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I became a brony after a friend of mine dared me to watch an episode of my little pony friendship is magic I started with only one and the another pretty soon I was hooked.


Patrick Porter was just a normal brony hanging out at Bronycon, but after hearing of people going missing he decides to check out the vendor in which all the people had last been see. But after a chance encounter with a Red and Pink wig, He ends up transformed into EQG's Babs Seed.

Part of the https://www.fimfiction.net/group/214042/canterlot-adventures collab from Equestria Girls from EQ Girls Babs POV.

If you want a character, contact Apple Bloom (The Blue EM2) via PM. Needed are characters at CHS
and at Crystal Prep Academy (students, staff, as well as Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna), as well as other community members like Filthy Rich and his Wife. Also, needed are members of the Apple family.

We are in the Legend of Camp Everfree arc, and we need Timber spruce.

https://www.fimfiction.net/story/425481/canterlot-adventures- Mah cousin, Apple Bloom
https://www.fimfiction.net/story/425396/the-belle-rings-true - Sweetie Belle
https://www.fimfiction.net/story/425505/a-case-of-the-scoots - Scootaloo
https://www.fimfiction.net/story/425903/when-lightning-strikes - Rainbow Dash
https://www.fimfiction.net/story/425429/rainbows-times-two - Rainbow "Double R" Rose (Rainbow Dash's cousin)
https://www.fimfiction.net/story/425595/of-booze-and-berries - Ms. Berry Punch (History teacher at CHS)

https://www.fimfiction.net/story/426129/in-the-twilight-hour - Twilight "Sci-Twi" Sparkle
https://www.fimfiction.net/story/425677/power-of-the-cybernetic-soldier - Tempest Shadow (CHS's Girls Physical Education Teacher).

We have a Discord server! If you signed up as a character, please use this server! https://discord.gg/EyBkx5g

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Comments ( 36 )

Ohlala, This Oneshot is very interesting*Continues to read*

It was at this moment that all of Babs Seed's memories flooded Patrick's mind, leaving her with two sets of precious memories and a new life full of adventure and excitement.

Patrick, why did ya'r memory came flooding all of the sudden

I just couldn't think up any other way for my OC to get Babs Memories into the story.

yep, True words. I know the pain of having to make an OC

so far, so good!

If you need help with the next part (being at Sweet apple acres with the family and eating the pie, as well as enrolling at CHS, let me and The Blue EM2 Apple Bloom know.

Does there need to need to be more? This story was just ment for me enter in the canterlot advantures eqg collab.

I was just confised as to the fact that it has the complete tag. I'd got the impression you'd be writing stuff that was happening from now on from Babs' perspective.

well, I think you should add more to your story, like how the new Babs seed is interacting with her new family, school, meeting the other students and also the other older girls (mane 6 characters, etc).

Unfortunately, I cannot do that if I don't know where Babs enters in the narrative.

maybe just before the Friendship games? She would attend classes with the cmc and maybe watch as the other apple bloom nearly falls into one of the portals when Midnight sparkle opens them. But she would be happy to see her cousin back from the dead, so to speak, as somehow "Tom" replaced apple bloom after that I think.

WE were planning to do our take on Legends of Camp everfree and of course, Babs would come along for the week camping trip. imagine her reaction to Gaea Everfree or her cousin AJ with her Crystal Guardian super strength pony up thing from those Geodes that are found in the cave by Gloriosa and later obtained by Sci-twi and Sunset shimmer.

Ahhhhh I see what u did there

"Ya, I'm fine Aj, I guess I'm just really tried from the long trip from Manehattan to here." She says with smile on her face hoping to alleviate the Apple Farmers worries.

‘Just really tried’

Yeah imma shut up now

I was thinking straight after we get back from Camp Everfree would work a little better, as otherwise we would need to do a massive re-write.

Hey, at this point Babs doesn't know that the Aj she's talking to and the Guard at Bronycon are the same person.

I totally agree with that. maybe explain later in the story to babs about the camp everfree trip and how aj now has super strength due to her geode/pendant she got at the camp.

But this means that Babs has arrived just as AB and AJ are being punished.

being punished for what?

If you look back in Canterlot Adventures, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle were not permitted to go to Camp Everfree, so their siblings smuggled them aboard.

I think Babs should arrive shortly after the Camp Everfree trip, as seen in this story. then of course, after the explanation that the cmc were punished for sneaking aboard the bus (with the help of Rarity, AJ, and Rainbow Dash, who were also punished as they aided the younger girls).
Plus the girls' tales of the summer vacation to Babs (encountering Gaea Everfree, seeing their older siblings/sibling figure pony up with new Crystal Guardian forms, etc), would make for an interesting conversation.

I'm with kwr2k13 on this one it does seem it would make a better story.

So... Those stories are mainly adult male bronies transforming in young teenage girls?

In some cases, but most of the time it's just done to have fun writing a story.

Welcome to the group, Heartfire Firebrand writer of Tempest Shadow at your service

Thanks I'm glad to be here, so what do you think how did I do with the first chapter.

I liked it, it was a good read. Probably better than I can do, also a bit of advice if you haven't read everyone else's stories I believe you should do so.

Oh ya Bloom and AJ said the thing to me a while back long before I put this story to paper. But I can't take all the credit for this chapter Bloom did a heavy edit on the original and I'm extremely greatful for his help.

Yeah I am glad to be part of this group, you know what screw it, welcome to the family.

I'm glad to be here Tempest and thanks for the warm welcome.

Mostly so far. We've had a few tfs that aren't gender changes, such as Scootaloo.

Tempest shadow teaches the girls' physical education classes and health and wellness/nutrition classes/electives. Part of the PE grade has the classes on wellness/nutrition health and the other is the sports/gym/shower participation.

For the most part, yes. There's exceptions, like Scootaloo's story and Tempest shadow's.

OC's and canon mlp characters welcome (all the main cast is taken).

So does that mean we'll be continuing the story as of now or are we still on hiatus?

We will be continuing the story as apple bloom and aj can tell Babs about the summer camp and how they helped stop Gaea Everfree/Gloriosa Daisy, as well as raise funds to save the camp from Mr. Rich by holding a charity event with the Rainbooms band playing at the Crystal Caverns venue.

I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but never mind.
Thank you for the chapter!

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