoying a massive wave. The tiny mouse zooming off into the distance while exciting music played, before reappearing happily strapped to a dozen or so balloons floating into the sky.

“Awww! That little mouse is quite adventurous, are we going to kill it?” Starlight asked in slight confusion.

“What!? No, we will be collecting him and other adorable little creatures.” Sunset cast a worried glance to her side, booting up the main screen.

“Oh! An enslavement simulation!” Starlight clapped her hands together happily.

“...” Sunset let her eyes widen out in worry once more.

The black screen fading slowly as the silhouette of an older man appeared. He was flashing a wry smirk dressed like a professor. Explaining on screen the world of Pokemon and what to expect on the coming journey.

“So this gentleman spent his whole life studying these creatures?” Starlight tilted her head to the side slightly.

“Mm-hmm! Now he wants us to...Catch em’ all!” Sunset squealed with a slight bounce in her seat.

“But if he was studying them, why not just enslave them along the way?” Starlight let her lips form into an annoyed frown.

Sunset simply nodded along as she placed the character’s name on the screen as Sunny. A secondary screen coming into view showing off a smug-looking young boy in need of a name. Sunset giggling slyly as she wrote out Adagio.

“When I was brainwashing my community. I didn't learn their secrets then subdue them, I did it all in one swift efficient assimilation.” Starlight blew out a raspberry in deep thought of her past.

“That was fascinating!” Sunset politely replied as the screen shifted to the tiny room of a child.

“Where did the elder go!?” Starlight gave an expression of genuine confusion.

“That was just set up! The real adventure begins now!” Sunset walked her character outside before passing the controller to her guest.

Starlight was quick to squee looking over the small controller awkwardly. Within seconds, placing it down on the floor hunching over as she pinched the tiny sticks between her slender fingers, moving the character on the screen in circles.

“These joysticks are so petite!?” Starlight poked her tongue out the side of her mouth.

“Uh, you're supposed to use your thumbs.” Sunset shook her head softly side to side.

“Ohhhh!” Starlight placed a single thumb on the stick moving the character forward, still hunched over uncomfortably.

“Whatever. Head to the grass.” Sunset snorted.

“This is so…” The screen flashed erratically.

Starlight suddenly screamed in horror as she pounced off behind the sofa with a loud crash. Sunset exploding into laughter before scooping up the controller off the floor. Starlight poking her head out shivering in place slowly, watching her friend play the game.

“What was that horrific sound? Assassins?” Starlight spoke slowly in a daze missing the professor catching a Pikachu on screen.

“Does Equestria have assassins!?” Sunset pursed her lips glancing to the frightened girl curiously.

“Not naturally, but I have made many enemies.” Starlight narrowed her violet eyes.

Sunset gave a very uneasy laugh in return. Hoping in her heart a series of equestrian bounty hunters weren't running around her school this very minute. Starlight slowly collecting her nerves, easing back into her seat on the sofa with a huff.

Sunset now in the professor's main lab, being given a Pikachu as her first pokemon. Starlight scrunching her nose confused not quite sure what was going on.

“Where are we now!?” She spoke with anxiety growing in her voice.

“It's a Pokemon Lab!” Sunset rolled her eyes.

“We're experimenting on them now!?” Starlight gasped her hair frazzling out wildly.

“No! It's a …” The screen flashed wildly as Sunny was plunged into her first rival battle.

“Adagio's assaulting us, jumping us from behind!” Starlight covered her eyes in genuine shock.

“Please don't phrase it like that…” Sunset held back an awkward laugh.

Focusing on the battle against a low-level Eevee on screen. Her Pikachu easily made short work of her rival. Starlight watching with shock and awe, her large violet eyes sparkling brightly.

Sunset smirking as she watched her rival dash out of the lab in a pout.

“That's about all the time we have today!” Sunset paused the game in front of her saving.

“Awww!” Starlight crossed her arms over her chest sighing.

“Don't worry Starlight, it's just a small break!” Sunset gave a cute giggle towards the camera.

“So till next time…” Sunset winked to her audience.

“Stay classical!” Starlight screamed joyously waving to the webcam.

“Actually, this has been Shimmer Code.” Sunset quirked a brow towards her giggling friend.

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