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Is there a set release schedule for this series? I really enjoy the shaping shadows stories and need to read more!

No, there is not. I am putting the final edits on the next piece of Story One, but I had a major problem arise in Shaping Shadow Book 2 I had to take care of immediately. I will work on getting it released by the end of the week.

I wish I could run set releases, but since it is an Anthology, I need to be inspired by events and such to view from a different angle. I have and origin story planned for Deke and Olive Pit as well.

That's understandable and I would rather a good quality main story over many origin stories and the like

Well, I posted more in Story One! I have more written, but not edited. I just won't have time to go over it all and post one big one. But its a good, 7 pages. Enjoy!

Thank you. I do my best. It is really good to hear that others are enjoying my writing. I haven't done much publicly to gauge responses.

Yay new story. Like all the shaping shadow books, keep em coming

Thank you! Derecho is shaping up to be a real blast. It is great to hear people are enjoying the series!

Nice, like the start.

Great chapter. Glad you waited to polish it off

Two more parts and an Epilogue to come. I won't wait that long to post them. They are all ready. And I love this story! lol

I see my name suggestions were used. :ajsmug:

Oh yeah. They were. And not just here. Look for them in the main series. When that time comes. They were appreciated. I forgot I used them. I really need to tally up my names in the series. It adds up fast for me. I get bored. lol.

Also, I will probably released the Epilogue of Story 3 today, maybe tomorrow.

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