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Thanks for checking me out, if I've not posted in a while it's because I'm working on one of my other 300 hobbies :P But if you have some feedback please don't hesitate, cheers :D


Equestria is a magical place, but that means it's a place of magical mishaps, a thing Caramel knows all too well. Caramel isn't always himself, or maybe he is but not, or maybe... Caramel is different, he's different nearly everyday, but what can you do when you lay your head down at night and have no idea when next you'll awake and who will have your body next?

Is he the real Caramel? Does he really have a place in this crazy magical world? Will he ever know normalcy? After years of struggle it's time he ask the only person who can answer this, himself.

Chapters (3)
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This is definitely an interesting take on the matter of repeated Caramels. I'm extremely intrigued to see where this is going...

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