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Hi! I'm Carnelian Fox! Thank you so much for looking at my user page. I hope you'll like what you see. I have high hopes for uploading more stories in the future.


Scootaloo never wanted to come across as insecure, afraid or weak in any manner. She struggled with not being able to fly, and life's little misgivings would pile on top. It wasn't until she had a life-changing conversation with Fluttershy that she knew what to do to end the chapter of strife her insecurities had written in her life.

Slightly inspired by "All Over Now" by The Cranberries.

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Comments ( 4 )

Very nice story. We need more of these kinds of messages in the world, well done!

Great story man, I just think you need to fix the "I looked up at see Fluttershy's concerned teal eyes" part the rest is perfect

The singing abruptly stopped, and the door swung open with me falling into the doorway. I looked up at see Fluttershy’s concerned teal eyes. With a sheepish chuckle, I greeted, “Hey there, Fluttershy. Can we talk?” Her expression of concern transformed into a soft, empathetic smile.

Thank you for pointing that out! I'll fix it right away!

You're welcome

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