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The Three Filly Goats Gruff

Once upon a time in a small quiet forest, there lived three little goats. Their names were Gruff-a-loo, Gruffy Belle, and Apple Gruff and they were the best of friends. One sunny day, the trio went out to their favorite meadow for lunch, but to their horror, there was hardly any grass at all.

“Uh oh. Now what?” Gruffy Belle asked.

“Don’t worry, girls. Look.” Apple Gruff said, pointing a hoof in the direction of a meadow filled with lush green grass; it was on the other side of the river. “There’s plenty of grass over there.”

“All we have to do is cross the bridge.” Gruff-a-loo chimed in. “Last one there is a rotten apple!”

But before she could even get close to the bridge, Gruff-a-loo felt her tail being yanked on. It was Gruffy Belle and she was pulling her back towards them.

“Wait! We can’t cross that bridge!” She said, letting go of her friend.

“Why not?” Gruff-a-loo asked as she got back onto her hooves.

“Didn’t you hear?” Apple Gruff chimed in. “There’s a nasty old troll that lives under that bridge. And if anyone dares to cross, he catches them and eats them.”

“What?” Gruff-a-loo scoffed. “Oh please. I’m not afraid of some troll.”

Just then, Apple Gruff had a though. “Girls, I think I have an idea. It’s crazy, but I think it’ll be crazy enough to work.” She pulled her friends closer to her and whispered her idea to them. After a few moments, they split. “You get what I’m sayin’?”

“I think so, yeah.” Gruffy Belle replied, nodding her head.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s do it!” Gruff-a-loo exclaimed before trotting towards the bridge.

“You really think this’ll work?” Gruffy Belle asked.

“I don’t know, but it’s at least worth a try.” Apple Gruff answered.

Gruff-a-loo started to make her way across the bridge, but as she was almost halfway across, a large figure made its way in front of her and blocked her way. It was tall and fat with green scales for skin, claws, and sharp teeth. It was Sludge the dragon troll.

“Who’s crossing my bridge?” He asked before noticing Gruff-a-loo. He perked up and smiled. “Ooooh, a little filly goat? What luck! And just in time for breakfast.” He licked his lips.

Gruff-a-loo took a step back and said, “No, wait! I’m… far too small to be a good enough breakfast for you. Wait for my friend; she’s a lot bigger and tastier than me.”

Sludge paused and thought, even though thinking wasn’t his strongest asset. He was hungry, but he was willing to wait for a supposedly bigger morsel. “…Okay, fine. Get lost.” He made his way back under the bridge to wait.

“Okay!” The little goat said before speeding off towards the grass. “Phew.” She wiped her brow and started to munch.

“So far so good.” Apple Gruff said with a grin. “Your turn, Gruffy Belle.”

“Okay, here goes nothing.” Gruffy Belle said before making her way towards the bridge.

But as she was halfway across the bridge, Sludge jumped up in front of her and blocked her path, just like he did with Gruff-a-loo.

“Who’s crossing my bridge?” He asked. He licked his lips and narrowed his eyes at Gruffy Belle. “A second filly goat? And definitely better fit for my breakfast.”

“No, not me!” She cried out. “I’m hardly a snack for a mean old troll like you. Wait for my friend; she’s a lot bigger and tastier than me.” She batted her eyes innocently.

Even though he was extra cranky and even hungrier than before, he again decided to wait for an even bigger morsel. “Fine. Beat it!” He went back under the bridge to wait.

“You got it!” Gruffy Belle quickly said before racing off towards the grass to join her friend. “Phew. Made it.”

“Great. Now it’s Apple Gruff’s turn. Let’s hope this works.” Gruff-a-loo commented. Gruffy Belle nodded as the pair watched the scene unfold.

“Well, that’s my cue.” Apple Gruff said to herself before trotting towards the bridge.

And just like before, Sludge jumped up onto the bridge and blocked Apple Gruff’s path as she was halfway across.

“Who’s crossing my bridge?” He asked. He smiled, licked his lips, and rubbed his hands together as he glared at the little got before him. “A third filly goat? Oooh, and not a moment too soon. I’m beyond famished. Yum, yum.”

“Howdy.” Apple Gruff said before she gave her friends a wink; they winked back at her. “Before you eat me, Mr. Sludge, I’d like to say those are very pretty flowers growing by the bridge.”

“Flowers? Bah! Who cares?”

“I do. And I bet they smell as sweet as they look pretty. Don’t you think?”

“I, uh…” Sludge stopped; he didn’t know. “…actually, I don’t know what they smell like.”

“Well, why don’t you sniff them and find out?” Apple Gruff bounced her eyebrows at him and gave him a smirk; she knew how gullible he was.

Sludge rolled his eyes. “If I do, will you get off my back and let me eat you?”

“Whatever you say.”

So Sludge went to the other side of the bridge to smell the flowers. But as he was bending over to sniff them, Apple Gruff and her friends snuck him behind him and head butted him as hard as they could. Sludge cried out as he fell forward straight into the river and he struggled to stay afloat as he was carried away by the current, never to be seen again. The three little goats cheered and jumped for joy as they waved goodbye to the nasty troll.

“So long, Sludge!” Gruffy Belle called out.

“Later, loser!” Gruff-a-loo added.

“Happy trails!” Apple Gruff chimed in. “See, girls? I told you my plan would work.” She grinned before all three of their stomachs grumbled. “…Lunchtime!”

Her friends nodded. Then the trio of goats ate all of the fresh green grass they could ever want. After that, the three friends could all cross the bridge whenever they wanted and eat their fill of grass. And from that day on, they lived happily ever after.