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A pony who is down was on a rough road ahead. Though, someone came to visit her, as means of comfort. While he is gone from his world, he visits another to calm one soul before he passes on. He was quite a person, and made many people smile in his world. Many revered him as someone, who was pure and genuine, making a neighborhood for new and old. And with him gone, the world came together to honor his passing. He was going to heaven, but he asked for one request before he truly passes on.

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Yeah, go Mr Rogers!

I grew up with Mr rogers. He taught me so many things, helped me through more then I'd like to discuss, but this fic is exactly how it should be. Simple yet powerful and short yet strong. When a fic makes you cry with so few words you know you made a good fic. I will easily say this is a good fic

D'aaaw! Such a sweet story.

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