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I've been lurking for a while but I finally made an account to post my stories lol


There are many ponies inhabiting this grim AU, and all have their stories. There are immigrants fleeing to Equestria, odd ponies trying to fit into the 'normal' world, a government crumbling, and an organization of questionable morals trying to take it over from the shadows. All are connected in trying to fight through the struggles of Civil Equestria.

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I'm a bit nervous... Usually writers who've only written one story where the first chapter is less than 2,000 words tend to die or at least take really long to update.

Don't worry, I'm already working on the next chapter AND I have the whole story planned out 💜

I’m assuming the title was supposed to be borders, as in the lines between countries.

I sent this to a lot of people and you're the only one who has pointed this out...thank you. I'm really embarrassed. Spelling is not a strength of mine.

What part confused you? I can clarify if you'd like.

I make spelling mistakes all the time and welcome people pointing them out as long as they’re sincere. I’ve even fired off at someone who attacked one such grammarist. I’m just glad to hear you didn’t take my drive-by correction as an insult :twilightsmile:

to be clear this is the equestrian gov?

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

I havent thought about it much, but I do have a few voices in mind
Bright is hard since she has an accent from a fake country with it's own language, but would have a higher voice with a eastern European sounding accent.
Diamond I think is like... Catra from the new She Ra but like older and slightly higher?
Seance is Peridot's voice
Lady Luck would have a naturally masculine voice but she talks higher so like...that but a very elegant and smooth voice. Gah, I wish I could find an example because she's kinda my fave right now

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